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WATCH: Romney Sinks To New Low With Blatantly False Ad

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WATCH: Romney Sinks To New Low With Blatantly False Ad


Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign is making a rare pivot away from the economy today, shifting its focus to President Obama’s supposed plan to “gut welfare reform.”

There are two problems with this talking point, however, and they are the same two problems that characterized Romney’s entire campaign: the attack is flagrantly false, and the president’s actual position is something that Romney himself used to endorse.

Romney’s new attack focuses on the Obama administration’s July decision to grant waivers to states under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families law. The waivers are designed to let states experiment to improve “welfare to work programs.” As the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities explains, they will actually strengthen welfare reform by shifting the focus of TANF employment programs “from process and ‘bean counting’ (whether recipients participate in programs) to outcomes (whether they actually find and keep jobs).”

According to Romney’s newest ad, however, President Obama is “dropping work requirements” to “gut welfare reform.”

As MSNBC’s Steve Benen points out, Romney is sinking to a whole new level of dishonesty with this ad:

It’s important to realize this is as dishonest an ad as you’ll ever see — in 2012 or in any other campaign cycle…Romney’s lying. He’s not spinning the truth to his advantage; he’s not hiding in a gray area between fact and fiction; he’s just lying. The law hasn’t been “gutted”; the work requirement hasn’t been “dropped.” Stations that air this ad are disseminating an obvious, demonstrable lie.

Making Romney’s lie even more egregious is the fact that he used to support the exact same waiver program that he is now attacking. As Think Progress’ Travis Waldron reports, Romney was one of 29 Republican governors who signed a letter to congressional leadership endorsing a waiver program just like the one that President Obama adopted.

“Increased waiver authority, allowable work activities, availability of partial work credit and the ability to coordinate state programs are all important aspects of moving recipients from welfare to work,” the Romney signed letter says.

Romney’s dishonest welfare attack is emblematic of his entire campaign. Romney lies about the Affordable Care Act, even though he passed an almost identical law while he was governor of Massachusetts. He lies about President Obama’s Iran policy, even though he promises to do nearly the exact same things if elected. And now he’s lying about the supposedly devastating effects of a welfare policy that he’s explicitly endorsed in the past.

Given Romney’s aggressive brand of hypocrtical mendacity, it’s really no wonder that President Obama — and nearly every other candidate who’s ever run against him — has come to genuinely disdain the presumptive Republican nominee.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Bart Grossman August 7, 2012

    So long as the national press continues to accept Romney’s lies and treat them as “one side” of an argument he will continue to make these ads. The press needs to start using headlines like, “Romney criticizes Obama on Welfare reform but his allegations are obvious lies.” If that started to appear on the front page of newspapers and on TV news Romney’s campaign would be forced to clean up its act.

    1. sigrid28 August 7, 2012

      Can anyone tell me why these lies do not constitute actionable defamation of character, slander, libel, or dangerous speech?

      1. POWERDIAMOND August 7, 2012

        Although I hate Mitthead as much as the next there is no law against lying and nothing in his ads outside of stupidity and false claims have been directed against Obama’s person. Anyway even if libel were possible here it would not approach going to court for years. (a Karl Rove strategy #3)

        1. Grunge45 August 7, 2012

          The problem is,that there are so many jugheads out there that will accept whatever the rich guy says.

          1. highpckts August 8, 2012


        2. Dianrib August 8, 2012

          The ‘ LAW ‘ should be candidates have ethics , dignity and speak the truth ..with facts to back them up.

      2. dcliff August 7, 2012

        There’s a saying that goes like this “if you’re gonna throw dirt on people, you got to get some dirt on you”

        1. Grant August 7, 2012

          There is another old saying,if you are going to sling s..t with the skunks wear hip boots.

          1. dcliff August 7, 2012

            I like it

      3. agoffe August 7, 2012

        What all of us see as blatant lies, Fox News calls “breaking news”.

    2. Grunge45 August 7, 2012

      You have, as they say, hit the nail on the head. The media is so weak and without competency, that they believe repeating words, whether lying or not, is journalism.

    3. Terry Kaye August 7, 2012

      Why don”t the new papers or any one call Obama on his flagrant disrespect of our constitution. He is constantantly going around congress, passing bills like Obama Care with bought votes with our money, and doesn’t keep his word. Oh yes, has he ever held a job to learn how to run a business?? Most of the people he surrounded himself with haven’t held a job either. God have mercy on the U. S. if he wins this election.

      1. Joseph Hemphill August 8, 2012

        yeah, maybe you should just off yourself, save you the horror

      2. charles holloway August 8, 2012

        GOd have mercy on you, you sound angry, and miss imform. If you believe running a business, is the same as running a country.

      3. karinursula August 8, 2012

        Yeah I guess he bought the Supreme Court

      4. Rodney August 8, 2012

        To reply to your insane comment. Yes try when he work at the law offices where he lucky enough to meet his lovey wife. Also he was voted for the head of the Harvard LAW review.how about a state senator .also the frist elected u.s. senator. so terry if i may call you terry get over the fact that america lived up too it credo. That any one boy or girl can grow up and be pres. of the u.s. and before you go there take a good look at the u.s. contitution It state that any child born to any single american is in fact an american no matter what country that child may have been born in . terry your not in KAN. ANYMORE

    4. dcliff August 7, 2012

      That’s asking a lot from tv stations and newspapers that are paid off to run this garbage, for instance FOX news.

    5. gifted57 August 7, 2012

      I agree with your comment, the press is just greedy for negativity, so as long as Romney is paying the press good money, they’ll go along with any thing he says, even if they know that they are lies being put out, to defame another’s character.

    6. RedBaxter August 7, 2012

      It won’t happen (or at least I doubt it will) because the money machine powering romnuts toward stealing this election much as bush stole 2000 and 2004 also owns the news media. This is why no portion or only tiny portions of the truth are ever released to the public. Those who own the wealth and can’t be content with the excesses they already have but insist on more and more and more control the information given to the general public. THEY own the news media! This is the way most people get the news and their information. If only one third of the information is true, people do not know what to believe and they believe the lies told them.

    7. PaulCindy August 13, 2012

      The national media is on the side of Obama, except for a few, what the heck are you smokin’? There is so much of what Obama’s policies are doing to hurt American families that it’s a disgrace that many people are not getting the truth and facts.

  2. imabrummie August 7, 2012

    I did not think Mr. Bendyboots and his RePUBIC-Clown buddies could sink any lower than whale droppings on the ocean floor, but it seems I was wrong!

  3. bstockinger August 7, 2012

    If you tell a big enough lie some people will believe it. We shouldn’t be surprised that a desperate candidate would stoop so low.

  4. Bob Hagan August 7, 2012

    What is actually most outrageous lie regarding social welfare is calling super-pacs “social welfare organizations”.
    A 501-c-3 is a non-profit that engages in social service activities, such as helping the poor get jobs.
    A 501 c-4 is a “non-profit” organization whose sole purpose is gut welfare reform – i.e. to help the rich become more so.

    Karl Rove is a social worker? That will be the day.
    My wife and I are real social workers, and we know the difference.

    1. Opie Bigay August 8, 2012

      I am a social worker also and i agree with you. To have a rich man like M.Romney tell you about welfare is a joke. Romney never have to worry about childcare or the running of a home off of 7.25 a hour. So think god for the help for these people oh by the way is alot of white people not only black people.

  5. Nancy August 7, 2012

    The LAME STREAM MEDIA bears a lot of responsibility for NOT calling Romney OUT on his LIES! Too many fools will believe this trash! Wake UP, Americans! Just because he’s rich and nice looking DOESN’T mean he’s a GOOD person. He has PROVEN his ill-preparedness for high office by his loony behavior in Europe recently! He is an intellectual midget with high aspirations! Never, EVER vote ReTHUGlican! His plan is to go back to the Bush/Cheney form of Dictatorship rather than leading the Country OUT of the Morass they led us into!

    1. Edward J Obrien August 8, 2012


  6. desertdustoff August 7, 2012

    “Disdain”…I know we are all taught to not hate and that hate is never an answer, but how can you not hate a man who is driven by his puppet master because he has no back bone and is not man enough to state what he really believes. Being a koch sister’s whore for the gop and being banged around by the tea baggers and all of the repugnicans’ mega rich…makes him absolutely despicable.

  7. joujou228 August 7, 2012

    I didn’t expect anything else from this guy, is lying part of his mormom faith?

  8. Joan Maurer August 7, 2012

    Why don’t we call on our media outlets to stop running liar, liar pants on fire ads. This election is too important for crap like this! This is not even the only one – 1. President Obama wants to deney our military early voting priviledges. 2. President Obama was talking about small businesses when he said “You did not build these.” I am not saying that the President’s campaigne is being run by chior boys – but Romney is egregious in his falsehoods.

    We are bomparded every day with ads – many of them lies or only partialy true and to add insult to injury we are not allowed to know who paid for them!

  9. Louis Hines August 7, 2012

    Where are the Christians on the Right,with all this lying going on.Their worried about abortions and same sex marriage.God job!

  10. TheOldNorthChurch August 7, 2012

    The welfare reform put in under Bill Clinton should not be altered. MLK called welfare the new slavery. This is an area that must not be allowed to expand and enslave the very people it is suppose to help.

    1. Stella53 August 7, 2012

      They are on their way to becoming the indentured servants of the rich! They will still end up being slaves under the GOP at minimum wage or less.

      1. TheOldNorthChurch August 7, 2012

        First – they can not be paid below minimum wage, second they have a path out of slavery where when enslaved by the system the path is blocked.

        Let’s not enslave our own citizens. It’s bad enough that we buy products made in the slave factories of Foxconn.

    2. Joseph Hemphill August 8, 2012

      this slight rule change was at the request of a group of REPUBLICAN governors to give them flexibility in running their states welfare which was signed by none other than Mittens Robme himself.

  11. Sir William The Paladin August 7, 2012

    The farther we get into Romney’s campaign the more likely it is that reasonable voters will choose wisely to vote Obama. That will only leave the votes for Romney coming from the few self serving millionairs and those so racist that they would vote Charles Manson into the presidency over Obama because at least Manson is white. It looks like this election could be a coin flip.

  12. DirkVanden August 7, 2012

    I can’t help noticing, Romney’s campaign has taken on an aura of Panic, as in “kiss my ass!” to a reporter. That attitufde reflects Romney’s attitude. How dare we question his veracity for not producing his income tax returns. “Find out who said that! I’ll have him fired for that!” The man is a liar, a professional liar, his election-machine produces lies. Is anyone really surprised? This is Mitten Romney here, folks, he will say whatever he thinks needs to be said to get him elected President. whether it contradicts something he just said or not. He believes with all his heart & soul that God has selected him to bring TRUTH to a starving world. He believes that he is very close to being a Perfect Mormon (he really is–unfortunately–a truly accurate example of The Perfect Mormon!)

    It wouldn’t surprie me if Mitt didn’t believe that these are “The Last Days,” (Armageddon) and that we are involved in a Holy War between Us & The Jews & the Muslims. He may envision himself as, of course, the bringer of Truth to a world on the edge of destruction.

    He has no intention of preaching or proselyting, he’s been through the missionary phase — and besides, the Mormon Missionaries–those scrubbed and smiling 21-year-old-“Elders”– and their bicycles and their Free Books of Mormon–will be on every corner in America, soon to be known as The United States of Mormon.” Mitt just intends to be The Best President that ever was, on his way to his own Godhood, on another planet in another galaxy….

    Here’s a good question: How many Mormons have achieved Godhood since the practice was conceived. Are there, out there, millions of planets with their own Mormon Gods running the shows? Why haven’t our astronomers noticed? Is that a scary idea or what? It’s a Mormon lie, pure and simple; Joseph Smith invented it in order to induce Good Christians to become Better Mormon (tithespayers), and get an even better reward than pieintheskhywhenyou die. Really Good Mormons get their own planet. Truth or Insanity?


  13. ram1020 August 7, 2012

    The administration deserves the flack for coming out with a broad and open statement, and ‘changing’ the law without the involvement of the Legislative branch. If something were sent to the legislature (that didn’t include a tax) that defined the kind of waivers that would be accepted, then none of this would happen. It is almost as misleading to just state that Utah was looking for a waiver, when they were just looking for administrative relief. The truth will come out when we see what kind of waivers the Administration accepts.

    It would be good for Obama to quit trying to out-Nixon Nixon. Nobody liked an imperial presidency then, and we don’t trust it now.

  14. Edward J Obrien August 7, 2012


  15. blueclouds123 August 7, 2012

    Mr. Romney pls provide your American birth papers and citizenship. Do you not understand english? For once, just once, tell the people the truth, not your version of the english language.

  16. blueclouds123 August 7, 2012

    The people who pay for Romney’s ads are the people he will owe a great deal to if elected. Romney is not playing fair, of course he is a Republican what else would you expect, HE is BUYING the Presidents position. He knows and the Republicans know this is the only way he can become President. All Americans should rise up and tell the Republicans the job of President is NOT for sale by taking the congress and house away from Republicans.

  17. Landsende August 7, 2012

    Mitt Romney has a split personality and neither one can remember what the other said or did.

    1. DurdyDawg August 8, 2012

      ….. Not a split personality, just a double bubble…

  18. Bigspender August 7, 2012

    It would require a congressional committee and many months of work to sort out which of Romney’s lies is blatantly the worst. As a serial liar, Romney knows no bounds.

  19. Grunge45 August 7, 2012

    It is an old technique of false ads. Say the exact opposite of what the other side wants or does, and trumpet it loud and clear. I believe Goebbels was a specialist in this sort of propaganda.

  20. John Leachko August 7, 2012

    The Republican Party sucks. Since 1980, work rights have gone down hill. The American worker have lost there backbone compared to the previous 50 years. Why aren’t the American worker banning together to build new Unions in all businesses ? Unions made this country great. They insured, workers rights, fair pay, overtime pay, vacations. medical benefits. Workers in American deserve better, this anti Union shit in American has to change. Where are the men and women who will stand up and demand to form a Union at there work place. These coming generations, need to grow a pair of big balls, and turn this country around. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. We the American workers deserve a fair wage.

    1. whitetiger August 8, 2012

      First thing we need to do is get people elected in local offices that will repeal the right to work law that destroyed the unions. That ALEX bill was past in most states, with the promise of creating more jobs. But only created low paying jobs, and destroyed the middle class. Start with the local government then move forward.

  21. Todd August 7, 2012

    Romney’s add is the absolute truth. It doesn’t even go into the illegality of what Obama has done. There was no provision put into the section of the welfare bill to change anything. The language was specific as to not being able to have any changes made. As one of the actual writers of the law, my collegues and I thought it might be possible that a future president or congress might try to gut this provision and instituted language to make this illegal. What Obama has done is in direct violation of the welfare reform act signed by Bill Clinton, and illegal, so Romney’s add doesn’t go far enough. The truth is important. Only the stupid among us will vote for Obama again.

    1. Kevin O'connor August 7, 2012

      This is a lie…You did not write this law,nor did you ever vote for President Obama.

    2. Justin Napolitano August 7, 2012

      Todd, get real you don’t know what you are talking about. Furthermore there is no law that shouldn’t be reviewed, updated and changed when it is obvious that change is needed.
      That is why we have 27 amendments to our constitution.

    3. greghilbert August 7, 2012

      I’m hostile to Romney but am among those progressives who think Obama only the lesser of evils. My understanding is that Obama’s fiat opens the door to REGRESSIVE reforms by conservative and cash-starved states. Is my understanding correct?

    4. Joseph Hemphill August 8, 2012

      is this Todd Palin ?? are you naturally stupid or do you practice every day ?

    5. sigrid28 August 8, 2012

      If you were “one of the writers of the law,” I’ll eat my hat. If, as you say, “truth is important,” why make such a blatantly false claim for yourself? You may say what you like without making up a phony credential. People who find writing difficult can use spell checkers, or have someone else proofread, or just write as well as they can and count on their readers to interpret what they say correctly.

      Because difficulties writing are more the rule than the exception, the flexibility to amend laws, which are a form of writing, keeps them relevant and often makes them better. For example, both Governor Romney and President Obama have supported the exact same amendments to welfare law: Romney thinks we are too stupid to notice that he is being intellectually dishonest. In other cases, such as Republican amendments to voting laws, amendments can have a pernicious effect, such as denying the vote to qualified individuals by changing the rules unnecessarily and making it more costly or difficult to register. Some Republicans think they can only win this election by cheating, and they count on the general public to be too oblivious to notice what they are doing. But like you, we are not oblivious. We are reading, and thinking, and keeping our minds open to the truth.

  22. Mary Westemeier August 7, 2012

    Romney/Republicans can get away with this kind of “lying to confuse the low-effort-thinkers” because the Democrats are too SLOW to frame the REAL REASONS for Pres. Obama’s actions…either in ads, press conferences (any Democrat), or pundit-talking media shows.

    Didn’t past elections teach Dems anything?? Better to be PROACTIVE and get the message OUT FIRST, than always on the defense.

    Put on your little GOP beanies that create “twisted, distorted, propaganda thoughts from real facts or half-truths”, figure out the next GOP lie, and meet it FIRST with media coverage of the facts.

  23. greghilbert August 7, 2012

    I think this article misses the larger point:
    Obama’s position re Welfare is not fundamentally different than Romney’s past position,
    just as Obamacare is not fundamentally different than the health bill Romney signed when Gov.
    Obama is not fundamentally different than what we once called moderate Repubs.
    And so it goes in the land of the wealthy oligarchs governed by Repubs and Dems, where the myth of democracy prevails and the transfer of wealth from the many to the few continues unabated.

  24. Simsona August 7, 2012

    I think this Mitt is a real crook and a despirado. he will do any evil and utter any blasphamy to become a POTUS. I hope the electorates, regardless of political inclinations, are critically observing this mindless and vulture capitalist. If he becomes the POTUS, even the Republicans will be shocked. He is tricking everybody and hoping that his deceptive stragy will get him there, he has lost any sense of honor and self dignity. Does Momorism absolves bearing false witness against your neigbhor?, a major part of the ten commandments? Christians beware!

  25. Hughes Hunt August 7, 2012

    Lying for God is a cult doctrine being practiced masterfully to perfection by bishop Romney and he proved himself successfully as a liar in thought, in word and in deed on countless occasions, publicly and privately. Tricky Mitt’s 10-year zero tax feat and tampered Diebold voting machines to legitimize the flawed Voter ID Law will catapult to the White House Romney and his 32 billionaire donors to his campaign of mass deception . Incredibly, the RNC, GOP (Greedy Obstructionist Party) also known as Party of NO of the worst 112th Congress members have been subtly designed as a tool of shame and evil doing by the top 1 % of the USA against the interests of 99 % of 350 million Americans. Rise up intellectually and peacefully and nip this monster in the bud now before it is too late starting with this contemptible Tricky Mitt and his ilk on Election Day. To repeal and replace Obamacare, never forget on November 6th the Republican health plan: Get sick, Get dead! And most importantly, know that overwhelming circumstantial evidence is more than enough for one to be convicted of perjury, concealment, tax fraud, money laundering, among other crimes and misdemeanors in a court of law.

  26. Scribblerian August 7, 2012

    Romney has embarked on perhaps the most blatant ego trip in the history of American politics (and given that anyone aspiring to be President has to be an eg0-maniac, that’s quite an achievement). Truth is his worst enemy, which is why he doesn’t use it. He will, at least be exposed as a self-serving liar in the three Presidential debates this fall. Unfortunately, most voters will have made up their minds by then and won’t be paying attention.

  27. dachill August 7, 2012

    I just don’t get it,if we lie about someone so they don’t get hired it’s slander and they can sue, why is lying ok if you’re running for office

  28. Henry R. Ketels August 7, 2012

    There is so much talk about romeny’s tax returns. Any dummy knows that any tax fraud would show up especially during an election when the blood thirsty campaign parasites are looking for any flaw that can surface to smear the opponent. The request for tax returns started only a few weeks ago. Has anyone ever question why it took over 3 years for us to see a copy of obama’s birth certificate. Does this get you to wonder why it took so long?

    1. ExPAVIC August 7, 2012


      Obama produced a credible birth certificate. Take your Alzheimer’s medication and watch. Pop some popcorn and relax.

      WE still want to see liar Mitten’s TAX RETURNS.

  29. Rodalo100 August 7, 2012

    I think every body that are looking at this time, may understand why Republican’s always lies.
    I have another point here, they had been blasting President Obama about his birth certificate
    for almost 4 years, I would be happy to see his long form birth certificate, I don’ remember
    in the past seeing on the web, could you help me to get this proof from Mr. Romney.
    Who knows what is in it, maybe his father that was in Mexico at the time of his son born, later
    Shipped Via Colorado River this guy into our soil, and we still don’t know? if any one hide money in other countries, islands, and who knows else more, taxes, and delete records from private
    own accounts, is a flat liar, and this is the guy that is applying for the white house job?
    Not way, we need to know more about his business, private sector and all the wrongs he has done in the past, Do you Agree? Being White and Wealthy doesn’t mean you are clean and one
    respectful Citizen of the USA. Do you agree? Thanks a lot. Rod

    1. sigrid28 August 8, 2012

      Yes, I do agree. I would be happy if we could even get a clear picture of the good things he has done in the past. He doesn’t want to admit to the success of health care initiatives and other legislation that made him a moderate Republican governor in Massachusetts, because then right-wing extremists won’t vote for him or give him large donations to support his campaign. And as you imply, he seems to have a lot to hide. Then he compounds these deceptions by lying about his opponent, as if he’s entitled to do this just because he’s “White and Wealthy,” and you point out.

    2. whitetiger August 8, 2012

      The Romney trail goes far, the trail of wrong doing. Article yesterday tells of his tax evasion in Italy. Do we want a President that is under investigation in another country for wrong doings? I guess Romney’s explanation will be retroactive.

  30. Okay Chemical August 7, 2012

    This presidential candidate should be telling people what he did in the past that helped the common man, and his agenda as regards the common man if he becomes the Commander-in-Chief. Spending his entire energy on only attacking Presido will be counter-productive.

  31. Philip Wiggle August 7, 2012

    Ah yes Romney, Bachmann, Boehner, and Palen the right-wing extremist group proven capable of blatant lies and deceit.

    In Bachmann’s case, too many to count. They come weekly drooling out of her mouth.
    Palen picked up on Bachmann’s “DEATH PANELS IN OBAMA CARE and went public with the lies to build a personal treasury speaking to right-wing dufus folks.

    It goes on an on in Republican land so they can take over the Senate, retain the House, and take over the White House. Sad sad sad! It is time to flush this gang down the toilet of history.

  32. Bruce Brown August 7, 2012

    How about the lie “I will reduce the federal defecit in my first term by one half” or the one “If I don’t fix the economy within three years, I don’t deserve to be re-elected” Talk about lies.

    1. Patricia August 7, 2012

      The Republicans have blocked President Obama on many things. Plus, no one, including Obama had any idea how bad the economy was until he took office. We have GW Bush to thank for that.

  33. ExPAVIC August 7, 2012


    Anyone so out of touch as to vote for RoMoney should seek professional psychiatric intervention.

  34. Patricia August 7, 2012

    I have never come across such a blatant liar as Romney in my life — and he wants to be President? He is not fit to be a street sweeper.

  35. Paul Williamson August 7, 2012

    Its too bad Mittens has sacrificed whatever character and moral quality he had in his desperate attempt to win the Presidency. Do all Mormon Bishops stoop to this level to get what they want? The man is no better than a common liar, a fraud and a thief. Harry Reid, who is also a Mormon, despises this con man.

  36. Eric Kuhlmann August 7, 2012

    Cant we just follow Canadas example? Heres an excerpt from their Code of Advertising:
    (a) Advertisements must not contain inaccurate, deceptive or otherwise misleading claims, statements, illustrations or representations, either direct or implied, with regard to any identified or identifiable product(s) or service(s).

    (b) Advertisements must not omit relevant information in a manner that, in the result, is deceptive.

    I choose not to vote for Mitt because hes a Canadian Felon.

  37. Donna Horton August 7, 2012

    He lies about everything. He knows this is a lie and all the newspeople and news stations have talked about it today how it is a total lie and he keeps doing things like this. I think he has a bad PR person working for him, because I really think he must believe his lies.

  38. Donna Horton August 7, 2012

    He lies about everything. He knows this is a lie and all the newspeople and news stations have talked about it today how it is a total lie and he keeps doing things like this. I think he has a bad PR person working for him, because I really think he must believe his lies.

  39. JOE August 7, 2012

    all republicans lie, that is not news, they lie so much they forget the lies they told, that is why palin is a republican, she fits right in

  40. Davekzy1 August 7, 2012

    I’m not surprised.

  41. underworked August 7, 2012

    Romney is spot on and Obama was caught once again lying to the taxpayers of this country. His only agenda is to cater to his base the 47% who don’t pay any Federal taxes

    1. rmarqua2921 August 8, 2012

      Maybe you could inform the rest of us as to what this lie actually is? In fact, the only group of people who have made out like bandits in the past ten years are not the 47% but the 1 %! Your allegations have no basis in fact. From the things I have read the 1%ers are doing great in this economy!

  42. cehjr3h August 7, 2012

    Is Mitt guilty of tax evasion is what I ant to know???? Rumor mill says he haven’t paid a federal income tax in over ten years, that’s why he want release them, also that’s why he was not considered in 2008 as a viable VP candidate……. anyone knows the real scoop here?

  43. America First August 7, 2012

    This is the biggist POS yet. Why can’t you coolaid drinkers tell the truth? Are your heads so far up your commie lib butts that you can’t see what Our Dear Leader Chairman Obama is up to?
    Do you want to destroy the USA?

    1. rmarqua2921 August 8, 2012

      I think you need to go take your meds!

  44. Leroy Crume August 7, 2012

    Why should anyone be surprised with anything Mitt Romney say ? The crazyer it is, the more the right wing love it. It’s so hard to believe there are people in this country of well educated people, you can still find this many stupid people that will be led around by the nose like a bull, and believe whatever that man say.

  45. Anne Sullivan August 7, 2012

    So, the task now is for the Democratic machine to counter and call him out for his lies and being a liar. Demonstrate for the public how this would translate into his lousy version of “leadership” of our country in a very high profile ad campaign. I’m just so tired of seeing these Karl Rove style campaign run rough shod (sp?) over the dems. with no response.

  46. tobewan August 8, 2012

    Then the Media are accomplices and contributory to the “lies” as they repeat them, and the one who runs them – Ted what’s his name?

    1. rmarqua2921 August 8, 2012

      Gee, I thought that Australian guy ran most media empires, what’s his name? The one that got caught phone hacking, his first name is Rupert I think! Oh, and he is the one that owns Fox News! Ahhhh

  47. Frank Libbon August 8, 2012

    One can always tell when Romney, and for that matter, most if not all Republicans are lying, because their Lips move – and they are always moving.

  48. Robert A. Williams August 8, 2012

    Well, thank God that Obama is always completely honest and straightforward. OK – except for that birth certificate thingie. Yeah, and I guess there are those sealed college records. And maybe the fact that he got his Social Security Card in Connecticut when he admitted that he had not been there. Maybe he got his card on that special day when they were doing them by mail.

    I’m sure there is a good explanation for all of this. Isn’t there?

    Anyone? Anyone?

    1. alex fakelastname August 8, 2012

      I can only hope you become self aware of the cringe worthy hilarity of your witless, warped mind in the near future.

    2. rmarqua2921 August 8, 2012

      I think I got my SS card by mail? So what is the big deal, a social security card is issued by the federal government and not the state? If this fact is true what does this prove? Does it prove he is not a citizen? Does it prove that is SS card is not valid? Obama disclosed his birth certificate. The State of Hawaii verified it. What is the issue?

      Since when does a candidate for President have to disclose his “college records”? I never heard of a presidential candidate who has! Good thing we didn’t see George Bush’s? What do you think you will find in Obama’s college records? What do you suspect? So he might have gotten a C or a D, so what does that exclude him for running for President of the USA! I never heard Obama claim he should be President because of his good grades!

      Every President since Romney’s father has disclosed his tax returns! Where are Mitt’s? These documents are relevant, especially when you claim to have paid all your taxes and that you paid a lot of taxes! Especially when you are trying to raise the taxes on the middle and poor class! Especially when you are trying to give the rich, including Romney, tax cuts at the expense of the rest of us! Is that explanation good enough for you? If not give me some more facts!

  49. devilindetail August 8, 2012

    Dishonesty in politics is not new. Fear mongering in politics is not new. What is a growing concern is the lack of voter discern regarding what are “beliefs” and what are “facts/truths”. There are so many people who simply don’t care if the comments being made are outright lies because they wish to believe they are true. It validates their hate and their anger. It justifies what they want to believe. This is just August, wait until November as the ads on both sides continue and you will see an even more divided country. Winning is the goal, not unity. Winning is the objective, the people and our society are of secondary importance.

    1. rmarqua2921 August 8, 2012


  50. Rev Jim August 8, 2012

    Another Slick Mitt Rmoney “Pants on Fire” moment, lies are all his campaign can come up with.

  51. lovedog4u2 August 8, 2012

    Romny is just a but hole to start with . We sure dont need some one like him in office to start with. If he will lie befor he gets in to office what will he do after he gets in office?

  52. Albert August 8, 2012

    I am for President Obama, I know what Romney, will do, make money and go. He is a pincle pusher

  53. ThomasM August 8, 2012

    Romney’s a master of smoke and mirror tactic’s and President Obama can’t reply to his lies because he dosen’t know where to start. His own party must cringe every time he opens his mouth, especially when there’s no script for him to read from. Every time he ad-libs his handlers must be holding their breath. I can’t wait for the debates to begin to really show the world how dumb this guy is…….and to think this is the best the GOP could muster against Mr. Obama. Hell of a thing.

  54. Rudy Hunter August 8, 2012

    There are many people who will believe Mitt the Twitt for one of two reasons! Obama is black, and he is a liberal!

  55. ykhalim August 8, 2012

    Romney is the Biggest World Champion Liar and Pervert of All Times

    Romney started his ad campaign lying. He ran an ad with President Obama supposedly saying that if he (Obama) talked about the economy, he would lose the election. The problem with this blatant lie is that it a few words taken from a speech Obama made in 2008, when he was actually saying that if John McCain talked about the economy, he (McCain) would lose the 2008 election!

    Romney (and the Republicans) repeatedly told (and tell) the lie – that Obama apologized for America. They tell the lie that Obama said that he would keep unemployment below 8-per cent. Romney (and Republicans) tell the lie – that the Stimulus did not create any jobs.

    Romney told the lie that Obama inherited a bad economy – but he made it worse.

    Romney and his fellow-travelers say that Obama created no jobs, when 4.5-million jobs have been created under his presidency. Also, the criminal traitor-Republicans in the Senate and House have been sabotaging, undermining, and trying to destroy the economy with their dastardly deeds of omission and commission.

    Republicans and the Tea Party are responsible for the downgrade in the credit rating of the USA – which is an act of treason!

    Republicans and the Tea Party have been like a ball-and-chain tied to Obama’s leg (and America’s leg) preventing Obama and the USA economy from improving and moving forward – which sabotages the USA, and are acts of treason!

    Romney aids and abets Republican henchmen in state-houses in their efforts to subvert and undermine the voting rights of American citizens – which are moral High Crimes and Misdemeanors against US citizens and an affront against God.

    Romney told the blatant, bald-faced lie that Obama said and meant that a businessman/woman does not create his or her own business, when Romney (and the Satanic-Republicans) take this out of the context of what Obama was saying – which is that teachers, family, government infrastructure and services, the Internet, and other factors also help businesses succeed.

    Romney (and his fellow Republican devils) recently lied and said that the Obama administration was trying to deny US servicemen the right of early-voting, in Ohio. This is just the latest bald-faced lie from Romney, because the Obama administration is just trying to have early voting restored for all Ohioans.

    Romney and his fellow-devils now tell the bald-faced lie that Obama is gutting welfare work-requirements in some states.

    Romney lied about his tax returns involving Massachusetts and Utah, and he reportedly went back and retroactively dated some of the documents. He lied about when he left Bain Capital – and he went back and retroactively dated documents related to when he left that company.

    Romney lies when he says that Obama and Democrats aren’t telling the truth about his lies.

    Romney lies about the health care program he helped implement in Massachusetts when he says it’s not analogous to the Affordable Care Act.

    Whenever you listen to Mitt Romney you know a lie is just a second or a few seconds away. If he’s not lying in one sentence, just listen for two or more sentences. There, there’s that lie!

    Romney is a lying-machine, just like Fox News, just like Rush Limbaugh. Like Sarah Palin, like Sean Hannity.

    There’s something seriously wrong with Mitt Romney. Does he have a conscious? Does he realize he’s lying when he repeatedly tells these bald-faced lies? Doesn’t he realize that we have tape recordings of him saying and doing the opposite of what he now says and does? Does he think Americans are stupid enough to elect to the presidency someone who couldn’t be confirmed for a cabinet position? Does he feel entitled to be president? Does he think that we can’t possibly keep track of all his lies – since he cannot speak for a few minutes without lying?

    Mitt Romney is a perversion of what it means to be human, to have integrity, to be trustworthy. They say Mitt Romney has no soul. But in truth he has a soul, the soul of that creature we know as the devil.

    In the United States in our lifetime (perhaps in the history of the country) there’s never, ever been anything like Mitt. Mitt Romney is the biggest world champion liar and pervert of all times.

  56. Blui August 8, 2012

    Romney is not going to win the election even trying to be honest…its not in his living mode…honesty is (as far as Romney is concerned) is for the losers of the American working force.

  57. Phyllis Rogers August 8, 2012

    Its sad, but if they do not make a race out of this, who will. Obama has challenged the true aspects of an economy and back lash of greed, why does every one act as this is new, its not, we the people have been experiencing this for 60 years, who fought for minimum wage , who fought for job training, who fought for every one to have affordable health care, who fought for SSI, and temporary disability, who fought for EEOC, who fought for unemployment, it sure was not a rich person

  58. Robert P. Robertson August 8, 2012

    When all else fails, blame welfare. That’ll work. It worked for Rebublicans in the past, why not now, even though welfare has not been an issue since Clinton/Gore. How stupid does Romnet think we are? Oops, I forgot about the Tea Party. My bad.

  59. Neville T. Francis August 9, 2012

    It seems as though you all are forgetting something that was told to us a few months ago, and that is Romney is an etch-a- sketch!!!

  60. keith August 9, 2012

    This Mitt Romney if elected to the presidency bodes very bad for the United States of America. He is a mormon and owes his allegiance to the mormon church not this country. He will be appointing his cult’s followers to powerful positions and destroy religion in this country as we know it. This cult is based on the ravings of a nut Joseph Smith whose followers were driven out of Missouri and Illinois for their intimidation of local people and thieving ways at which time Smith was executed along with his second in command.
    Romney went to France in 1967 as a missionary but more likely to avoid the draft for the Vietnam war. He has no military experience or foreign diplomatic experience unless you count sending American jobs overseas.

  61. montanabill August 10, 2012

    Let’s see, he’s not getting rid of the work requirement but passing it on to states, say like California or New York or Michigan or other blue states can use their fabulously good records of welfare reform to guide them. If it walks like a duck….

  62. Delbert Lambert August 11, 2012

    Want to see statements from some real gullible people. Just keep reading these comments. If you think this ad is a lie, you need to see some from the other party. Just keep your heads in the sand folks. Weve seen some real problems faceing our nation happening in about the last 6 years. Just keep falling for the old retoric. Don’t investigate anything. We’ll all go down the tube together.

  63. Honey Bucket August 16, 2012

    What do you expect from Offshore Willie and Lyin’ Ryan.
    Just keep educating your family and friends about all the GOP lies.

  64. William H. Bischoff August 21, 2012

    There should be a law against telling outright lies in Campaign Ads, as Romney is doing with the statement that Obama took away the work requirement for welfare. People keep saying “there is no law against lying” in the ads, BUT THERE SHOULD BE! There are laws AGAINST TELLING LIES IN ADVERTISING. People depend on these ads for information, and EXPECT what they read to be TRUE, just like when they buy something in a retail store. A Presidential election is far too important to allow it to be influenced by, or bought and paid for with LIES. Even after being exposed as BEING FALSE, Romney plays THIS AD, as well as other blatant lies, over and over again. Campaign ads SHOULD BE informative, and TRUE. OUR PRESIDENT HAS TO PERPETUATE THE PROBLEM BECAUSE HE IS BEING FORCED TO GO ON THE DEFENSIVE AGAINST THE LIES, and using his campaign money for countering falsehoods, lies and misleading statements, paid for by a candidate with NO INTEGRITY. Romney is not living up to the standards set forth for, AND expected from, candidates for POTUS. He has refused to conform to traditional methods of vetting a candidate, even when they would possibly clear away suspicions that he is dishonest in his financial dealings. He said he would release his 2011 tax returns in August, but has now extended the time until October. Does he have something to hide? He isn’t worthy to even be considered for the position he seeks.

  65. triviahound August 23, 2012

    For a few reasons this campaign has become the most dishonest and disgusting race I’ve ever seen…..blatant lies against the President from “news” media the likes of FOX news….no one checks facts anymore….they just pass around gossip and innuendo….not truth…..because it serves their own agendas…..it’s no wonder the voting public is turned off……and don’t get me started on the Supreme Court decision re: Citizens United………..CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE !ONLY PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE !…..The Constitution states, “we the people” NOT “we the corporations”…….what a travesty of justice !…..face it …..we were once number one but we have not been number one for the past 12 years at the very least….. WE are the ONLY industrialized nation that doesn’t give all it’s citizens free healthcare…..wake upand and question what you what you read in the papers, on the internet, or hear on the radio and see on TV …. think if what you saw and heard is really true… educate our citizens….bring back jobs to this country…..take pride in what you do and how you do it……make money and increase the standard of living for ALL not just a few……but never put money before people…..”never love anything that doesn’t have the ability to love you back”……God help us all!

  66. Opinionpage August 23, 2012

    President Obama has done a great deal to help the unemployed and low income asectors of this country, and I’m quite thankful to see that taking place, especially given the homelessness I see locally, every single day! Now if we could only get employers to create jobs that can let them pay their bills, for their homes as well as others, I would feel much more confident that the good he is doing for these disadvantaged individuals won’t be short-term only.


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