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White House, Govt Agencies To Talk On Plans In Case Of Shutdown

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White House, Govt Agencies To Talk On Plans In Case Of Shutdown


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The White House budget office was slated to hold a call with U.S. government agencies on Friday to plan for a government shutdown in case the U.S. Congress fails to pass a short-term funding bill by a deadline next week.

“It is our hope that this work will ultimately be unnecessary and that there will be no lapse in appropriations,” a spokeswoman for the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) said in a statement.

The federal fiscal year ends on Sept. 30 and Congress must pass a spending measure by then to keep the government open.

In recent years, lawmakers have seldom agreed on a full federal budget and instead have relied on stop-gap measures.

On Thursday, Republicans produced a bill which Democrats immediately rejected.

The OMB said there was enough time for Congress to pass a short-term funding bill, but “prudent management requires that the government plan for the possibility of a lapse.”

Republicans and Democrats annually fight about spending bills but normally reach a deal to avert a shutdown, particularly during election years. In 2013, the two sides failed to agree, and the government stopped operations for 16 days.

(Reporting by Roberta Rampton; Editing by Bernadette Baum)

Photo: An empty speaker’s lectern is seen in the rain outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington, October 10, 2013.   REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst



  1. Wayneo September 23, 2016

    I think they will kick the can down the road as nether side want to be blamed for a shutdown in an election year. I could be wrong.

    1. FireBaron September 26, 2016

      Paul Ryan realizes a shutdown in an election year could spell the final demise of the Republican party. Once all those folks who depend on their government checks stop getting them because the Republicans they elected wouldn’t vote to pay the bills, they may just swallow their pride and vote for a party that actually has their best interests at heart.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 23, 2016

    Aside from the idiotic pledge to support any bozo that comes along with a goofy look on his/her face, the Right Wing has a built-in clause to occasionally threaten to shut down the government and put thousands of workers on edge, if the mood strikes Conservatives.

    As long as their paychecks are guaranteed, why should Congress worry about others with the Gospel of “I’m Alright, Jack” as their inspiration?

    That’s Adam Smith’s Monetary Theory in action, with 21st century Conservative flavor.

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  3. Lynda Groom September 24, 2016

    Come on boys and girls, approving and passing a budget is all you really have to accomplish this year. Why you can’t is disgusting partisan agenda driven drivel.

    1. kathleen.stella September 25, 2016

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    2. FireBaron September 26, 2016

      Why, Lynda, don’t you know that there may be funding that someone in the GOP may be opposed to because he doesn’t believe the government should provide health care, tax relief, pay debtors, or any of those other inconveniences that the GOP does not like to own up to? Like dealing with thousands of veterans who did not have the decency to die in battle instead of coming home crippled and/or with mental issues?


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