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#EndorseThis: United Airlines Is Making Jimmy Kimmel Very, Very Angry

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#EndorseThis: United Airlines Is Making Jimmy Kimmel Very, Very Angry

United Airlines

Although his monologues often carry an edge, Jimmy Kimmel rarely displays anger. But he is furious over the United Airlines incident in Chicago that went viral yesterday, with video of a pair of goons dragging a hapless and bloodied customer off an overbooked flight.

And what makes the late night host even madder than what happened is how United executives responded — with a Twitter message expressing half-hearted regret for the need to “re-accomodate” those unfortunate passengers.

“Re-accomodate!” exclaims Kimmel. “Just like we re-accomodated El Chapo out of Mexico!” Appalled by such “sanitized, say-nothing, take-no-responsibility corporate BS,” he and his staff produced a new and highly candid commercial that begins with a fresh-faced flight attendant crowing: “We’re United Airlines and you do what we say, when we say. Capiche?”

Listen up, corporate stooges: Don’t make Jimmy mad.



  1. dpaano April 11, 2017

    Personally, if some people didn’t get to the desk to board on time…then rather than dragging another paying customer off the plane so they can get a seat….they should be the ones that have to find another flight! You DO NOT drag someone off the plane who is already seated. Apparently, this gentleman paid for his seat, got to the plane on time to board, and there was NO reason to drag him off the plane! I will NEVER fly United again! This is totally ridiculous, and if I were the gentleman, I would sue them up the kazoo!!!

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 11, 2017

      I’m with you. United Airlines has embarrasses itself beyond repair with this heinous act.

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  2. Bill Smith 999935 April 11, 2017

    These sort of public humiliation stories of publicly traded companies are fantastic. Bought 1000 shares shortly after the opening bell at $68.60, up $2,000 so far today. It’s like taking candy from stupid babies.

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 11, 2017

    While “Bill Smith 999935” chose to make light of this barbarism by United by regaling us with how much money he made, we should teach United a lesson it will never forget.

    Their behavior should be a case study in Schools of Business Administration across the country, and hopefully will encourage would-be travelers to seek alternative flights.
    I realize domestic airlines have a near monopoly on air travel, but maybe Grey Hound and Amtrak should be sought as alternative means of travel in light of this brutish act. Just another humiliation to be added to the ones already being handed out by Trump and his gang.


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