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Trumpsters Party In The Washington Swamp

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Trumpsters Party In The Washington Swamp

Tump, Washington Swamp

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – They voted to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C., but on the night before Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, they came to wallow in it.

At parties across the city, Trump supporters danced and drank to celebrate an incoming president that they said would shake up a city that they saw as corrupt, complacent and out of touch with the rest of America.

“Washington is freaked out. They’re about to lose power,” said John Workman, a former mayor of Palm Beach Shores, Florida, as a pair of costumed robots danced to “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Ironically, Workman and other Trump supporters were participating in a Washington ritual as old as the city itself – the crush of balls, parties and protests that mark the inauguration of a new U.S. president.

Trump takes office after a bitter presidential campaign marked by allegations of sexual harassment, race baiting and foreign hacking, and some of the parties were apparently as divisive as the president-elect himself.

Outside the DeploraBall, a gathering of tech-savvy Trump backers who take pride in offending liberals, several hundred protesters shouted obscenities as they squared off with riot police on the streets.

Police deployed chemical spray after protesters threw trash at those leaving the building, according to the Washington Post.

Elsewhere in the city, Trump backers wearing American flag-themed apparel and red “Make America Great Again” hats shared sidewalks with people carrying signs that called the incoming president a fascist.

Helicopters roared overhead as a pickup truck towing a “Honk 4 Trump” trailer blared the 1971 Don MacLean hit “American Pie.”

Trump himself has struggled to attract top-level talent for the festivities, settling on lesser known acts like Three Doors Down for a concert at the Lincoln Memorial earlier in the day.

He wasn’t the only one with problems. The Garden State party had to scramble for entertainment after a Bruce Springsteen tribute band canceled on the New Jersey-themed event, saying the artist whose songs they played would not approve.

That didn’t seem to phase Trump, who made an appearance at a candlelight dinner for donors in Union Station, promising “four incredible years” and bragging about his surprise November victory.

“I think I outworked anybody who ever ran for office,” he said.

Across town, the New York Society ball could boast rare bipartisan bona fides as the home state of both Trump and his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

“If Hillary had won, all this would still happen,” said Brenda Alford, 59, who was dressed in a gold skirt and a gold silk top as a tribute to Trump’s gilded Manhattan residence. A Trump supporter, she bought tickets before the Nov. 8 election.

Held at the Fairmont Hotel, which recently completed a $27 million renovation, the party featured a giant Teddy Roosevelt mascot, celebrity host Joe Piscopo, and political figures from both parties.

Several Republicans at the ball confided that they were not in town to celebrate Trump’s victory as much as they were to celebrate the end of Democratic President Barack Obama’s term, and, above all, have a good time.

To some partygoers, the soiree lacked a certain energy.

“If Trump were here he would be disappointed with the lack of ladies on the dance floor,” said James Koutoulas, a tuxedo-clad hedge fund owner from Florida, as he nursed a vodka tonic.

Indeed, the dance floor was largely free of dancers, female or otherwise, until the band struck up a version of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”

As the party picked up, Koutoulas mused about how Trump’s freewheeling style might affect his profits as a hedge fund manager.

“I’m a CEO. Everyone is terrified of what a Trump tweet could do to their bottom line,” he said.

“The terror is being used for good — so far.”

(Additional reporting by Dustin Volz; Writing by Andy Sullivan; Editing by Michael Perry)

IMAGE: U.S. President-elect Donald Trump (2nd R) and his wife Melania take the stage with Vice President-elect Mike Pence (L) and his wife Karen at a pre-inauguration candlelight dinner with supporters at Union Station in Washington, U.S. January 19, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst



  1. FireBaron January 20, 2017

    “Held at the Fairmont Hotel, which recently completed a $27 million
    renovation, the party featured a giant Teddy Roosevelt mascot, celebrity
    host Joe Piscopo, and political figures from both parties.”
    So sad. I am sure the real TR is turning over in his grave. As for the “celebrity host,” sorry, but Joe Piscopo hasn’t been relevant since the mid ’90s.

    1. leadvillexp January 20, 2017

      You act like a $27 million dollar renovation is a bad thing. Look at all the construction people that worked on it. The businesses that made the parts for it. That money didn’t go into one pocket, it spread out over many businesses and many workers. That is a lot of families fed by that renovation.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 20, 2017

        Get the lead out of thy head, please.

        1. leadvillexp January 20, 2017

          So you would take the food and pay from all those American workers. Put them out of work because you don’t like a million dollar business to renovate. You sound good at calling names but what about substance. I would almost bet that all of those jobs redoing that hotel were union.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 20, 2017

            You’re still one-dimensional with this post and very much self-centered just like Trump. You still are in a child mode of “us versus them”.
            You want to talk about substance? My “substance” is predicated on having regard and love for all humanity—if a choice has to be made between feeding myself, or denying myself food when someone who is completely unable to feed himself/herself due to an unfortunate circumstance beyond their capability, I’ll deny myself the food and give it to the other person. This is the updated vision of what it means to be “human” in this new era inaugurated by “The Bab” in 1844, and by Baha’u’llah in 1863—The “Twin Manifestations” for this new era in humankind’s evolution on the planet.

            I’ve had the privilege of meeting people and having friends as a result on several continents. Their welfare and well-being is as important to me as my own. I’ve had the fortune of befriending people in Liberia, Nigeria, Brazil, Oman, Israel, and Zanzibar. Next stop is Ireland and the Azores. I’m concerned about the welfare of my friends in these areas and would go out of my way to help them.

          2. leadvillexp January 20, 2017

            I understand what you say about your friends. You have made a connection with these people. Have you made a connection with their governors? Is their government bad or good? If it is bad why don’t they over throw it? It would make their life better. Maybe you could go there and help them over throw it. It is time for us to stop sticking our noses in other countries business. We did it in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Somalia and where has it got us or for that matter them? I also have friends all over the world and have worked with some including some that worked for their government. I made the connection to the individual and did not try to change their beliefs. I still would not support his or her country, I only support ours. George Washington our first President warned us against favoring one nation over another. Your world view is childish and you are looking through rose colored glasses. As a world we have too many different needs and values and we all see ours as the most important, People are willing to kill to get what they want and I am not willing to turn the other cheek or support them.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 20, 2017

    Trump’s bacchanal was a perfect venue for the satyrs and satyresses in attendance. Drunk from the giddiness of knowing they’ll be able to reap more rewards for being faithful to the GOP’s agenda to seize control of key aspects of American life, the dissolute band of misanthropes partying and gloating can only bode ill for the world. The impact will be felt in America, which is part of the world—a fact of geography the ban of Trumpsters haven’t figured out yet.

    “The earth is but one country, and humankind its citizens”—Baha’u’llah

    1. leadvillexp January 20, 2017

      There is much wrong with what you claim. First President Trump may have run as a Republican but most of the Party disavowed him and tried to stop him including Party leaders. President Trump is more an Independent than a Republican. The people elected President Trump never mind what the Parties wanted. Republicans are riding on his coattails. The Balls and Parties are Inauguration tradition and our government runs on tradition. His speech today should have sent chills through politicians in both parties. The rest of the world will have to start footing some of the bills, daddy is closing his wallet. It is time to start spending the money we send to countries around the world in Appalachia and the ghettos in our big cities. We need to take care of our own first and this is what President Trump promised. Baha’u’lla can take care of the rest of the world, he lives in Utopia not the real world.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 20, 2017

        Oh, puhleeze! I’m so touched by your syrupy sentiments, but your archaic nationalism is no longer appropriate in the 21st Century.

        1. leadvillexp January 20, 2017

          Nationalism is not a bad thing. I am proud of my country. Let’s send the UN packing, I don’t want to be ruled by foreigners. I don’t need others picking my pockets for my hard earned dollars to support people in other countries that can’t take care of themselves. George Washington warned us about getting involved in others affairs and most favored nations. The words of our forefathers are wiser than we are today. By the way tell that to a man or women in Appalachia that can’t get a tooth fixed or a child who can’t get medical attention because there are no medical facilities locally. Oh yes we can build a million dollar gas station in Afghanistan or a unused air base or transport planes that can’t fly for Afghanistan. The Arabs have fought for over two thousand years and if we get involved we will fight for two thousand more. Let them and the rest of the world fend for themselves and take care of our own.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 20, 2017

            When you consider that Shoghi Effendi described it along with Communism and Racialism as the 3 False gods being worshiped by so many by at the dawn of the 20th Century, a citation from a publication in 1938, one has to rethink the notion of nationalism.

            No one is saying you shouldn’t love your country, but to be so infatuated with nationalism is unhealthy and has been the direct cause of numerous wars—wars which had devastating impacts throughout Europe. Read some historical accounts and you’ll finally realize that the time has come to move beyond a more infantile and obsequious adoration for one’s nation, and step into a mature attitude that regards the entire earth as one homeland.

            If you reread your post in light of what I’ve shared, you should begin to see how incongruous your benighted and blind attachment to a patch of mantle on the surface of the planet is in the context of today’s world. Things aren’t supposed to remain the same insofar as human interactions are concerned. That’s a blind spot conservatives have a hard time repairing.

            Join the rest of the world—Don’t be left behind, lonely like some wall flower.

            Cheerio !!

          2. leadvillexp January 20, 2017

            Most wars have been fought over religion or one country trying to take the land of another. I would never tell you what religion you should believe in nor would I try to take your house. If you tried to take from me, my house, I would kill you without a thought. That I worked for and earned with my hard labor. A nation is the same. This is my nation, my forefathers built it with their hard labor. My nation should not interfere with yours but if you do with mine we will go to war. I have a problem with some terms like diversity. The United States has been called the great melting pot and this is good. People come here from all over and meld with those that are already here. Diversity is bad. A example is Iraq with the Sunni, Shia and Kurds. This country was put together after WW2 and the Allies thought we could make them all get along. NOT! That is diversity. They will never have Nationalism and will continue to be tribal and fight each other. Being nationalistic doesn’t mean we can’t accept others, just that we must take care of our own first.

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 20, 2017

            Taking care of our own first? Have you not understood one word I wrote? Who is “our own”? Does that question make any sense when “our own” includes all of humanity?

            Homey, your post describes a man who is desperate to put as much distance between himself and the native Americans your ancestors directly and/or indirectly killed and banished to reservations—are you proud of that legacy? Is that what nationalism means to you—to rape, murder and banish people from their own lands to accommodate your sense of nationalism?

            If you’re a member of the KKK or neo-Nazis, I can understand your rabid regard for “nation” and “race”. As for Religion, you’ve displayed a complete absence of Religion in your life—just like Trump. And being a Card-carrying church-goer or wherever you go doesn’t count as “religious”.

            So what is your status? As for me, my status is that I’m a human being on this “country” called Earth—a status that transcends being an America, even though I fully love and appreciate the country. Your post doesn’t address why you wish to remain infantile re: the topic of being a human being first.

          4. leadvillexp January 20, 2017

            Yes the rest of the world is humanity but it is not our job to take care of them. I don’t think you know what neo-Nazi or KKK is. Yes they are racist. Can you even tell me what a racist is? What people believed and did 100 or 200 years ago I am not responsible for nor will I pay for. As to religion I am a Agnostic if you know what that is. I don’t believe humans are any more special than any other animal on this earth in the eyes of the creator if he even cares. I am not going to take care of the rest of the world. Let the charities do it if they so choose but I think they would take care of their own first.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 20, 2017

      Trump left one gollum-like creature stay in the swamp.
      Otto, did you just get out of rehab?? I was getting worried about you, but you were just busy putting together more drivel.

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