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Trump’s Son On ‘Schlonged’ Controversy: ‘We’re Not Exactly Bashful People’

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Trump’s Son On ‘Schlonged’ Controversy: ‘We’re Not Exactly Bashful People’


Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump is standing up for his father, in the wake of comments made by elder Trump at a rally Monday night, in which he said that his potential presidential rival Hillary Clinton got “schlonged” by Barack Obama in 2008.

“What did your father mean?” asked Neil Cavuto, on his Fox Business show Cavuto Coast to Coast. And just to quell any lingering vagueness, the word schlong is a Yiddish-derived vulgarity for a penis.

“Listen, my father’s a guy who speaks his mind. He’s not a PC candidate. In fact, I think the first question at the first Fox debate hit exactly on this point, right? Is your father PC? He’s said this about this, and he’s said this about this. That’s why people love him: He’s willing to speak his mind.”

“He’s not the typical politician, everything’s in little sound bites, everything’s telepromptered, it’s been approved by 90 different people. He gets up there and says what’s on his mind. And you know what, she does have a horrific track record. I mean, she talks about ISIS—”

Cavuto interrupted: “Would you have used that language? For example, would you have made a verb out of that?”

“Listen, I don’t think I would’ve had that big a problem,” Eric Trump replied. “Listen, we’re not exactly bashful people. We’re pretty direct, we’re pretty open, we say what’s on our mind. And hey, guess what: If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. You’ve got to be who you are. He’s not a politician, he’s a business guy. He came into politics five months ago for the first time — and hey, he’s winning in every single one of the polls. He’s doing an absolutely incredible job.”



  1. Elliot J. Stamler December 22, 2015

    Sonny boy wants to assure his inheritance..

  2. yabbed December 23, 2015

    I think the word Trump’s son is searching for to describe his father is crude. Donald Trump is crude and crass and unfit to represent this country on the world stage.

  3. JudgeJulieLit December 23, 2015

    This from the clueless kept son (Princess Erica) who (safely, not by personal combat) gratuitously killed a noble, extincting African elephant.

  4. Blueberry Hill December 23, 2015

    We don’t want a crude, brash, garbage mouth, shitforbrain President. We want one with class, dignity, and intelligent. Trump does not fit the latter description. He is too old (going on 70) and senile; and I suspect that is why he says and does the rotten things he does. He knows nothing about running a government (totally different from a business), or the constitution. He isn’t smart enough to know that the President does not do the things he says the HE would do; that is the job of Congress. He will stock the government with CEO’s and other various Corporate moguls like himself. We don’t want to be run by corporations either. Kick this rabid fool to the curb. We can do so much better than this warmonger.


  5. Eleanore Whitaker December 23, 2015

    Remember back in the 70s when Trump got all mouthy with then Mayor Koch? His father told The Donald to shut his mouth. Now, Trump’s mouth is losing him hotel business in the Middle East and Europe.

    His son is very likely embarrassed by his classless old man who has to hve it ALL. The prettiest golddigger wives to beat Charles Koch’s arm candy, the biggest mansion to beat the David Koch mansions and the most money…All that’s left in the Contest of Billioniares for the Donald is ALL the power.

    Watch out folks. Trump is a mego real estate developer… Should he become president, you can only imagine the price tag for selling the US to the highest bidder. That IS The Donald’s legacy…Whenever he bites off more than he can chew? He just dumps the holdings for a few billion. Selling off the US he can’t manage like he thought is why he shouldn’t be president. Look at what he’s done to every hotel and casino he thought was going to be such a pot of gold…every one went on the chopping block within less than 6 years.

  6. nana4gj December 23, 2015

    And, hey, “bashful” is not the problem the Trumps have, no, he’s right about that. And, hey, their problem seems to be that they are uncouth with Father Trump being arrested in psychosocial development at the age of pre pubescence. It isn’t just his potty mouth, it’s his potty mind, arrested at an age when little boys were mystified by females, peeking at them from peepholes, and being disgusted by their bodies and how those bodies work.

    Trump is behaving like a Freak and his campaign is a Freak Show. There is nothing of substance on policy. His campaign appearances, his commentary elsewhere, is just like Don Rickles. I have no idea why a political opponent’s use of the bathroom facilities during a designated break in a debate should be a campaign issue. As far as that candidate’s loss of the nomination, that is all she lost, the nomination and she wasn’t “beaten”. She did very well and was very gracious in that loss, as was the one to whom she lost. It was strictly business, nothing personal. With Trump, it is all personal and no business, very childish from someone with arrested development.

    Money does not buy class, dignity, and polite civility. This campaign slogan and theme against Political Correctness is nothing on which to base a Presidency or international relations. It is adroitly used to let Trump be Trump, an uncouth boor with maladaptive behaviors and multiple symptoms that defy classification in the DSM.

    He seeks to replace one set of norms for PC with another; the one PC that encourages civility and constructive discourse and respect for rule of law, with a PC that encourages incivility, divisive discourse, and incites social and, possibly, political anarchy.

    Every society, every organization from the family to the workplace to a nation must have a set of norms and standards of acceptable behaviors that are conducive to harmony, productivity, and respectability. We have laws to enforce that social order and we have codes of conduct. Call it Political Correctness if you will, but, it is simply a mandate for people to conduct themselves in a socially acceptable and appropriate manner. It is civility. And Trump is not socially inappropriate. All that is lacking in Trump’s displays in his Freak Show is for him to belch and expel flatus in public, literally, because he already does it, figuratively.

    1. The lucky one December 23, 2015

      Well put and 100% accurate

  7. Phil Christensen December 23, 2015

    Trump’s ascendence is a direct result of the last 7 years. Currently sitting in the oval office is the most inept chief executive since Carter, and the worst overall since Wilson. Of course someone like Trump is going to rise out of this mess.

  8. elw December 23, 2015

    Not bashful, but completely lacking common decency and the common sense to know that the use of body parts in an insult is offensive and toilet talk, especially someone else’s is sophomoric.


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