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#EndorseThis: Are Trump’s Shady Foreign Deals Unconstitutional Too?

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#EndorseThis: Are Trump’s Shady Foreign Deals Unconstitutional Too?

Seth Meyers reviews Trump's shady foreign deals

On Late Night, Seth Meyers takes “a closer look” at the foreign deals that Donald Trump and his children have done in dozens of countries — and why the Trump Organization’s continuing pursuit of profits abroad is not just tacky but may violate the Constitution. Evidently the president-elect believes he can disregard the ethical obligations that have bound his predecessors. But if he flouts the Constitution, he isn’t invulnerable to impeachment.

It’s a quick tutorial on law and ethics, with jokes.



  1. dbtheonly November 24, 2016

    It will be interesting to see how Fox “News” spins this and how the Lamestream Meida covers the issue.

    Reminds me of the years where Jon Stewart’s Daily Show was the place to go for news of the Iraq war.

  2. Blueberry Hill December 1, 2016

    I don’t believe for a minute that he is quitting his business. He is so sneaky that he just hides it in other countries, just like his money. He has not stopped doing business with foreign countries all thru his campaign and still is. He just did a deal for 4 hotels in Bahrain, as well as other countries. He is sneaky as the devil and slippery as a snake. Need a tracking device on him to be sure he is being honest. Something he knows nothing about. Other Presidents have been impeached for less, and this leach should get no free pass either. Lock him up. He still has over 70 trials coming up.



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