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#EndorseThis: In Watergate Sequel, Which Role Will Kushner Play?

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#EndorseThis: In Watergate Sequel, Which Role Will Kushner Play?


The Russia probe increasingly resembles the worst days of Watergate: A crooked Attorney General who suffers from catastrophic memory loss; top White House aides who similarly cannot “recollect” their own incriminating activities; other top aides (or former top aides) talking with prosecutors and Congressional investigators; and a president in denial about his own grim prospects.

What’s different in the paranoid Trump White House is that the most nervous aide is the president’s own son-in-law.

Jared Kushner’s excuses for his misleading testimony about contacts with Russia during the Trump campaign are not persuasive, at least not to Seth Meyers — who reviews and amusingly updates the file on the First Son-in-Law.



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 24, 2017

    Just a den of clowns and mental midgets who got way more than they bargained for. To have slept through Watergate, which Donald obviously did, and for his sons and Jared to be so incompetent as to point the finger at Donald Sr. in so many ways, shows that ignorance of the goings on in real life is hazardous. Minds wasted that never saw the light of day in a grown-up world.

    Too late to take a refresher course in basic intelligence 101 for these cads. The outlook is grim indeed for the Drumpf clan–the modern-day “Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”.

  2. johninPCFL November 24, 2017

    All Nixon did to be judged guilty by most of the country was to grunt an approval.

    Agent Orange has had all of his close associates tied directly to Russian influence, and his approvals as passed through his vassals will be forthcoming via their testimony.


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