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WATCH: Canadians Chant ‘Four More Years’ to President Obama

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WATCH: Canadians Chant ‘Four More Years’ to President Obama


Stephen Colbert turned his focus on the “Three Amigos” North American summit last night, mocking the awkward three-way handshake between President Obama, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who he called a “Disney Princess” because “he’s very pretty. He’s very, very pretty.”

Colbert also played video of the Canadian parliaments heartfelt farewell to Obama — a standing ovation, and cheers of “four more years!”

“They really like him,” Colbert said. “Maybe he can get them to confirm a supreme court nominee.” If only.



Photo and video: CBS/ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert



  1. dtgraham July 1, 2016

    Happy Canada Day from the great white north. Americans can celebrate Canada Day by chugging some maple syrup, hurrying out of their doctor’s office without paying, and the Trump supporters can politely beat up Black liberals with hockey sticks.

    And a very happy 4rth of July Independence Day on Monday to the best neighbour anyone could have.

    1. Teresalrichardson3 July 2, 2016



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