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White House Will Appeal Seattle Judge’s Order Blocking Immigration Ban

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White House Will Appeal Seattle Judge’s Order Blocking Immigration Ban


SEATTLE/BOSTON (Reuters) – A federal judge on Friday put a nationwide block on President Donald Trump’s week-old executive order temporarily barring refugees and nationals from seven countries from entering the United States.

The Seattle judge’s temporary restraining order represents a major setback for Trump’s ban, although his administration could still have the policy put back into effect with an appeal.

The White House said late on Friday it believed the ban to be “lawful and appropriate” and said the U.S. Department of Justice would file an emergency motion to stop the judge’s order taking effect.

Judge James Robart, a George W. Bush appointee, made his ruling effective immediately on Friday, suggesting that travel restrictions could be lifted straight away.

Shortly after the ruling, U.S. Customs and Border Protection told airlines to board travelers affected by the ban. The U.S. State Department is working with the Department of Homeland Security to work out how Friday’s ruling affects its operations, a spokesman told Reuters, and will announce any changes affecting travelers as soon as information is available.

Robart’s ruling followed an earlier decision by a federal judge in Boston declining to extend a temporary restraining order allowing some immigrants into the United States from countries affected by Trump’s three-month ban.

The Seattle judge’s ruling takes effect because it considered the broad constitutionality of Trump’s order. Robart also explicitly made his ruling apply across the country, while other judges facing similar cases have so far issued orders concerning only specific individuals.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee celebrated the decision as a victory for the state, adding: “no person – not even the president – is above the law.”

The state’s attorney general, Bob Ferguson, said: “This decision shuts down the executive order right now.” He said he expected the federal government to honor the ruling.

The challenge in Seattle court was brought by the state of Washington and later joined by the state of Minnesota. The judge ruled that the states have legal standing to sue, which could help Democratic attorneys general take on Trump in court on issues beyond immigration.

Washington’s case was based on claims that the state had suffered harm from the travel ban, for example students and faculty at state-funded universities being stranded overseas.

Trump’s Jan. 27 order caused chaos at airports across the United States last week as some citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen were denied entry.

Judge Robart probed a Justice Department lawyer on the “litany of harms” suffered by Washington state’s universities, and also questioned the administration’s use of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the United States as a justification for the ban.

Robart said no attacks had been carried out on U.S. soil by individuals from the seven countries affected by the travel ban since that assault. For Trump’s order to be constitutional, Robart said, it had to be “based in fact, as opposed to fiction.”

The judge’s decision was welcomed by groups protesting the ban.

“This order demonstrates that federal judges throughout the country are seeing the serious constitutional problems with this order,” said Nicholas Espiritu, a staff attorney at the National Immigration Law Center.

Eric Ferrero, Amnesty International USA spokesman, lauded the short-term relief provided by the order but added: “Congress must step in and block this unlawful ban for good.”


The decision came on a day that attorneys from four states were in courts challenging Trump’s executive order. The Trump administration justified the action on national security grounds, but opponents labeled it an unconstitutional order targeting people based on religious beliefs.

In Boston, U.S. District Judge Nathan Gorton expressed skepticism during oral arguments about a civil rights group’s claim that Trump’s order represented religious discrimination, before declining to extend the restraining order.

The State Department said on Friday that fewer than 60,000 visas previously issued to citizens of the seven affected countries had been invalidated as a result of the order. That disclosure followed media reports that government lawyers were citing a figure of 100,000.

U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema in Alexandria, Virginia ordered the federal government to give the state a list by Thursday of “all persons who have been denied entry to or removed from the United States.”

The state of Hawaii on Friday also filed a lawsuit alleging that the order is unconstitutional and asking the court to block the order across the country.

Trump’s directive also temporarily stopped the entry of all refugees into the country and indefinitely halted the settlement of Syrian refugees.

(Additional reporting by Mica Rosenberg in New York, Brian Snyder in Boston and Lawrence Hurley, Lesley Wroughton and Susan Heavey in Washington; Writing by Jonathan Weber and Kristina Cooke; Editing by Jonathan Oatis and Bill Rigby)

IMAGE: People participate in prayers during an interfaith demonstration outside Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York,, February 3, 2017. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton



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        1. Thoughtopsy February 8, 2017

          He can’t use words because something belonging to Trump is in his mouth.

          I’ll leave exactly what that is to the discretion of the reader.
          I do imagine terrified tears leaking out of Dumbzilla’s eyes as he scrabbles for more memes to satisfy his master, though…

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  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 4, 2017

    Trump’s choleric and irrational behavior is getting tested and this can only be bad news for his nervous and digestive systems. Each affront to his imperious style of behavior is taken as a personal assault on his overgrown ego, causing his brain to overproduce and circulate harmful toxins through an already damaged physiology from decades of similar ill-mannered behavior.
    He may be able to withstand this onslaught within for another few years, but the damage already done and being done to his psyche may by now be beyond repair—at least by conventional psychotherapy.

    So, the more Donald allows himself to be childish,and get emotional and irrational over every slight that challenges his narcissism, the more damage his physical and “spiritual” systems have to absorb, leading to some tragedy down the road in this life and/or the next.
    (Theoretically, If someone had some vindictive nature, they would devise a specific strategy to always arrange for a set of situations to be triggered to agitate a narcissist that would eventually drive such an ego-maniac to the point of utter madness and a total break-down).

    1. dbtheonly February 4, 2017

      You see where Trump is now referring to him as the “so-called”Judge?

      Too bad the Code of Judicial Conduct forbids referring to the “so-called” President.

  3. Thoughtopsy February 5, 2017

    It does nothing to make us safer.
    It does plenty to make us less safe.
    It bans people from countries where no attacks have originated.
    It does not ban people from countries that Trump has businesses in, despite actual terrorists coming from them.
    It clearly demonstrates Trump does not understand the Syrian Refugee program… or politics… or statistics.

    Oh… and it’s not Constitutional.

    Could anyone have created a worse raging Dumpster fire of an Order?
    Where are those fine moralistic Republicans who endlessly scream about the importance of obeying the Constitution right now?

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  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 5, 2017

    Emperor Trump has been rebuffed and all the kings men and horses are scurrying about to rub the tarnish off of his lordship.

    God does work in mysterious ways. Consider the following: Trump manages to carry on in a haughty imperious manner for most of his unimpressive sordid life; he is challenged with having a lot of money gifted to him via his dad—who in turn was the product of a grandfather who illegally entered the country while escaping Germany to avoid charges for refusing to fulfill military obligations; little Donald grows up and uses an excuse of bone spurs in his heel to avoid military service in the USA, and merrily continues to add significantly to his bank account and becoming firmly established among elite billionaires; he decides to feed his ever-growing ego and narcissism by being a tawdry TV personality—“a star” as he describes himself; he later is given another choice to do the wrong or right thing by deciding wrongly again to further build up his ego by running for President(after all it surely would enhance his sordid resume of life).

    And now, Trump, after showing an egregious lack of understanding how democracy works by choosing to keep himself ignorant of such a “trivial” concern, decides to reprise the role of a Roman Emperor. Emperor Honorius of the Roman Empire was the emperor during the collapse of said empire in the face of Goths and Visigoths and various Germanic tribes of Modern Humans from the northern forests of central Europe, eventually sacking Rome itself.

    And now, a scion of that branch of the Modern Human family that migrated out of Africa into central Europe is now the President, carrying on like “Haggar the Barbarian” of comic strip fame, in the same swaggering haughty manner as the early Roman Emperors. Emperor Trump quite likely will suffer the same fate as Emperor Honorius.

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