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This Week In Crazy: Bill O’Reilly Has Some Advice For ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Protesters

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This Week In Crazy: Bill O’Reilly Has Some Advice For ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Protesters

Bill O'Reilly interviews Martin Luther King III

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:


5. Glenn Beck

American prophet Glenn Beck can see the future, and it looks bleak for the true patriots.

On the Wednesday edition of his show, Beck lashed out at black Americans like Samuel L. Jackson who talk about racism in American society. After all, everyone knows that Tea Partiers have it tougher.

“You want to talk about racism? You want to talk about bigotry?” Beck asked. “Let me ask you: Have you tried being me? Have you tried being a conservative? Have you tried being a Tea Party member? You tried being an actor that has to meet in secret because of their political or religious beliefs?”

“Well, you can’t change the color of your skin,” Beck continued. “I can’t change what I believe! I believe in God the Almighty. I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. There’s nothing I can do to change that!”

“Don’t tell me about your problems, Samuel L. Jackson,” he concluded. “Shut the hell up.”

When Beck’s long-predicted race war finally begins, he may want to avoid this guy.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Dominick Vila December 19, 2014

    One of the most common tactics used by white supremacists and religious zealots is to turn themselves into victims. As bizarre as it may seem, there are many among us that buy this con job, and are convinced that it was them that were brought to this country in shackles, sold in slave markets, heard the crack and pain of a whip, were denied service at cafeterias, and always rode the back of the bus. As for the disciples of prophets, let’s not forget that the people that knock at our doors every week, Bible in hand, trying to convert us are actually disguised atheists.
    If these clowns were not so dangerous, the whole thing would be hysterical.

    1. Grannysmovin December 19, 2014

      To Beck and the rest of his cohorts who see themselves as victims;

      ” Don’t become a victim of yourself. Forget about the thief waiting in the alley; what about the thief in your mind?” Jim Rohn

    2. The_Magic_M December 19, 2014

      Just look to 1930’s Germany. The propaganda made you think the country was on the brink of extinction because “the Jews” were the evil guys planning genocide.

      As for the right-wingers, I always say, look what they’re accusing sane people of, that’s what they’re actually desiring (concentration camps to brainwash/kill everyone not towing the party line, shredding the Constitution in favour of religious law etc.).

    3. latebloomingrandma December 19, 2014

      Your last line says it all. Each week as I read this I laugh and cry at the same time. Then I have to tell myself that I am not the loony one. The dangerous part is that so many of these people hold office or occupy the airwaves and influence so many people. I just don’t get how any educated or intelligent person could ever look to the likes of Michele Bachman as anything but unqualified to hold an office of any sort. (I am trying to be kind for the Christmas season.) This extreme right wing seems to have a panoply of mental health disorders Someone should be seriously studying this phenomenon. It is hurting our country.

  2. The_Magic_M December 19, 2014

    Re: American Energy Alliance

    That seems to be the right wing’s new approach – if you can’t force silence on the issue of torture, muddy the waters by calling everything “torture” until the word has lost its meaning.
    I suppose Obamacare and immigration policy will be next to be labeled such.
    So in 5 years, everyone will go “hey, the new law on commemorative coins is torture, so how bad can torture by the CIA be?”.

  3. stcroixcarp December 19, 2014

    To Glenn Beck: When you are dead, you don’t know it but everyone else does. It is just like being stupid.

  4. idamag December 19, 2014

    Dear Bill O’Reilly: My brother who was a psychologist said, “All generalities are lies. Do we judge all white folks by Adolph Hitler who generalized all the Jewish people as evil? Do we judge them by the Ted Bundys, Jeffery Dahmers, and the James Woods? I live in the Northwest. A small town north of us had the dubious honor of having the most teen pregnancies per capita, in the United States. They were all white kids. I worked for Health and Welfare and, believe me, your stereotypes are way off the mark. As for you, Michelle Bauchmann, You remind me of a neighbor kid I grew up with. He uses to stand on top of their shed speaking in tongues. Poor Glen Becki, you are so far out of reality you don’t realize why people don’t give you credence.

  5. Elliot J. Stamler December 19, 2014

    Everything that Bill O’Reilly said about the black community is absolutely correct. And I write this as one who disagrees with him 85% of the time. Living as I do in NYC I fully attest to the accuracy of his comments on the real problems of and in the black community. And another problem he didn’t add is rampant, open black racism and demagoguery and the utter silence of mainstream black leaders to confront it. Sorry, leftists reading this, as a MODERATE AND CENTRIST I won’t let Al Sharpton define the boundaries of this issue any more than I would Pat Robertson define boundaries of some other issue.

    1. idamag December 20, 2014

      See my post below.

      1. Elliot J. Stamler December 20, 2014

        I do not agree that all generalities are lies, Idamag, although those that are stereotypes are. I know for a fact living in NYC that what Mr. O’Reilly (who lives in the suburbs of NYC) is true. I know the large majority of black folks are law-abiding, decent. hard-working people. No doubt about that. But there is a large minority that is the opposite. I stand by my comments which are neither racist nor untrue. Until the majority of “mainstream” black leaders deal with these facts and denounce their own reprehensible racist/race baiting rabble-rousers (e.g. Sharpton et al) little progress can be made in improving race relations in our land.

  6. Melinda Killie December 19, 2014

    Ms. Bachman… HERE is a truth for you. EVERYONE (except the STILL minority republican/tea party traitors like yourself) are GLAD, GLAD ,GLAD you are gone from Congress. Now sit down, and shut up.

  7. Melinda Killie December 19, 2014

    Hmmm… sounds like Pat Robertson didn’t take his thorazine and happy pills. He’s a senile, old poop that seems to believe he speaks for God. Where are the men in white coats with the butterfly nets when you need them??

  8. jakenhyde December 19, 2014

    To Glenn Beck: Cry me a river. You CHOSE to be an a$$hole. If you catch flak for it, it’s your own fault. Black people, on the other hand, didn’t choose their color.

  9. jakenhyde December 19, 2014

    How in hell(pun intended) does Robertson maintain a tax free status when he so often and blatantly makes biased political statements on his show?

    1. dave December 31, 2014

      Funny,ain’t it how religion gets a free pass to politicize everything and uses it as an excuse to preach,inequality,racism,and naked GREED !! The mega churches are nothing more than money vacuums !!

  10. AlfredSonny December 20, 2014

    If Beck wants to truly love God, he should abide ten commandments which are anti-conservative.

    1. idamag December 26, 2014

      Beck belongs to a religion that taught racism in their doctrine until 1978. They taught that the Black people carried the mark of Cain and was cursed by God. Many of beck’s generation still carries this residual prejudice.

  11. AlfredSonny December 20, 2014

    Since Jesus Christ is pro-Obamacare, Reverend Robertson is a Christ imposter. May God forgive him on the Judgement Day.

  12. AlfredSonny December 20, 2014

    So far, Bill O”Reilly was against Obama’s efforts to improve jobs, health care, pollution, abortion and education, how can black Americans take more responsibility of their lives? Is O’Reilly trying to say that it is possible for a man to swim with his cemented feet?

  13. idamag December 26, 2014

    Bill O, joining a radical group is a choice not a condition. Whenever an injustice is righted, as Civil Rights, in the past, it is because of protestors. Thank God for those who speak out against those injustices. As for Bauchmann, her district still owes us an apology for sending her to Washington. She is dumb, dumber and dumbest. As for the koch brothers lashing out against the EPA because they don’t want our people breathing poison air and drinking poison water, These people are evil. They cannot serve God and Mammon(money) both. BTW, how long before the nut jobs come on here calling the President names?

    1. Kansan January 3, 2015

      How long?

      They’re here, they’re here.

      (Haven’t you noticed?)

      I don’t think that Bachmann is dumb, but she is nuts. After all, she got through law school (even if it was a Jebus law school), and passed the bar (unless her husband put on a dress and took the exam for her).

  14. Richerd Heatherly January 3, 2015

    Keep in mind, folks: The failure to prove man-made global warming over the last 20 years makes the case for it even less plausible.

    1. Kansan January 3, 2015

      Are you being sarcastic, or are you serious, or are you seriously crazy?:

  15. Joseph Kelsall January 14, 2015

    I think O’Reilly should be very careful when criticising people for wearing ‘I can’t breathe’ T shirts. They may decide to choose ‘anti sex pest’ shirts instead. It’s a good job he had the money to throw at the problem. I wish that he hadn’t!


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