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What Isn’t Donald Trump Hiding?

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What Isn’t Donald Trump Hiding?

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Given all that he’s hiding — including his tax returns, the reasoning behind his campaign’s contacts and possible coordination with Russia, the visitor logs for the White House, and his private lobbying theme park Mar-A-Lago as well as the details of nearly all his economic proposals — it’s amazing what Donald Trump isn’t hiding.

Let’s start with his impressive ignorance.

After years of insisting at every chance he got that China is ripping off the United States, Trump informed the Wall St. Journal that Xi Jinping, the president of the world’s most populous nation, had schooled him — on North Korea.

“After listening for 10 minutes, I realized it’s not so easy,” Trump said. “I felt pretty strongly that they had a tremendous power [over] North Korea. … But it’s not what you would think.”

If by “you” he means “Donald Trump,” that’s true.

No one — except people who only learn about politics by watching themselves on Fox News — thought resolving our conflicts with North Korea would ever be simple, especially after it became a nuclear power during the George W. Bush administration. But this is still a remarkable admission — like Trump’s admission that he had no idea how complex health care reform would be.

It’s also the kind of revelation that illustrates the divide in American politics. To Trump voters, this might make him more relatable, while indicating he has the strength to be flexible. To the majority of Americans who didn’t vote for Trump, it might confirm their worst fears about electing a self-satisfied and self-obsessed doofus to become the most powerful person alive.

But even more remarkable than the admission that Trump had listened to someone else speak for ten minutes was for him to then shake off his campaign promise to label China a currency manipulator — a Trump fixation  that many experts believe is rooted in the past. And the president says he is doing this because China is helping us with North Korea.

Why he suddenly trusts a country he was sure was ripping us off is something he has not explained. But sometimes a con man is the easiest mark.

Then there’s his obsession with sucking up to the elite.

In a interview this month with the New York Times, Trump bragged about his tax reform plan by dropping a name that once represented, in his own rhetoric, the swampiest of the elite swamp zombies, slowly dining on our sweet America First brains.

“We have some very, very good people,” he said. “This man was the president of Goldman Sachs. I mean, he was, like, the president of Goldman Sachs.”

The investment bank is now basically Trump’s farm team, but during the campaign Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein served as his whipping boy, a personification of globalist — cough, Jewish, cough — bankers.  And Trump used the bank to tar Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton as corrupt.

Why would he brag about becoming the Goldman Sachs Bannon Trump Kushner administration?

Yes, Trump campaigned on draining a swamp full of elites. But we shouldn’t be so naive as to believe that he we speaking about all the elites. He meant just the elitists who want to help minorities at the expense of you — meaning, the good people who are sick of not being wished “Merry Christmas” by everyone you meet.

Trump’s right-wing version of populism, as The Nation‘s Jedediah Purdy explains, “often punches both up and down: It attacks those at the top of the economic and political ladder, but it also targets the disenfranchised, whether racial minorities, the poor, or immigrant groups.”

If Trump supporters assume the is using the power of the elites — co-opting them, as his supporters often say — to help you and not them, everything will be fine in Trumpland.

And Trump is giving his supporters plenty of reason to believe that he is still obsessed with going after them, even if it doesn’t help you economically.

There’s been wishful bleating, fed by that the blasts of war that cable news loves, insisting that Trump is somehow becoming more centrist, because he doesn’t want to immediately break up NATO and put tariffs on everything except the products he and his daughter import. But if reality is forcing him to drop some his more disruptive pledges, he is still pursuing sickening nativism while nurturing some of the most bigoted policies in recent American history.

Trump is learning, as The Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent notes, that if he pleases the plutocrats with more predictable approaches to existing international alliances and trade agreements, he can keep feeding his followers super-sized nativism.

“The administration continues to defend the travel ban in court and remains fully committed to building the Mexican wall. On deportations, the reign of fear is kicking in,” Sargent wrote. “Parents are yanking kids from day care out of fear of removal; longtime residents with no other offenses are getting deported; the administration continues to try to strong-arm sanctuary cities into enforcing the federal immigration crackdown. As ABC News reports this morning: “The deportation force looks like it’s coming together – just more quietly than anticipated.”

Trump definitely isn’t hiding his Attorney General Jeff Sessions — who is doing his best to reverse nearly every effort the government makes to help minorities vote, settle in America, or stay out of prison.

This includes reviving the War on Drugs to its fullest, most destructive vaience, which means destroying lives of people — disproportionately black and brown people, if history is any guide — for smoking pot.

Trump feels no need to hide his comical ignorance and his even more comical admiration for the “globalist” elites. This could be because he and Jeff Sessions have a unique sense of what his voters want.

Perhaps that’s an America where only they feel welcome. It seems that antipathy for a nation that seeks to accommodate an increasingly diverse population is something they’re sick of hiding, too.



  1. Dominick Vila April 17, 2017

    One of the few positive things that can be said about Trump’s morals, intellect, and character is that he has not hidden his contempt for morality, honesty, and traditions. From taxes, to opportunism, greed, revenge, and immature reactions, he has demonstrated that he could careless what everyone else wants or expects from a President of the United States. As a result, most people, understandably, assume he is hiding things so damaging that if they became public he would likely be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors.

    1. mike April 17, 2017

      Your Trump Derangement Syndrome continues with your worthless post. “Hiding things” how silly. If anything was “there” if would have been public record long ago. Much like all the Russian bullsh*t just more silliness from you.
      Day 89 of the Trump Administration and day 143 that the left has been batting ZERO,since their devastating defeat, to try and find anything to delegitimize Trump.
      The Comical actions of the left continue while Trump methodically dismantles the failed policies of Obama.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker April 17, 2017

        What is silly about a President who thinks he is entitled to profit from his presidency? What is silly about a Twat daughter hiding that her White House office is doing clothing, shoes and jewerly business that will earn her 10 times what she would if she had to operate out of Trump Tower like her step Mommy?

        1. mike April 17, 2017

          Eleanor Witless being her irrational self again. What a sad pathetic Twat you continue to be.
          Where’s the beef? Obama’s aren’t profiting from their book deal? Should be the most expensive one page book ever. You are such a hypocrite.
          Once you produce those so called profits then show the world it is illegal. You can’t because there are no laws that prohibit Trump from involving himself in his private business. Even the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 rules exempt presidents, but not congressman, from recusing themselves in govt. dealings touching on their own financial interests.
          Your hatred of the Trumps is breathtaking. Your anger should be directed at Hillary who was an abysmal candidate caught in lie after lie, who hired terrible people to help run her campaign or the democratic leadership who were clueless after 6 years of losses the true feelings of millions in the country. Even now she blames everyone but herself.
          Remember you can bitch and moan all you want but it changes nothing. Trump is dismantling the policies of the spineless Obama. About time!

          1. Thoughtopsy April 17, 2017

            Tiny “mike” fails to understand “conflict of interest”.
            Dumb tiny “mike”.

          2. plc97477 April 18, 2017

            Anything above “breathe in, breathe out” is too hard for tiny mike.

          3. HelpFeedRushsMonkey April 18, 2017

            Trump’s cabal will be dismantled through impeachment, but then we’re stuck with dic*less Pence. He’ll be quick to amend Trump’s actions once he grows some nuts that Mommy lets him take out once in a while.

      2. pisces63 April 17, 2017

        They were not failed but lied about by bigots on the right like McConnell. In fact if Obama had gone ahead with his plan, which trump used, to bomb Syria, McConnell would have had him impeached. They DID deny him that mission led by bigot McConnell.

        1. mike April 17, 2017

          McConnell has nothing to do with the many policy failures of spineless Obama.
          Obamacare, Obama’s signature law is collapsing! In foreign affairs he failed.
          A billion dollar stimulus that had
          no “shovel ready jobs” and did little for economy.
          Spineless Obama made no effort to enforce his “red line” in Syria. “Have him impeached”, you effin ignoramus the democrats still controlled the Senate in 2013 when Obama drew the red line, McConnell was not the leader.

          1. pisces63 April 17, 2017

            ACA is not failing. Working the health insurance industry for 30 years, I see it working as I audit the claims for those subs. The right hated a black man succeeding where they failed since FDR to get comprehensive health care insurance, they became irate. Who cares who was in charge that bigot made it his goal to denigrate anything he did or stop anything he tried to do. The reason for the rise in premiums/deductibles, the right voted to do away with the stop gap that would have prevented those rises as they cut funding for women’s issues and in their plan there would have been no prenatal, delivery or well baby care. No money for funding opiate users which made my governor Kasich hot. McConnell would have initiated impeachment proceedings because he DID go to congress for the bombing, not trusting them and I do not blame him, they said NO!! Go straight to you know where you bigoted imbecile.

          2. mike April 17, 2017

            “ACA is not failing. Working the health insurance industry for 30 years,” which means squat in the real world. It is failing. Insurance companies are losing money in the hundred of millions and are bailing out leaving fewer choices, ACA failed to tame medical cost, premiums skyrocketed, out of pocket and deductibles unaffordable and you have the gull to say “ACA not failing.” It’s failing you nincompoop.
            Don’t try and deflect from your asinine statement about McConnell and Obama’s Red line. You idiot Obama didn’t need to go to Congress to get approval he had the authority, just like Trump, the difference was Trump acted Obama dithered and showed the world just how weak a leader he was.
            You dumba$$ the Senate was controlled by the Democrats and on the 9-3-2013 the democratic Senate Foreign Affaires Committee passed the resolution 10-7. Harry Reid on the 6th of September files resolution and Whip finds senators lukewarm to negative. Reid knew he didn’t have the numbers and punted. In House the resolution is not a huge favorite with democrats and would fail by a 2:1 margin amongst them.
            Once again. Obama did not need the Congress to act but chose to because of his weak kneed and cowardly positions.
            You are one pathetic moron.
            Thanks for the laugh you dolt.

          3. pisces63 April 17, 2017

            look braying jackass, it is working. Premiums/deductibles are rising because REPUBLICANS voted out the safety net. Because of that money taken away, insurance companies are opting out and/or raising premiums and deductibles. No, he did not have to ask. SOOOOO why didn’t they tell him that? He knew, as any one with a brain knows, they would have held it against him for the bombing. The raid where the Navy Seal was killed!! THAT was Obama’s also, for two years. No go because of the number of civilians and the possibility of our men not getting out. Dumb as rocks did it anyway and what happened? The doofus bomb? Still laughing at that like they did something. Bush nor Obama used it because of civilian populations. They would have found a way to castigate him like they did with the removal of our troops from Iraq under a George Bush agreement. yET, THEY STILL BLAME HIM DON’T THEY? Tell it to the marines you inbred, lice infested bigots are full of deer tick sh**!!

          4. mike April 17, 2017

            “braying jackass” how funny and wrong. Your post is the perfect example of one out of touch with reality.
            Only a dumba$$ liberal would ignore the votes of the democrats in this so called safety net voted out.
            So only in your world of delusion would anyone write “SOOOOO why didn’t they tell him that?” Obama knew you dipsh*t he was just to chickensh*t and spineless. You ignore the left still controlled the Senate. So who would have held it against him? The world was watching and Obama flinched. End of Story. His whole administration was one big flinch.
            They blame Obama for allowing ISIS to grow under his watch by pulling out troops out of Iraq. If you had the brains to go look you would have found that Obama(campaign promise) had no stomach to keep troops there and blamed it on The Status of Forces agreement not being signed but yet a few years later after ISIS had grown quite large he was sending American troops back without any agreement. He can’t have it both ways.
            What president gives a rats ass what he gets blamed for if his decision he felt was right.

          5. Thoughtopsy April 17, 2017

            So much whine.
            Much dumb.
            So sad.

            Someone give tiny “mike” a hug before his radioactive wasteland of bile where most people keep their soul boils over.

          6. HelpFeedRushsMonkey April 18, 2017

            McConnell and Ryan both are shills, nothing more. Neither has a redeeming quality about them. We’ll throw Chaffetz in there with them too. As long as Trumplethinskin signs what they put in front of him, they could care less that he’s a bigger lying, thieving incompetent fool than they are. They got their Evangelical SCOTUS pick and VP, so that should feed the social conservatives enough to keep them placated while they take back their SS and Medicare. A bunch of big business lobbyists are all they are, but paid by the public. Pathetic morons? How bout dem Deplorables?

          7. mike April 18, 2017

            If talking out your a$$ makes you feel better by all means continue but nothing you say is worth sh*t.
            The only “morons” are you clueless imbeciles who over 6 years watch your party lose state democratic seats and governorships then the House followed by the Senate and thought identity politics with a very flawed women at its head would win the WH. You were terribly wrong then as now.
            The left is the weakest politically in almost a 100 years. You have no electable leader, no identity, no agenda and no power. ????
            Look in the mirror for the true moron/morons.

          8. Thoughtopsy April 17, 2017

            Please use proper English.
            I realise Russian is your first language, but try harder.

      3. Thoughtopsy April 17, 2017

        Oh hello there tiny “mike”.

        Here to tell us how great your Orange God is again?
        What will you pick?
        – His sad flipflop on staying out of other countries?
        – His ignorance of his own Healthcare bill?
        – His open lie that his Healthcare bill will “cover everyone, cost less, and be terrific”?
        – His embrace of China?
        – His sudden love of the Import/Export bank?
        – His booting of Steve Bannon?
        – His Wall that won’t be funded in the Budget?
        – His Immigration order that is blocked in the courts?
        – His desperate desire to play with his military “toys” and possibly kill millions of people?
        – His constant vacations?
        – His 19 golf games at his own resorts… where housing his entourage makes him millions of dollars?
        – His laughable and abortive first few months where he’s achieved almost nothing except signing a few executive orders?

        You see, moron… Your guy is an ignorant blustering dumbass.
        I know it.
        You know it (despite being paid, probably poorly, to pretend you don’t know it).
        The Republicans know it.

        And even the deplorable racist morons you represent are starting to work it out.

        So tell me, tiny “mike”.
        What has President F**kface Von Clownstick managed to achieve in his first 89 days…?
        Be specific.

        I’ll hold my breath.

        1. mike April 17, 2017

          Looks like you are having another mental meltdown.
          While you are having your hissy fits that Hillary blew it and Trump won Trump has been dismantling Obama EO’s, EA’s and other failed policies.
          89 days means nothing in the larger scheme of things since Trump has another 1371 days to really put America economy on a firm footing but I’m glad you’re keeping count knowing you can only sit there and twiddle your thumbs.
          As to accomplishments. Gorsuch on SCOTUS which is huge and the possibility of more justices to come now that the nuclear option is here to stay after good old Reid changed the rules.
          -Trans Pacific partnership gone
          -Federal hiring freeze
          -Moved forward on keystone pipeline
          -Illegals crossing border down 40%
          -catch and release ended
          -illegals with criminal records being rounded up
          -froze all fed. regs awaiting approval.
          -ACA will be appealed and replace so don’t get too cocky
          Changes are many and you can bet more on the way and all you can do is sit and watch. How delightful.
          Ta Ta mental midget!

          1. Thoughtopsy April 18, 2017

            Wow… those are some truly “amazing” achievements, tiny “mike”. /sarcasm

            Firstly, Gorsuch was all McConnell. You can’t claim something as an “achievement” that the Orange Retard had no actual hand in. He was given a list by the Heritage Foundation, he threw a dart at the list, and McConnell did all the heavy lifting.

            The rest are minor fluff.

            – He signed some EOs that gave some “direction” to Federal agencies. So what? Sure some of the rollbacks are annoying… and possibly fatal to water quality and breathable air… but your big accomplishment is “he got rid of some regulations”??? LOL
            – He froze further Federal Regulation making… Eh? How is that an “accomplishment”?? Is that really DOING anything? Or is that not doing something?
            – He froze Fed hiring? Oh wow. That’s amazing.
            – He dumped the TPP? Again… is that actually DOING anything? Or simply Not doing something?
            – He “moved forward” on the Keystone? Hahahaha. Is he digging the trench himself? Again… he signed something that says he’d really like it to happen. Has it happened? Nope. Wow… amazing.

            Now lets look at the things he actually tried to DO and got actively involved in. (As opposed to just signing things he didn’t understand, or letting McConnell make him look good.)

            – Muslim Ban – His favorite campaign promise. He actually tried to make something happen here… and DO something… And Failed.
            Worse: the judge quoted Dumbf**k Von Moron’s own statement the second time around that it was “the same Muslim Ban” just tweaked to get it through the courts….
            How dumb do you have to be to publicly state that your “new” EO has the same intent as the old one when they banned it because of that exact intent?
            Wow… that’s a great achievement tiny “mike”.

            – AHCA – His first major piece of legislation, that he personally promised, and directly took a hand in. A real test of the “Dealmaker-in-Chief” and his “Art of the Deal” because:
            — The Bill was created in around 8% of the time put into the ACA and this sh1tty rush job showed everywhere.
            — Multiple Republicans had all sorts of issues with it.
            — Zero time was spent consensus-building.
            — Changes were made overnight with no consultation including the night before the actual scheduled vote… meaning Republicans would have had to vote on it without even reading the changes…

            And what did we learn watching the “Dealmaker-in-Chief” work his magic?
            We learned that:
            1) He didn’t even bother to understand his own Bill (or wasn’t capable of reading 100 pages, take your pick).
            2) His “dealmaking” abilities are pretty much zero. Or, at best, grossly over-inflated.
            3) His “dealmaking” toolkit appears to be Firstly: bribes. Then if that doesn’t work, threats against Republican politicians. Wow… amazing. Some real skills there. About as clever as a Mafia Don with an IQ of 85.
            4) He promised “Terrific Healthcare. Everyone will be covered, for less money with better care.” The AHCA absolutely did the opposite of his promises. It was rated as kicking 24 million off healthcare, and ballooning premiums especially for older people.
            5) He not only did not understand his own Bill (as stated by Republicans in the room) he did not appear to care that the effects of this Bill would make him a massive liar by doing the opposite of what he promised. His voters noticed though.
            6) It completely exposed the Republican long-standing lies about the ACA and health insurance.
            At their core, Republican Elite Politicians and wealthy Republicans do not believe that the Government should be providing subsidies for health insurance to poor people (or at all in most cases). They want the “free market” to essentially be allowed to kill people who can’t pay.
            They have lied for years to their voters by using language AS IF they DO believe the Government should be providing healthcare. Particularly the lying phrase “…everyone should have access to good healthcare” which simply means it’s available… you have access to it… if you can pay for it. If you can’t then f**k you.
            So in the AHCA we see an Ignorant Orange Moron promise better cheaper coverage to everyone, and a group of corporate blowj0b Republicans, who have lied by saying they want the same thing, write a bill that does the opposite and gives massive tax breaks to the wealthy…

            Then we got to watch President Snowflake get to work trying to pressure his team into voting for a bill that does the opposite of what he promised.
            And what was the result of “The Donald” getting personally involved in his signature achievement that he promised would be done “ON DAY ONE”?

            Appalling, abject and pathetic failure. Embarrassing failure.
            Throughout, he looked like an idiot, and a liar.
            Even worse, he exposed his inability to get anyone to do what he wanted.
            Even worse than that… he showed he was lazy and had no stamina… He only tried for a WEEK.
            Then gave up.
            It took Obama, Pelosi et al. over a year to get the ACA passed originally. President Snowflake gives up after a WEEK.

            The final icing on the idiot cake was watching everyone immediately blame Paul Ryan… after “The Donald” bombed so badly. Yep… must’ve all been Ryan’s fault.
            How does that work again?… I guess “The Donald” who “understands things better than anyone”, and who constantly proclaims how intelligent he is… was totally conned by Paul Ryan? For two weeks? Without realizing what was going on?
            Much smart.

            TLDR: Your orange god has failed on his two key promises and shown a pathetic lack of character while doing so. McConnell did the heavy lifting on Gorsuch, and the signing of multiple EOs is fluff in terms of actual achievements. Annoying fluff, it’s true… but doesn’t move the needle on the achievement meter.

            As to your “wait and see” bullsh1t… The ACA is not going to be repealed or replaced for four reasons:
            1) Trump voters want good cheap health insurance, but Republicans politicians do not.
            2) Moderate Republicans want to keep the parts of the ACA their voters like, the “Freedom Caucus” do not.
            3) Trump is a Class A f**kup. The GOP doesn’t have enough seats in Congress or the Senate to compensate for such a high degree of willful ignorance and ham-handed stupidity in their “leader”.
            4) After Trump stating multiple times that “no-one in my campaign was talking to the Russians” it appears almost everyone in his campaign was talking to the Russians. Not only does this make him yet again a liar, but it looks like he may well be jailed for treason well before the ACA is repealed.

            I AM going to “sit and watch”, tiny “mike”.

            Watching “The Donald” screwing up has become my favorite form of entertainment.
            I’ll be here when he’s put in jail for treason (or “steps down” to avoid it) and I’ll be asking you how much fun you’re having… and what you feel “The Donald” accomplished in his months in office.

            Don’t go anywhere. Shouldn’t be long now.

          2. mike April 18, 2017

            What is comical about your post is it so full of diarrhea which means it has no value other than the possible use as a fertilizer.
            What you can’t fathom is the left is outside looking in without any power or ability to change the agenda or direction. All you can do is stew about the devastating loss in November.
            Just remember as you post your stupid bullsh*t about Trump Trump is in control of the agenda plus all three branches and the left can’t do squat. Life is good.
            Elections have consequences!

          3. Thoughtopsy April 19, 2017

            And there it is.

            The moment tiny “mike” can’t answer the points in front of him we get the endless repetition of…. wait for it….
            Ad hominem…
            Desperate diversion…
            and: “He WON He WON He WON He WON…”

            You pathetically ignorant stuck record. I could lobotomize a pork roast and end up with something smarter than you.

            Stop running from the facts, you coward.

            As far as Trump controlling anything:
            The moron in chief doesn’t know where his own carrier group is, thought he bombed Iran not Syria, watches cable news and goes golfing when he should be working, and has exposed his willful ignorance on every topic he’s opened his mouth about so far.

            The Orange Moron is “controlled” by Bannon, Fox News, and whoever he talked to last.

            Remember: “China.. China… China… evil… currency manipulator… must fix North Korea…”????
            In his own words, after TEN MINUTES talking to the Chinese leader: “China’s great, not a currency manipulator, can’t fix North Korea.”


            But that’s what happens when you’re arrogantly egotistical, and that arrogant ego has led you to believe you already know everything “better than anyone else” so you actively avoid learning anything new… you’ll believe anything you’re told.

            You should know. It’s an accurate description of you, too.
            Oh… plus the cowardice of course.

            As for the agenda, here’s my predictions:
            – AHCA Round 2: Fail. For the same reasons as last time. Paul Ryan looses his speakership over this.
            – Tax Plan: Fails because analysis shows it’s a giant payoff for the wealthy and because Dumbf**k Von Moron won’t release his tax returns… he can’t because of all the Russian payoffs in them… and the tax plan won’t go forward unless people can see he isn’t personally profiting from it.
            – Infrastructure: Republicans won’t pay for it. Trump tries to do a deal with the Dems but the Bill is bullshit Private Company funded construction. They won’t budge. Fails on cost.
            – Wall – Fails. No-one will give him the money for it because it’s a moronic idea and won’t stop any actual immigration, and because Pinhead Von Stupid didn’t bother to think through how you wall up the Rio Grande…
            – Russia Investigation – Grinds on for a few more months until someone finally hands over to the press the purported video tape of Trump promising a softer stance on Russia if Putin helps get him elected that Carter Page handed over to the Russians before the election. Trump is impeached on several counts of Treason along with most of his top officials including Mike Pence who undoubtedly was also involved.

            Life IS good.
            Lies and treason has consequences.

          4. mike April 20, 2017

            What cracks me up about you is the fact that you think your prattle has any relevance. Your opinions mean nothing. They change nothing. Your opinions are wrong! What they do show is your inability to accept the devastating loss in November the left experienced because they were clueless to the mood of the country. Progressives found their agenda was rejected even by their core constituents.
            BTW, Trump did win the presidency and is now setting the agenda, Hillary sure isn’t, that is undeniable for normal people to understand.
            Day 92 of the Trump Administration and the Democrats have no power. No White House! No Senate! No House! SCOTUS stays Conservative. Like is Good!
            The Trump Derangement Syndrome continues in you which makes you even more irrational.
            Just remember the left has lost everything with the help of Obama. He did well but his party suffered dearly because of his lack of leadership. The left has no agenda other than Trump hatred. No electable leader. No identity! NO POWER!

          5. Thoughtopsy April 23, 2017

            There he goes again…
            Same cowardly stuck record.
            – Ad hominem.
            – “He WON He WON He WON”

            What a loser.

          6. mike April 23, 2017

            Loser? Coward! Not even close but not surprised how wrong you continue to be.
            Maybe you will feel better if I say “Hillary lost.” Oh wait! That still means “Trump Won” how wonderful.
            The sad part is your inability to accept the state of the Democratic Party, its decline of power and it’s lack of agenda other than Trump bashing.
            Keep trying but again no cigar for you.
            Day 95 of the Trump Administration! 1365+ more days for you to have hissy fits.
            What fun!

        2. plc97477 April 18, 2017

          Looks like tax reform may not be an easy fix either.

          1. Thoughtopsy April 18, 2017


      4. Sand_Cat April 18, 2017

        Only because nothing can “delegitimize” Trump to idiots like you.

        1. mike April 18, 2017

          How funny! Wrong again douche bag!
          Keep trying! I enjoy your silly posts.
          Day 90 of the Trump administration. No Hillary! No Obama! No social warriors! No Power! No Russian collusion! Nothing to pin on Trump! How hilarious!

    2. itsfun April 17, 2017

      You complain about his taxes when you know absolutely nothing about his taxes. The one return we did see proved he paid a higher percentage of his income than your hero Obama did. Maybe he is just waiting for the right opportunity to show how much he paid and make the left look like the fools they are. We expect the President to protect the United States, not draw red lines and run like a coward. The whole world laughed at the United States when Obama was President. You have become just a person of fake news. You say the President is in with the Russians, when you have no evidence at all. When President Trump said the Obama administration spied on his campaign, you mocked him and called him names. Now that it has been proven the administration did spy on his campaign you don’t have the honor to say how wrong you were. Now you are making up reasons to impeach the President. Impeachment should have happened to Obama and his corrupt administration of liars and criminals. He gave weapons to drug cartels and the press ignored that crime. You used to report facts and truth, now you have become someone that just makes up news and spreads untruths. I used to believe you are a person of honor, now I know you are not.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker April 17, 2017

        YOU know nothing about Trump’s taxes. I do. Why? My state is paying off 6 of his corporate bankruptcies. That means we know that he never paid one dime to our state of the taxes he owed, minimal as they were for his benefit.

        Trump lied when he tweeted: “Obama wire tapped Trump Tower.” You can slather all the BS you want over that but you cannot prove that it is true.

        We are NOTmaking up reason to impeach Trump. Taxpayers have a right to know what he is doing while he is president. You are a cheater and a liar who condones Trump making billions as president and ONLY because he is president.

        He will be impeached. Americans do not have to tolerate a lying jackass who can’t be transparent about visitors to the White House, overloading his cabinet with family and then YOU bitching about Obama.

        Keep making an ass of yourself. The very things you allow The HUMP to do is what you’d bitch a blue streak about if Obama did them.

      2. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 17, 2017

        REMINDER: you are so stupid that you would not believe an obvious fact (that the FBI is part of the DOJ). You don’t get to have your opinions taken seriously, you imbecile.

      3. pisces63 April 17, 2017

        It was higher because he made more money. Get real. It is called a, dare I write it, TAX BRACKET!! My daughter’s is different from mine due to salary.

        1. itsfun April 17, 2017

          That’s not the point I was making. President Trump has been accused of not paying taxes and/or not being rich, and whatever else the left can make up. This document proved he is both rich and paid his fair share of taxes.

          1. pisces63 April 17, 2017

            Yet you compare him to Obama, as usual. Don’t do it if you do not want a blow back. I will, gladly!!

      4. HelpFeedRushsMonkey April 17, 2017

        BS. His campaign was snagged when they fell into an ongoing investigation involving foreign (Russian for the dumbest of you) bankers and diplomats. Trump is a crook, with he and his family selling/trading on their brand with total disregard for emolument clauses or appearances of separation of business and politics. Impeachment will be his best day in office.

        1. itsfun April 17, 2017

          More bs from the left. Where is there even a shred of evidence against the President? If anybody was in with Russia, its Obama promising how flexible he could be with Russia after his election. President Trumps campaign worked out just fine even with the Obama administration spying on it. Obama’s administration was just a police state with their spying on campaigns, and reporters. Not only was President Trump a very successful businessman, but he is already very successful as the President. Our allies can now trust us to help them when they need it. Illegal immigration is down something like 70%. The stock market is booming. Jobs are coming back and staying here, not going overseas or the Mexico. Business has confidence in our economy now and is spending money and hiring people.

          1. Independent1 April 18, 2017

            And no matter what, somewhere along the line all you can ever do is resort to your pathological lying!!! You keep proving time and time again that like all right-wing trolls, you are sub-human and one of those that even God has relegated to burn for eternity!!! Liars shall be thrown in the fire along with idolators, whoremongers, murderers and on and on!!! (Revelation 21:8.)

            British intelligence passed Trump associates’ communications with Russians on to US counterparts

            Washington (CNN)British and other European intelligence agencies intercepted communications between associates of Donald Trump and Russian officials and other Russian individuals during the campaign and passed on those communications to their US counterparts, US congressional and law enforcement and US and European intelligence sources tell CNN.

            The communications were captured during routine surveillance of Russian officials and other Russians known to western intelligence. British and European intelligence agencies, including GCHQ, the British intelligence agency responsible for communications surveillance, were not proactively targeting members of the Trump team but rather picked up these communications during what’s known as “incidental collection,” these sources tell CNN.


        2. Thoughtopsy April 17, 2017

          Just block him.
          Itfun is unusual out of the trolls on this site in one unique way:

          He been proven multiple times to be a complete moron (I mean that with specific accuracy)… yet he continues posting as if he has useful opinions.
          Apparently shame is not enough to convince him to either educate himself, or stop talking.

          Just block him.

      5. Independent1 April 18, 2017

        You don’t seriously believe that tax return that was exposed recently is real?? What a joke!! Trump fabricated that return and it was him who let it get discovered. Trump hasn’t paid a cent in taxes in years!!!!!!!!

        Trump’s been committing tax fraud for the past 20 plus years!!

        Trump’s tax dodge wasn’t ‘smart’—it was a billion dollar cheat

        An excerpt:

        Because we have only one partial return from Trump in the last three
        decades, it’s impossible to tell if the IRS detected or challenged
        Trump’s money-for-nothing scheme. What is sure is that what Trump did is a direct violation of the intent of tax law.

        Regardless of whether the I.R.S. objected, Mr. Trump’s tax avoidance
        in this case violated a central principle of American tax law, said Mr.
        Buckley, the former chief of staff for Congress’s Joint Committee on
        Taxation, who later served as chief tax counsel for Democrats on the
        House Ways and Means Committee.

        “He deducted somebody else’s losses,” Mr. Buckley said. By that, Mr.
        Buckley meant that only the bondholders who forgave Mr. Trump’s unpaid casino debts should have been allowed to use those losses to offset future income and reduce their taxes. That Mr. Trump used the same losses to reduce his taxes ultimately increases the tax burden on everyone else, Mr. Buckley explained. “He is double dipping big time.”


      6. Independent1 April 18, 2017

        Is Donald Trump lying about his income, or is he a tax cheat?

        Crain’s New York Business, having decided to stop waiting for Trump
        to release his tax returns, has instead gone looking through the public
        record and discovered that Donald Trump is either: lying about how much money he makes per year; or is a very stupid tax fraud. Basically, Trump applied for something called a STAR (short for NY School Tax Relief Program) tax break for his Trump Tower penthouse. OK, fine: problem is, that tax break is supposed to be for couples making less than $500,000 a year. Crain’s included a copy of the tax bill, which indeed shows the STAR rebate ($302); and STAR eligibility is indeed capped for couples making less than $500K year. And if you feel like looking this up for yourself, well, here you go. All in the public record, folks. Ain’t Big Government grand?

        Now, both Crain’s and I know the answer to why this is (and almost
        certainly why Donald Trump’s not releasing his tax returns); it’s
        because Trump’s income is indeed below $500K a year. His net worth, and I’m sure that Donald Trump has an insane amount of it, is almost
        certainly tied up in his companies, business ventures, investments; but
        it’s doubtful that the man has a lot of personal liquidity in his finances. Which is to say, if you think that Donald Trump can dash off a personal check for thirty million dollars, or ten million dollars, or maybe even five hundred thousand; well, he probably can’t. He would instead have to sell off assets – or mortgage them – to get the liquid assets needed to cover that check, which is a perfectly normal business practice, but one that is not particularly compatible with Trump’s public image of Peter Pan meets Richie Rich meets Monster from The Id.


  2. TZToronto April 17, 2017

    It’s curious that Trump will, apparently, listen to Xi when he explains currency manipulation but doesn’t have time to listen to daily security briefings from his own professional security agencies. Could it be that security briefings contain no quid pro quos while talks with Xi do? There is no direct profit to be made from spending time listening to security experts, but spending 10 minutes listening to Xi can result in the approval of dozens of Trump trademarks in Gina, er, China. The man’s self-serving nature is something he cannot seem to hide. That’s why Goldman Sachs is so well represented in his cabinet and among his advisers. Ask not what I can do for my country; ask what Goldman Sachs can do for me.

  3. FireBaron April 17, 2017

    “This includes reviving the War on Drugs to its fullest, most destructive vaience, which means destroying lives of people — disproportionately black and brown people, if history is any guide — for smoking pot.” Hey, as long as the rich, white guys who shove powder up their noses are left alone, it’s ok, right?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker April 17, 2017

      The joke about Trump is that anyone who was clubbing in Manhattan in Trump’s young adult days knows he was a coke nose.

      1. plc97477 April 17, 2017

        It was very apparent at the debates.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker April 17, 2017

          I just find it so odd that those of us who live in the NY/NJ Metro area saw and heard things about Trump the rest of the country never did.

          So many of us were fed up when Ivana and Marla had an 18 month long cat fight over Trump in the media on a nearly daily basis. To prove what a defective ego he has, you would have loved him showing off his Georgia Peach arm candy, Marla Maples, in utter defiance of the fact that he was a married man.

          The other odd thing is that his daughter, Ivanka, was stoically taking her mother’s side in those days. Now, she’s Daddy’s bed partner.

          When you look at it right, the only “saving” grace Trump ever had for any woman was his money.

          1. pisces63 April 17, 2017

            That’s what make this Clevelander so angry. I did!! When he first ran I thought it was a joke of the largest order. I looked at the television and said really? Is this a joke?? I just never thought there were that many idiots(some with voters regret, here in Ohio) would over look his ignorance, amoral action, amoral action +12, assault of a 13 year old. theft, lies, adultery, plus too many to mention. ONE would have kept Obama out. The election is over but I am still waiting for the toppling house doors to open and I find I am actually in OZ!! Down the rabbit hole with Alice?? If Obama had attacked Syria after being told not to by congress, LED by McConnell, he would have initiated impeachment proceedings, his favorite wet dream.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker April 17, 2017

            In a way, I feel kind of sorry for the people in OH who voted for Trump unwittingly. I am sure from this point on, they will never again fall for a line of BS like Trump handed them.

            The odd thing is that Trump rolls BS off his tongue with such ease and finesse, all the while not a single word is fact or truth.

            Because of his bad rep here in NJ, he rarely plays on the Bedminister golf course he owns. He knows there are several unions whose contractors he stiffed who want to do a Jimmy Hoffa on him.

          3. Thoughtopsy April 17, 2017

            The bottom line is this:
            As long as Trump spews the hate of others out loud that his followers “know to be true”… they refuse to understand or see anything bad about him.

            As long as the right wing bubble media says he’s great… then he’s great. Facts don’t matter if they come from the “other side”.


          4. plc97477 April 18, 2017

            Proving that some women are pretty cheap.

    2. itsfun April 17, 2017

      Its a good thing drugs don’t destroy lives of people, but the war on drugs does. Are you saying black and brown people are the largest drug users in our nation?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker April 17, 2017

        I am saying that you would be loading your Pampers if ever you actually knew who at the “top” are making the biggest drug profits from illegal drugs?

        It isn’t the drug dealers on the streets. It’s men like Mitch the Bitch McConnell, Paul “Eddie Munster” Ryan and the rest of the southern and midwestern political crooks.

        They get their campaign dollars from money laundered in Trump casinos by the rich boys who are out for an “evening” of entertainment at the tables.

      2. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 17, 2017

        Reminder: you were too stupid to accept that the FBI was part of the DOJ even when presented with iron-clad evidence. You should try not to have opinions about anything.

      3. pisces63 April 17, 2017

        Not me, not now. They are mired in the 90’s and that’s all they see. IF they had clue, they would NOT work for those halcyon days of prison for black males from the crib on. During one stretch in Cuyahoga county, 6 months, 2016, 110 opioid deaths 98 were white, 1 black. When those numbers hit home, their world view will update rapidly. THIS new drug epidemic is mainly with trump voters and their districts who can’t get a job, drug addicts and wife beaters. Not my black neighborhood. Go to any school. Drug testing will result in low if any in my black schools but 66% and up in white schools such as in Bay Village, the drug capital of Ohio!! Over 95% white and that may be too low.

        1. itsfun April 17, 2017

          I wasn’t inferring any group was immune from or was using drugs. I wouldn’t call any drug epidemic new, but just an additional one. People have been abusing pain pills and such for years, it is finally coming to light with all the deaths its causing. To say the problem is with President Trump supporters is wrong. Its with Hillary, Bernie, Obama, and President Trump supporters. Your neighborhood may not have a problem, but my guess is Detroit and Chicago have a huge problem.

          1. pisces63 April 17, 2017

            Never said the problem is trumps, saying they will go back to 1990’s method of dealing with the problem and considering the majority of this epidemic are whites, per stats all over the place, they will change their tune. As for Detroit and Chicago, get real. Those are crimes mostly, of got you back stupidity, not drugs. As with here, in Ohio, mostly whites there, too. This is a 90%+ white users problem. Every person they interviewed after the election were white, had or knew someone with drug problems, no jobs, etc. It surprised me because no one had spoken of them. We do not normally take opioids. My last time was in 1993 after major surgery, Darvocet. Nothing since. Pain is managed with Excedrin, Advil other over the counters. You need to get Sam Quinones book Dreamland. I just got mine about a city here in Ohio and the opiate addiction and all that led to it.

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 17, 2017

            Always looking elsewhere to deflect attention from Trump. We’re discussing Trump, and not what happened during the Civil War or pre-Revolutionary America.
            The title of the article should have given you a clue as to what the theme is.
            As others have responded to you on your lack of perception and insight on this story, you’re sadly lacking and you’re making no effort to improve your understanding of cultural/social affairs in America.

            Try to maintain focus when posting. Don’t let absent-mindedness dictate your comments.

          3. JPHALL April 17, 2017

            But the drug deaths are occurring in the suburbs and rural areas where there are few Black or Brown people. That is why the Governor of Maine blaming people from New York for his state’s drug problem was so funny to the urban populace.

      4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 17, 2017

        “ts a good thing drugs don’t destroy lives of people, but the war on drugs does…” . That phrase alone shows that you’re delirious from some toxin.

        Not only do all the sane people in the universe disagree with this foolish post of yours, but the post itself hints that you you yourself must be afflicted with some drugs.

        If you’re going to make an effort to post, make an effort first to educate yourself. We’re not talking about addiction itself in the story, but the type of response to the problem. Do some background reading before posting again, please.

        1. plc97477 April 18, 2017

          Looking at the entire picture requires being able to read. Since it was not written in russian that may be a problem for the trolls.

      5. JPHALL April 17, 2017


        1. Eleanore Whitaker April 20, 2017

          slam dunk! Thank you!

  4. Jmz Nesky April 17, 2017

    And of course the article is wrong in that trump is merely after those advocates who favor the minorities.. He’s out to drain those who also care about the working class, be they white or minority. In short, he wants serfs to cater to their elite masters and he’s in the perfect position to accomplish that if we continue to skip our voting responsibilities come 2018..

  5. Eleanore Whitaker April 17, 2017

    Trump for most of his life CHEATS. It’s how he always wins. Men and women who cannot earn their rewards the way the rest of the world does, ALWAYS cheat. It may start out with a test in grade school or cheating to get a college degree. From there on, cheating is their ONLY way of getting anywhere.

    Trump’s belief is that cheating to get you what you want is acceptable. Is it? Is it okay for your kids to cheat on tests? To cheat to get a college degree? To cheat their employers by being slackers who then force others to do their jobs for them? To cheat customers by knowingly ripping them off with price gouging on crap made by even cheaper labor? To make obscene profits by cutting jobs? healthcare access? education?

    Sure it is! So? If it’s good enough for Trump? It’s Good Enough for all of us.

    Just one little problem with that. Can you trust your own family anymore? Your friends? Your fellow employees? Your customers? To Trump trust, honor and integrity always takes a back seat to cheating.

    Guess what? He cheated to “win” an election and now that he’s got a taste of ultimate world power, he is about to cheat our kids out of a future. BOOOOOOM! They are all dead.

    1. stcroixcarp April 17, 2017

      trump does not know the meaning of integrity, and neither do his sick followers.

  6. plc97477 April 17, 2017

    I would say that the most powerful person alive would not be trump but his puppeteer putin. Last I heard putin was still breathing.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker April 17, 2017

      You always know when you begin to admire the intelligence and class of our former enemies like China, that our government is now in the toilet.

      It all comes down to the most fundamental elements of life: good and evil. There are those of us who know the difference and the cheats who don’t.

      So you get posters like Itsy, Godzy, Mikeeeee and the rest of the Trump gaggle of Grifters all trying desperately to get us to reverse everything we learned about the difference between right and wrong.

      In essence, it isn’t about liberals and conservatives. It’s about right and wrong. You can guess which ideology is wrong.

      1. stcroixcarp April 17, 2017

        It is also about sane and insane.

      2. Thoughtopsy April 17, 2017

        On that note I found this article particularly enlightening. It lays out the difference between the stances/beliefs/bubbles in a very clear way, that completely blocks the typical false equivalence argument.
        I found it very useful.

      3. David April 19, 2017

        Eleanore!!!! Yes, I can guess. It’s the mindless, vile, garbage you spew daily.

        1. Thoughtopsy April 19, 2017

          Hey Fake Religious Guy Dumbf**k Dave.
          Missed you.
          Have a blessed day!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker April 20, 2017

            David pretends he’s the Biblical King. The fact is he “says” he is a Texas cowpoke. Strutting, swaggering, drawling all the way to his righteousness on Sunday mornings where he and his cowgirl wife thump a Bible. She, in hopes, he will keep it in his pants for a change, he praying for another round with his hard whiskey swilling bar gals. rofl.

            Pay no attention to his blowhard carpings. He has yet to prove a single thing he posts.

            All he knows is passing judgment he, like Trump, thinks he is entitled to. Now ask him how a teeny little female lawyer managed to take down his hero O’Reilly for decades of sexual harassment David is also guilty of. David figures if he makes it look as if he “got religion,” all those years of goosing cowgirl asses and grabbing their genitals will grant him absolution for his “sins.” roflmao.

          2. David April 20, 2017

            Eleanore!!! I have proven that you are a stupid, lying POS on numerous occasions. I guess you forgot about them.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker April 21, 2017

            David…I so enjoy “outing” you. You are just as much the phony as your Boy Trump. Funny but no one on this thread or others agrees with you and yet the only nuts who don’t agree with me are like you, backward hicks who still y’all all your lives away. Suggestion, when you out of your league, the common sense thing to do is back off.

            Only a guy with saddle sores of the brain continues to tilt at windmills.

          4. David April 21, 2017

            Eleanore!!! Well, at least you have learned that it is ‘saddle’ not ‘saddles’. “…out of your league”? I hardly think pointing out the many examples of your intellectual shortfalls puts me ‘out of my league’. What is ‘out of their league’ is someone with barely a high school education; struggling with an envious hatred toward men; and, who has lost the moral compass that the Catholic nuns tried to instill in her.
            I pity you.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker April 21, 2017

            DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like “dose dere escalmatshun pernts” hick boy?

            You teach me how a guy born mentally defective and belongs in a mental institution manages to pretend he is sane.

            A phony cowboy like you would last one hour up in the Metro area. First, we don’t drag half drunked up asses out of bed at noon like you hicks do. Second, we move so fast your lard ass would be dragging in a half hour.

            Your cowboy hat, chaps, spurs and pretentiouos blowhard mouth would have a fist in it the minute you opened it.

            Now..you are out of your league. I am paid to write for business owners, technical groups and all you have is your Big Oil retirement pissass check to live on welfare boy.

            By the way, your state eats up most of our tax revenues as No. 2 of tax eaters. Go play with your cowgirl wife with the saddle face.

          6. David April 23, 2017

            Eleanore!!!!! You are a pitiful old lady who used the vanity press to write a novel. BFD.
            No wonder your husband divorced you. You have a personality that is vile, hateful, and vicious. If you weren’t a weak, overaged, undersexed woman, you might be dangerous. Go take your meds and don’t forget your personal vibrator.

          7. Thoughtopsy April 23, 2017

            Did you notice he starts every post with your name?
            I think widdle Davey has a crush! :O

          8. David April 20, 2017

            It warms my heart to know that it is so easy to irritate the ignorant! Have a blessed day.

          9. Eleanore Whitaker April 21, 2017

            If irritating others is the only excuse for your existence, let me be the first to tell you…Your irritations are as obsolete as the losers at the Alamo! roflmao.

          10. David April 21, 2017

            Eleanore!!! I am not required to give any “excuse” for my existence. My existence is due solely because of the power of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Ignorant liberal lemmings, such as yourself, don’t irritate me. The losers at the Alamo are “obsolete”? Hmmm, then what, exactly has replaced their honor and courage?

          11. Eleanore Whitaker April 22, 2017

            Don’t pull your Bible Thumper BS with me pallie. I know “why” guys like you “get religion.” I have southern relatives remember? The first grey hair they get and all of their hick illegal behaviors eats at them and they run for the Bible Tents.

            As for father, son and holy ghost, don’t you mean Sam Houston, the Father, Tom DeLay and Ricky Pricky Pretty Boy Perry, Sons of the Alamo and as for that ghost, I’d be careful of spreading that one around…most of us don’t believe in ghosts. Course now, a guy so overloaded with guilt for his past sins like you would become quite “haunted.”

          12. David April 23, 2017

            Eleanore!!! The only “southern relatives” you have reside in the simian section of the South Bronx Zoo. Too bad you have chosen to ignore what you were taught about Christianity in high school. But, then again, Demorats like you boo when the name of God is mentioned at their national convention.

          13. Eleanore Whitaker April 24, 2017

            Wrong again oilshit. My nephew lived for 12 years in Dallas because he was a programmer with Cisco Systems. EAt your heart out. He hated your state and couldn’t wait to leave. He said and I quote, “These people in this state are about as ignorant as it gets. When they don’t drawl and swagger, they are soused to the gills.”

            Then, I have a sister-in-law, originally from West Virginia but who now lives with her adult children in Goldsboro, Fayetteville and near NC’s state forest.

            I also have a niece who lives in DE and a niece who lives in MD. ooooooh what’s wrong pigshit? Then, I have whole tribes of in-laws who live in the Florida Panhandle….namely Sopchoppy, Telogia and Carrabelle.

            Mmmmmm pisses you off don’t it when you are blowhard phony ass spurs, chaps and saddle sores on your ass TEXASS hick.

          14. Thoughtopsy April 23, 2017

            I didn’t realise I’d irritated you, Fake-Religious-Dumbf**k-Dave?
            I can add one to my Douchebag Irritation counter.

          15. David April 23, 2017

            Of course, you are the ignorant. You don’t irritate me. On the contrary, I find cretins like you amusing. By the way, little weasel, you are the douchebag – but, then again, you already knew that, didn’t you?

        2. Eleanore Whitaker April 20, 2017

          Awwww….What’s the matter Texas Cowboy BS pro? Your state losing its power to drill baby drill in our backyards? All you have now is Putin and his need for your oil to bulk up Russian oil profits.

          You know? There are medicines for those saddles sores on your lard ass.

          1. David April 20, 2017

            Eleanore!!! First, it is “saddle” not “saddles”. Second, how does it feel to have a real man as POTUS?

          2. Eleanore Whitaker April 20, 2017

            First it IS Saddles…With that lard ass of yours? You can’t fit into a single “saddle.” Second…Why do you even bother? No one agrees with you on this or any thread.

            And to rub salt in your saddle sores, how did you like that a tiny little female lawyer got your boy O’Reilly kicked out of TV land entirely?

            What real man? The pussygrabber? How about you hand over your wife to him? Bet you won’t you coward TexASS BSer.

            But I am sure drool hangs out of your mouth over Pussyboy’s porn model wife’s nude photos right? That why you have to run, not swagger to the Bible Thumper tent?

          3. David April 20, 2017

            Eleanore!!! I couldn’t care less about OReilly. TV personalities are nothing more than paid performers.
            What does Trump being a real man have to do with asking if I would “hand over my wife to him”? More of your nonsense again?
            Trump’s wife’s ass would make you a Sunday face!
            Isn’t great to have a Republican majority in the House; a Republican majority in the Senate; and, a Republican President?

          4. Eleanore Whitaker April 21, 2017

            You care about O’Reilly only because he was taken down by a petite FEMALE lawyer. You care only because like Trump, you have the same MO…sexually harassing women and thinking all women are scared silly of you enough to let you get away with it.

            As for your comment about Trump’s wife’s ass. Have you checked it out recently? It’s wider than yours. She’s going perimenopausal and like your wife, is no longer interesting to any man once the old bazoo gets too wide, the boobs sag and the wrinkles begin to make YOU, not her look like Rip Van Winkle. Tsk Tsk…David just doesn’t know when to shut his mouth.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker April 17, 2017

    One thing I find most amusing? All of the righties who troll on a daily basis expounding on the righteousness of things they know are wrong, end up where when Trump goads Kim Jung Un into a nuclear war? Will these righties then be happy? Since they never do seem to be able to have a moment’s peace or happiness, we have to assume when their faces and bodies are melting from radiation, they’ll have the chance to dance a jig over their supremacy?

    1. stcroixcarp April 17, 2017

      The righties will just think they have been raptured.

    2. Thoughtopsy April 17, 2017

      That’s also what amuses me about the teenaged 4-Chan-based alt-right spawn Trolls who see Trump as “King Troll” and helped him in to office for the LOLs.

      These d1ckheads are as ignorant as Trump when it comes to the result for them personally if Trump succeeds in flipping the US to an authoritarian state.
      – No more free internet.
      – No more anonymous trolling.
      – All your clever troll friends in jail or blackmailed into catching others for the state.
      – No more LOLs.

      I almost want it to happen just to watch the horrified dawning of comprehension and whining on the boards… before the boards are gone for good.


  8. latebloomingrandma April 17, 2017

    With Saddam Hussein and Khudaffi gone, we have Trump and the Korean cabbage patch boy as the two insane leaders of the world. It is so comforting how they are poking each other with nuke threats and bluster. (Putin is just evil, rather than insane.).I am not laughing at the Texans that have installed bunkers on their properties. The moment I realized we had a “President Trump”, without thinking, uttered “Father forgive them, know know what they do.”

  9. Unified Me April 17, 2017

    You have too many typos in this short article. You lost me after the third error. Please get an editor.


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