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White Men Are The Real ‘Special Snowflakes’

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White Men Are The Real ‘Special Snowflakes’

White men, special snowflakes

The white nationalists I sometimes encounter on Twitter have an expression for militant liberals like me who care about the greater good, the suffering of the vulnerable, and the liberties guaranteed to everyone by the Bill of Rights.

It’s: “Special snowflake.”

It’s supposed to be a put-down, like I’m too delicate to handle being told “the truth” about “how things really are” by men (usually men) who “aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.” If I object to his slur-filled bile-spewing, then I’m too fragile.

Like a snowflake.

I don’t make a habit of engaging with white nationalists. It comes with being a newspaper columnist. The bigotry isn’t always obvious. After I wrote about Samuel Jared Taylor, a Yale alum who’s now among the most influential white nationalists, a concerned reader wrote to ask: “Don’t you care about your own people? What is happening to us?”

By “your people,” he meant white people.

And yes, I am.

I’m concerned that the real special snowflakes are not racial minorities, Jews, Muslims, women, or LGBTQ people. These are among the toughest people I have met, people who have endured all manner of stigma that by accident of birth I have not endured. Indeed, by the same accident, I merely have to be mediocre to be great. Meanwhile, my female and non-WASP counterparts must be great to be mediocre.

But these people are tough. It’s white men I worry about.

We are special snowflakes.

Westport is sponsoring an essay contest on the topic of white privilege. Its diversity council is encouraging schoolchildren to look inward and consider the sociopolitical advantages of being white. Westport is overwhelmingly white as well as affluent. It’s worth noting the topic was not racism.

To the surprise of organizers, white privilege turned out to be touchy-touchy. The touchiest were white men. News of the contest sparked outrage on social media. Westport resident Bari Reiner, 72, told the AP that he was “offended” by the question of white privilege. “It’s an open town,” he said. “There are no barricades here. Nobody says if you’re black or whatever, you can’t move here.”

That’s true, but why “offended”?

Asking Westport schoolchildren to consider white privilege is like asking the sons and daughters of billionaires to consider the wealth and power they were born into. Yes, white privilege is not necessarily material privilege. But socially and politically speaking, being white is a huge advantage. All white men are born on third base. But most of us think we hit a triple.

When reminded of this, however, our feelings are hurt. You have to understand: We’re sensitive. We’re special.

Like a snowflake.

Westport has not cornered the market in sensitivity. Plenty of white men, and plenty of white men who voted for President Donald Trump, exhibit similar sensitivities.

After Trump ordered a ban on immigrants from seven Muslim countries, National Public Radio went to upstate New York, where I grew up and where most of my family still lives. A reporter found a guy rejoicing over the Muslim ban. Why?

“I feel that if a Muslim woman wants to move into this country, she needs to leave her towel home,” he said, according to the NPR report.. “Because the reason this country is here and safe today is because of Jesus Christ. We were one nation under God.”

If a man claiming to be Christian was confident in his faith, and was confident in the Constitution’s protection of his free exercise, there wouldn’t be much need to worry about Muslims, no matter how many hijabs they wear.

Living in a diverse society is hard work, and reconciling differences demands courage. One way to begin is by sponsoring an essay writing contest. Topic: How to help white man understand what’s going on.

We may be like snowflakes.

But we don’t have to be.

John Stoehr is a lecturer in political science at Yale and a New Haven resident.

IMAGE: U.S. President Donald Trump is greeted by Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R) as he arrives to speak at a congressional Republican retreat in Philadelphia, U.S. January 26, 2017.  REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst



  1. I of John February 3, 2017

    Interesting angle on this.

  2. Godzilla February 3, 2017

    This article has been nominated for Stupid nonsense of the year award. Things are looking up Snowflakes, it might be one vote the Liberal Marxist Left will dominate.


    1. FireBaron February 3, 2017

      Aww, our own Special Snowflake has posted the same stamp he usually does. Continually showing his being a clueless wonder and is afraid to actually discuss things.

    2. I Am Helpy February 3, 2017

      OK traitor.

      1. Dan S February 3, 2017

        I can’t see Godzillas obnoxious comment but as usual he’s probably thumping his chest bragging how big his hands are. I blocked him because he’s boring and rude and I suspect he’s got a limp noodle too ????
        And to think people like this call us snowflakes ????

          1. I Am Helpy February 3, 2017

            OK traitor.

    3. itsfun February 3, 2017


      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 3, 2017

        “DITTO”? That’s your way of saying “I can’t say anything of use to add to the conversation, or any other conversation.

        1. Mama Bear February 3, 2017

          he is exactly what Trumpie meant when he said “I love the poorly educated”

    4. johninPCFL February 3, 2017

      BTW, you can’t do a facepalm. Your arms are too short and your hands are to small.

    5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 3, 2017

      Thanks for always showing us how devastating the disease of racism can be.

    6. iamproteus February 3, 2017

      Thanks for providing the perfectly appropriate response to your perfectly asinine post.

  3. Mama Bear February 3, 2017

    WOW! This is surprising to read…a white male had the guts to tell the truth. My son is gay and my heart has been broken so many times watching how hard it is for him to, as he says, “just be left alone”. As a female retired from an male dominated environment I humbly say I was far more skilled, knowledgeable, discerning and capable than any white male I ever worked for, worked with, or who worked for me….and that was especially the case in the 70’s when I started out.

    1. itsfun February 3, 2017

      WOW you humbly say you are the greatest and smartest woman in the world.

      1. ray February 3, 2017

        She’s smarter than you.Godzilla and you are little men living in your basements afraid to come out in to the sunlight.

        1. itsfun February 3, 2017

          What would know about being a man?

          1. ray February 3, 2017

            I hit a nerve didn’t I little guy?

          2. itsfun February 3, 2017

            nope; just been my experience that big mouths are nothing more than losers in life.

          3. ray February 3, 2017

            You seem to have a pretty big mouth yourself.

          4. itsfun February 3, 2017

            I’m not a loser though.

          5. ray February 3, 2017

            Oh I think you are.

          6. leadvillexp February 3, 2017

            I find your name calling with Ray stupid. As for Mama Bear she has every right to feel that way. I voted for President Trump and President Obama and try to choose the best. I am a liberal / conservative and gay people , women and all others have the same rights as you. I am a white, 65 year old, NRA member, Republican and will stand for what is right. I will throw the illegals out and let in properly vetted immigrants. I am a nationalist but not alt-right. We have to take care of our own first before we take care of the rest of the world and that includes Gays, Muslims, people of all colors and all United States Americans. The name calling has to stop and we all need to get on the band wagon to “Make America Great Again” Join or be a loser.

          7. I Am Helpy February 3, 2017

            Didn’t you fall for an incredibly obvious racist hoax? Oh, right, you did. Pretty much the definition of loser right there, loser.

          8. I Am Helpy February 3, 2017

            Haha wow look out guys, the racist weenie is getting maaaad!

          1. ray February 3, 2017

            Big talk from a lizard.

          2. Charles van Rotterdam February 3, 2017

            Looking in the mirror are you?

          3. JPHALL February 3, 2017

            Again you prove your ignorance. You chose a posting that misused your. It should say You’re.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 3, 2017

        Well, we know you can’t hold a candle to her in the department of intelligence, not to mention your lack of respect and humanity. Are you human or just some bipedal mass of protoplasm??

      3. JPHALL February 3, 2017

        As usual BS. She did not say she was the greatest and smartest. She said she was “far more skilled, knowledgeable, discerning and capable than any white
        male I ever worked for, worked with, or who worked for me….”.

  4. angel fruit February 3, 2017

    dear white man …….my heart bleeds for you ooooohhhhh????

    1. leadvillexp February 3, 2017

      I am a white man and will fight for your rights no mater your color or religion and I don’t care if you like me. All peoples rights are important! When one loses his rights all lose. Don’t hold me accountable for my forefathers beliefs. They are dead and history! Your liberal culture and victim culture will be your downfall.

      1. angel fruit February 6, 2017

        Dear leadvileexp, u r accountable as we all are for the troubles we are incounting in this American land right now. It always comes back to bite you in the rear. You want to sow good seeds; then plant good seeds, so again my heart bleeds for you and all of us.????

  5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 3, 2017

    It’s now time to breakdown for some initial analysis this childish antic which a plethora of so-called men now engage in—namely, the infantile practice of using epithets and useless and demented phrases.

    A brief list of the infantile vocabulary and phrases of these tiny men are the following”

    a) “Cuck”; b) “Gay”; c) “Libtard”; d) “Racist”—a particularly absurd misuse; d) “Snowflake”; e) “Towel Head”; f) “Your people”; g) “Our kind” h) “America First” ; i) “America Only”.

    The first 6 are favorites of the more troglodyte elements of American society when such “men”(?) feel the primitive urge to revert to junior high school level. As for the others in this partial list, we see the psychological urge to want to erect and maintain barriers between said “men” and the rest of humanity, as well as display a fear of having to emerge from the “womb” of insularity in the face of having to become adult-like and mature as required of us in this “The Age of Maturity”, as Baha’u’llah refers to the stage humanity in the aggregate has arrived at.
    Obviously, a huge segment of humanity still would rather remain in a stage of societal adolescence—and unfortunately, the vast majority of my “cousins” are, what they prefer to known as”, “white conservative males”.

    What a strange aberrant phenomenon we have affecting America.

    1. iamproteus February 3, 2017

      “Do we really need to hold on to such quaint, antiquated, yet harmful designations with their far-reaching long-lasting consequences??”

      Hey, when it’s all you have, what else can you do?

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 3, 2017

        Godzilla, you’re just an eviscerated and wasted man using up oxygen. Nothing worthwhile have you to contribute to humanity—and belching, farting, eating and drinking, and posting garbage visuals don’t count as contributions. In case no one told you.
        By the way—“Conservative think Tank: is an oxymoron, and that’s why you have to refer to “liberals” as comprising a “think tank”.
        Actually, you once were capable of thinking, but the disease of “conservative” politics has erased that functionality.

        1. Gary John February 4, 2017

          White libs pretend diversity is a strength and race is just skin color difference in order to seize the moral high ground and avoid being called a racist.

          1. Unreal February 22, 2017

            Oh please do educate us on all the science behind white supremacy.

            We’re waiting.

          2. Gary John February 23, 2017

            Like most bigoted communist sympathizers, you’re confusing supremacy with separatism. Read, hatefilled bigot, and learn: http://www.tribalbynature.com then apologize to me.

          3. Thoughtopsy March 11, 2017

            But what if I don’t want to read your hate-filled, scientifically ignorant, KKK website?

            Do I still have to apologize?
            Or can I just laugh at your amazing ignorance of history, and white supremacist small pen1s compensation?

            Questions (Which you can’t answer due to your intellectual disability):
            Who invented the first written numerals? What country were they in and what skin color were they?
            Who invented writing? What country were they in and what skin color were they?
            Who invented Democracy? What range of skin colors did they have? Did they notice skin color at all?

            Bonus Question:
            Are you a willfully ignorant moron who can’t manage a bare minimum of 5 minutes of Google searching to realise they are wrong?
            (Hint: Yes)

          4. Gary John March 28, 2017

            What evidence do whites have that the US will be safer and more united if or when whites become a US minority? None.

            What evidence do you have that races are interchangeable? None.

          5. kep May 6, 2017

            You liberals seem incapable of doing any research of your own. If it isn’t on your liberal propaganda sites, it isn’t true. Problem is that all those sites just feed you more and more lies and deceit.

          6. kep May 6, 2017

            These liberal commies Always uses race to further their agenda. If you disagree with them, you must be a racist.

          7. Gary John March 28, 2017

            Do your own research.

          8. Thoughtopsy March 11, 2017

            F**kwit says what?

      2. I Am Helpy February 3, 2017

        OK sorry you couldn’t post anything of your own.

    2. leadvillexp February 3, 2017

      I had to read you twice to fully understand and you are different and correct. I consider myself a liberal / conservative and voted for both Obama and Trump. I try to do what I think is best for our country. We may not always agree but we still need to try to work together and name calling never helps. I believe in women’s right to choose, owning any firearm you want and gay marriage. I am not a banner. I also believe illegals should be deported. What is it about illegal we don’t understand? Yes mine were immigrants and came through Ellis Island. That was vetting. They don’t have it nearly that bad today. The point is let President Trump start enforcing the laws of our land and Constitution.

      1. kep May 6, 2017

        Well said.

  6. Gary John February 4, 2017

    What about Jewish privilege?

    Non whites are privileged to live in white majority countries because whites build the more desirable societies.


    1. Thoughtopsy March 11, 2017

      Oooh look a new Troll to play with!

      Yeah I loved how America built a desirable society by enslaving tens of thousands of people, bringing them over on ships, and forcing them to labor for nothing while killing, raping and torturing them… Then fighting a civil war to maintain their “desirable society”… then fighting every step of the way to suppress, criminalize, punish, tax, demean, and marginalize the descendants of those same people.
      Those slaves should have said “Thank you” more for the privilege of living in that desirable society.

      You know… It’s amazing that black people just don’t come right up to whites on the street and give them money and thank them profusely for this opportunity…


      1. Gary John April 9, 2017

        Jews owned most of the slave ships.

        Blacks sold their own into slavery.

        Only 2% of Whites owned slaves, but 50% of Jews in the US owned slaves.

        What stopping Blacks in Africa building their own 1st world nations? IQ.

        Try harder. And learn more.

  7. Ed February 4, 2017

    It must be true that “White Men Are The Real ‘Special Snowflakes’”. Just look at the development of the non-white men areas of the planet.

  8. Moderate Democrat February 5, 2017

    You know, the left wing might actually have a leg to stand on with this if they weren’t such a bunch of rank hypocrites. I’ve been kicked off of, and had my posts deleted from, just about every mainstream left wing blog there is for doing nothing more than pointing out the realities and hypocrisies of the current pseudo-liberal establishment. Dont accuse others of being special snowflakes when you can’t handle criticism yourself. Don’t accuse others of being special snowflakes if you try to label anyone who disagrees with you a fascist or a Nazi, which is totally common now.

    And this is the big one: Don’t tell people that they dont have a right to free speech because you consider that speech to be hate speech. This isn’t Europe, and there’s a reason why even actual Nazis here have a right to say whatever they want to say. As do satanists, anarchists, etc…

    Who the hell do you people think you are now? And don’t talk to me like you don’t look down on the white working class. They just got tired of listening to a bunch of people who’ve never picked up anything heavier than a laptop lecture them about “white privilege” while their livelihoods are being outsourced.

    How did the left become so delusional and myopic?

    1. Thoughtopsy March 9, 2017

      Lesson for the Moron:
      Hate speech is illegal. Even in the USA.

      Second Lesson for Moron:
      Your First Amendment right protects you from GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP of your speech. It says nothing about me telling you that you’re an assh0le.
      If people want to tell you to shut the f**k up there’s no law against it.
      If platforms want to ban you for your stupidity… they also have a right to do so.
      If I want to call you a Nazi or a fascist I can.
      ….If you’re too sensitive to take it, that’s not my problem. Snowflake.
      You whine more than a GOP Troll.

      To answer your other butt-hurt points…
      I look down on anyone who is:
      – Too f**king dim to take a 30 second look at Trump and KNOW that he is a lying conman, only in politics to massage his enormously fragile ego and make as much money as possible.
      – Too f**king stupid or lazy to understand the workings of government and what the Republican party actually DO when in power, rather than just blaming the black guy in the white house for everything.
      – Too f**king stupid or closed minded to understand why immigration is extremely beneficial to a country if managed correctly.
      – Too f**king stupid to realize that their cowardly positions on race, immigrants, politics and gender are not scientific, accurate, moral, ethical, LEGAL or remotely intelligent. IT’S 2017 PEOPLE! Try hard not to take us back to the 1920s.
      – Too f**king stupid to realize that treating Abortion as a religious football, and refusing to allow the mother her personal choice is a rank example of legislation favoring your personal religion over others’ beliefs and thereby Unconstitutional, it’s also a violation of the Mother’s HUMAN RIGHTS.
      – So divorced from logic, critical thought and facts that they deeply believe that education is “bad”, smart people are “elitists”, and that their own opinions or feelings are more important than facts.
      – So intellectually lazy and willfully ignorant that they can believe Fox News, Breitbart and Trump…. despite them contradicting THEIR OWN WORDS REPEATEDLY.

      This description above covers about 50% of the people, predominantly middle class, white, christian people who voted for Trump.
      They are stupid and lazy enough that they place the entire country at a reasonable risk of self-destruction through voting for a clearly unhinged traitorous narcissist who is obviously trying to create a populist autocracy he can make billions of dollars from.

      Screw these people. You can’t argue with crazy. Watch people try to talk to the dyed-in-the-wool Trumptards and fail. They accept nothing except the words of their fake orange god… even when he contradicts himself.

      I don’t want to hear from them.
      I don’t want to talk with them.
      I don’t want to listen to their bigotry, racism and lies.
      I don’t want them here either, where generally (barring the trolls) the conversation is polite, reasoned, and informative.

      So if you’re just here to play the victim card for the poor white people who weren’t listened to, and didn’t have their hand held enough, then by all means ban yourself from here… because, if I had the power, I sure as hell would ban you. Right now.

      1. Moderate Democrat March 13, 2017

        Wow, you’re the walking definition of a leftist trope. Good job.

        1. Thoughtopsy March 13, 2017

          If that’s what you choose to believe, guy-who-criticizes-Liberals-for-criticizing-him-too-much.

          I’m sorry my bad words pointing out your idiocy were poorly understood. Perhaps you should explain again why you’re right and everyone else is wrong, but just won’t listen to you for some reason.

          I’m sure that will work.

    2. kep May 6, 2017

      So true. I’m a firm believer of the Constitution, but maybe Americans should ammend it to make Liberals illegal, or at least put them on the domestic terrorist list.

  9. Thoughtopsy March 9, 2017

    LOL So True.


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