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Why The GOP Expects To Get Away With Uninsuring Millions (And How To Stop Them)

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Why The GOP Expects To Get Away With Uninsuring Millions (And How To Stop Them)


If you actually believe that Paul Ryan cares about balancing the budget and lifting people out of poverty, you’re probably ignoring the fact that he’s about to do the exact opposite of both.

A full repeal of Obamacare would blast a $353 billion hole in the deficit, while kicking millions of Americans near the poverty line off their insurance, with plans to uninsure millions more by “block granting” Medicaid. (Which is just another way to cut coverage for more poor people, including senior citizens in nursing homes and families of the disabled, who benefit from 60 percent of current spending on the program.) And then there is Ryan’s plan to “modernize” Medicare, mainly a scheme to privatize the program and pass the costs on to seniors, many of them already struggling financially.

Leaving people to get sick and die is just another way Republicans remind us that we’re a Christian nation. And they’ve got to cut like this if they intend to give the richest, who have never been richer, trillions of dollars in additional tax breaks. Which they certainly do.

But Paul Ryan’s wettest dreams start with his number one priority, along with defunding Planned Parenthood: Obamacare repeal.

How about a plan to replace it? That can wait. Then why the rush to repeal? And why put off a replacement like you’re a scamming teenager, trying to work out a payment plan with a grandparent you expect to die?

It’s because none of this has to make sense.

The Huffington Post‘s Jonathan Cohn flagged this quote from Ryan last week to highlight the cognitive dissonance behind the “Repeal and Delay” strategy:

“We want to make sure there is an orderly transition so that the rug is not pulled out from under the families who are currently struggling under Obamacare while we bring relief,” the House Speaker said in a press conference last Wednesday.

Cohn points out “With one breath, he’s saying that the people who have Obamacare insurance are ‘struggling.’ With another, he’s saying that taking away their coverage would be like pulling a rug from under them.”

If Obamacare were so terrible, it would be easy to replace and you’d do so immediately.

“Repeal and Delay” only makes sense if your priority is to give millionaires tax breaks and you’re sure you can uninsure millions — up to 30 million Americans — without exposing the costs of repeal. Then you give yourself plenty of time to figure out how to get voters to blame Democrats for the mess.

Why would you believe that you can pull off shifting the blame for uninsuring millions on the party who insured 20 million?

Simple: Republicans have already gotten away with denying millions of Americans the Medicaid expansion in Obamacare, essentially premium-free coverage, in states they control, including Texas, Florida and Georgia, all with the highest uninsured rates. Yet Donald Trump won all three states and all three states still have Republican governors. Actually taking away insurance is a bigger challenge — ask the Republican governors of Kentucky and Arkansas who haven’t rolled back Medicaid expansion, completely. But the GOP has a formula it knows works.

Obamacare is a modern miracle that has expanded coverage to record levels, cut the federal deficit and expanded the life of Medicare, while adding benefits and protections for every insured American. Yet the GOP has managed to make it an entirely polarized issue, with voters who rely on the law voting against Democrats out of spite.

Opponents of the law spent half a billion dollars or so savaging it, while Democrats spent a fraction of that amount defending it as they fled the complications of “owning” the health care system. Republicans think they can escape the political consequences of repeal in 2018 pretty easily, even if the health care marketplaces begin to fall apart — which seems probable — because they know how fragmented voters have become. Thanks to Fox News and Facebook, their supporters will mostly get good news about repeal. And Democrats will likely fail to match the GOP’s assault on the law because Democratic policies that benefit a wide swath of the American public just don’t have the same appeal to billionaire donors who now anticipate billions in tax breaks by betting on red.

But “Repeal and Delay” is so inherently nonsensical that several Republican Senators have already expressed doubts about it. All we need is three GOP Senators to say no and it’s dead. Is that likely? Are there three Republicans who will vote against giving their donors tax breaks? Not so likely, but definitely possible.

How do you do it?

Exposing the almost unimaginable hypocrisy behind what the GOP is doing probably won’t accomplish anything except to give you an ulcer, as right-wing media and donors prepare an onslaught to blame Democrats for ever trying to pass nearly universal coverage and end discrimination against the sick.

Forcing the GOP to pass a replacement as they pass repeal is the only hope of exposing the massive damage they’re about to do. No delay can be acceptable, given that we know they’ve had seven years to come up with a replacement — and the best they’ve got is Paul Ryan cheerfully reading The Fountainhead to uninsured kids.

The Washington Post‘s Paul Waldman offers the Republican retreat on gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics as path forward.

“They had the votes to do it, so they did, in the belief that the political fallout would be limited enough to make the whole thing worthwhile,” he wrote. “What they didn’t count on was that the news media would be drawn to the story and give it front-page treatment, or that Democrats, liberal organizations, and individuals using social media would quickly mobilize to get people to contact their representatives to express their outrage.”

Trump got credit from credulous news sources for opposing the timing of that move by House Republicans, but the real story is we have a president-elect who is extraordinarily pliable — except in his undying affection for Vladimir Putin — and extraordinarily susceptible to what he sees in cable news.

Trump doesn’t want CNN talking about anything but what he wants them to talk about. That’s a weakness we must seize upon relentlessly.

Massive resistance, as described in the Indivisible Guide, is one way to make this happen organically. But Democrats will always be at a disadvantage because they lack the propaganda and PR infrastructure of the right. Unless both the grassroots and the liberal donor class decide that this is a fight that can’t be lost, thousands of Americans will die each year lacking coverage that Democrats had won for them.

Many Americans spent the last year imagining the worst couldn’t happen. We don’t have that luxury anymore.



  1. Dominick Vila January 9, 2017

    Only political dinosaurs, or Satanic cultists, can conclude that denying affordable and comprehensive healthcare to 22 million Americans, curtailing MEDICAID benefits to the poor and seniors, and privatizing Social Security and MEDICARE, is good for our society.
    Republicans stand alone in its inhumane, immoral, and myopic focus on balancing budgets on the backs of those who can ill afford to pay more, while cynically proposing tax and policy reforms designed to help the top 2% of our population, who already own almost two thirds of our national wealth, amass more wealth than they already have. Might as well replace the Statue of Liberty, our Constitution, and our claims of being a compassionate Christian nation, with a giant statue of Midas.

    1. dbtheonly January 9, 2017

      GM Dom,

      Did you see where Mitch McConnell is telling the Democrats to “Grow Up” and approve the Trump appointments?

      Just when you think it couldn’t get any more bizarre.

      I suggested a few weeks ago to replace the portraits on Mt. Rushmore with Trump and his kids. Seems there’s really a petition to have Trump replace Roosevelt.

      It gets worse.

      To the point though, repeal of Obamacare is easy. It stops. Fixing the problems Obamacare was designed to fix is harder. Republicans haven’t had a sensible plan to fix anything since President Bush and the bailout/stimulus plan of 2008, and even then, the Republicans bolted and he needed Democratic votes.

      1. Dominick Vila January 9, 2017

        McConnell is, without a doubt, the master of cynicism. After 8 years of bragging about obstructing everything that President Obama proposed, blocking Judge Garland’s nomination without even a hearing, he is now asking Democrats to rubber stamp the nominations of people that deny global warming exist, oppose public education, contributed to the Great Recession, and are determined to take us back to where we were 8 years ago. Can’t say I am surprised.

        1. Dan S January 9, 2017

          All I’ll say to Sen. McConnell is HAH. It’ll be a cold day before Democrats just rubber stamp these idiots like Jeff Sessions and Rick Perry. Wait until Trump names his nominee for the SC. Most likely they won’t get a single Democrat to vote yay that’s how poisoned the well is now

        2. dpaano January 9, 2017

          He’s an out and out hypocrite! It’s okay for the Republicans to block a sitting president’s agenda, but heaven forbid if Democrats now want to block anything that these immoral idiots want to do!

        3. InGen12 January 9, 2017

          Interesting how last week the Repubs tried to gut the Ethics Office behind closed doors, and now they are telling the Dems to approve Trump’s appointments without a completed ethical review and background check. I believe he called their objections to”little procedural complaints”. Since when are ethics reviews and background checks “little procedural” items???

          1. Dominick Vila January 10, 2017

            It is even more interesting when we consider that the central theme used by them against Hillary was that she was unethical!

          2. dpaano January 10, 2017

            Since the Republicans took over the Congress….did you expect anything less of them? Hold on to your seats because it’s just going to get worse!

    2. FireBaron January 9, 2017

      Actually, Dom, The First Church of Satan is opposed to the GOP plan to repeal the ACA!

      1. Dominick Vila January 9, 2017

        Yes, looks like Ivanka convinced Daddy that supporting the repeal of a program that is helping 22 million Americans is inconsistent with his populist theme. Unfortunately. Ryan did not get the message, and is pressing on with his plan to dismantle social programs.

  2. Godzilla January 9, 2017

    More Liberal fear porn with no basis of fact. No wonder fake news has become an issue.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 9, 2017

      Thank you, Godzilla, for posting and reminding us constantly of how the nation further drifts away from the ideals of Christianity. By your constant nonsensical, insensitive posts, you announce to the world how you as an individual, along with Jim Samaras, feel more aligned with satanic sensibilities. For the two of you, the goal of distinguishing yourselves from ordinary humans by constantly portraying society in terms of Left versus Right, democrat versus republican, and asserting your allegiance to one faction or the other, points out the stark reality of the barrenness of your souls—a condition that aligns you more as a denizen of hell, rather than one who aspires to be heavenly.

      1. dbtheonly January 9, 2017

        Aaron, Respectfully suggest that you consider not wasting your time responding rationally to Godzilla’s canned comments. If you look at his comment; it’s nothing beyond his standard buzzwords. It’s “applicable” to every article on the site. You spend your time making a considered and rational response to what I suspect is a cut and pasted comment.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 9, 2017

          Thanks for your wise suggestion. I agree that Godzilla lacks the ability to comprehend reason. However, my intention is two-fold:
          To remind him of his folly in the belief that deep down inside the “good” inside of him is caged, and his lower half has the key to the cell; and secondly, I respond to pass on insights to the more enlightened posters here—you know, the real human beings.

          Godzilla serves as a useful conduit at times for which to pass on information to others.

          Again, thanks for your sage insights.

        2. Dan S January 9, 2017

          And this is why I have blocked people like Godzilla and AgLander to just name a couple of trolls who are just here to get a rise out of people. I agree responding to them is fruitless and I swear if I hear buzzwords like snowflake one more time ????

          1. dpaano January 9, 2017

            Have you noticed that Aglander hasn’t been around much lately? Do you think he was one of the Putin-paid trolls? There are a couple of others that have suddenly fallen silent…..interesting!

          2. Thoughtopsy January 10, 2017

            The thing that makes me laugh is that some trolls seemed to suddenly disappear just after Obama ejected a bunch of Russians from the USA, and closed access to a couple of their “spy centers”.

            I wonder if that had an effect?
            That would be hilarious.

          3. dpaano January 11, 2017

            I DID notice that….interesting, huh?

          4. dbtheonly January 9, 2017

            Okay Dan, I won’t tell you what’s coming down outside the window.

        3. dpaano January 9, 2017

          He’s probably one of Putin’s paid trolls…..that’s why I tend to block most of them on this site! Who has the time or energy to try to talk sense into them….they have NO desire to listen! Waste of time!

          1. dbtheonly January 9, 2017

            Actually d, I’m not convinced he exists.

            Helpy’s talked about a program that makes automated responses to his comments. Imagine a program that mashes together 2 or 3 generic right wing sentences out of 50 or 60 available, and posts them as a comment. It’s like those AIs like Watson(?)

            Now, our Friend, Aaron, spends time responding to these posts. We get the benefit of Aaron’s opinion, but he writes us directly when we need things. But there’s nothing behind them. There’s no serious intelligence out there to receive his wisdom.

            AG may have been a paid troll. I had him blocked so I didn’t notice him missing, but now that you mention it, there are a lot fewer “blocked poster” notices lately.

          2. dpaano January 10, 2017

            You may be right, but I have him blocked as well as many others on this site that keep posting annoying and inane comments that only show their utter stupidity!

    2. I Am Helpy January 9, 2017

      Weird how you can never quite seem to point out which part is wrong. It’s because you’re appallingly stupid, of course, and incapable of accepting your own part in being conned.

  3. charleo1 January 9, 2017

    How to get away with taking insurance coverage away from 20 million Americans? Turns out it’s not all that difficult to talk people out of their principles nowadays. Or do we still have such things as morals, values, and principles in Trumplandia? When President Obama warned his Party “Everything was on the ballot,” the rough math says some 146 million eligible voters, many of them alleged Democrats, decided to skip the whole ballot thing. So the math was rough, and maybe it was only 100 million. Still, when Donald Trump said he was going to repeal Obamacare, and, “Replace it with something much better, and much cheaper.” Millions of those who did show up believed him without question.
    And truth be told, many of these same believers don’t care if he replaces it with anything or not. Don’t see themselves as benefiting at all from the bill. Given the hyperbolic lies they’ve been fed repeatedly demonizing the plan. Calling into doubt the very idea that the gov. should be at all involved in any of it. Given that a good many of them have been talked out of their morals and into the notion there is no role for gov. nor is there any particular societal obligation in making sure the poor, and low wage workers who’s employers offer no healthcare benefits, have access to the healthcare system in other way than the emergency room.

    And even there, many have their reservations about the costs involved. Offering, at least in theory, the Country should be run more like a business. Lean, and mean, when it comes to others. Much less so however when it involves their own health, and financial security. Their own gov. provided Social Security, and Medicare, they see as something very liberating. Totally unlike the “job killing, budget busting, freedom grabbing, death panel producing, take over of the economy,” they are sure the ACA represents. Plus, it has Obama’s name on it. So in the World many now live in almost 100% of the time, it must be opposed it all cost, irrespective of the consequences they are pretty certain are not true, or will not effect them. Much like the Left’s assertions about people dying for lack of care. Embracing conscience soothing denials of the obvious puts such thoughts to rest. And keeps intact their self image of being a person that cares deeply about his “deserving,” fellow man. Just as his strong Christian beliefs, and values demands he must. But this mollycoddling the shiftless riding the Left’s gravy train, and subsidizing the illegals, has to stop! See how easy that was? When the fearful, and ignorant are told such concepts as caring about others, and being our brother’s keeper is threatening their own self interests. And pretty soon, and before they know it, they’re throwing their own children under the bus at the alter of what they are told is self preservation.

  4. Jim Samaras January 9, 2017

    Let me explain at least part of the problem with Obamacare. I have an acquaintance who owns a lucrative, predominantly cash business. His W-2 at the end of the year shows about 13K in gross income. Prior to Obamacare he was paying 5-600 a month on health insurance and was happy with his plan. Under the new law the premiums shot up to $910 per month for what he claims is a better policy with less out of pocket expense, however by hiding his actual income he qualifies for an $860 assistance giving him a net cost of $50. If he were to claim his entire income (which I’d guess to be something around 60K) he would get no credit at all. Even at 60K the premium would be out of the realm of affordability but if the government is willing to give it away he’s going to take it. Now I know this is not the spirit in which the program was devised but is what happens when human nature is given no thought during its’ structure. This is happening across America at a rate which cannot be measured and is but one reason it must be repealed and replaced.

    1. charleo1 January 9, 2017

      During its structure the thing that was kept uppermost in the minds of the committee who structured it. [Obamacare] Chaired by a ex-insurance executive turned politician. Was in protecting the insurance cartels, big Pharma, and their profit driven fee for service system. That has been gouging, and royally screwing the American public, and threatening the physical, as well as the fiscal health of the Nation for years. Your friend by the way, is a tax cheat. As are the vast majority of the corporations, and well connected rich. Who can easily afford to pay, and do pay to have the tax laws written their favor. One cheat is just as onerous, and ultimately injurious to the Country as the other. As both cause my taxes, as an honest law abiding citizen, to go thru the roof. Adding real injury to their already personally intelligence insulting lies of big government tax tyranny.

      So here’s the deal, when it gets bad enough, when they are no longer able to shovel this garbage down the craws of the selfish ignorant. When enough people are forced to take their kid to the emergency room, because their jobs no longer offer a health plan. And then, they are forced to sign their house over as collateral to pay the bill before they can see a doctor. Then perhaps they’ll finally see thru the con and demand something be done. And yes, even demand their Gov. step in on their behalf. And as an absolute last resort, that God forbid, taxes the rich, and jails the cheats. And empowers the IRS to go after every one the greedy psychopaths that have been colluding against them for years.

    2. dbtheonly January 9, 2017

      Because your “friend” cheats it’s a reason to repeal the whole thing.

      Your “friend” cheats on his taxes. Therefore taxes should be repealed?

      Your “friend” speeds, disobeying traffic laws. Therefore traffic laws should be repealed?


      Your “friend” cheats all of us by cheating the Obamacare system. He needs to be stopped, and punished for his cheating.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 9, 2017

        Great analogy. I seriously doubt if Jim will get the point, but your comment serves to enlighten and inform others reading it.

        1. dbtheonly January 9, 2017

          Thank you.

          I don’t think Jim has quite figured out that he’s defending a welfare cheat.

          1. dpaano January 10, 2017

            Yes, one who is actually cheating him in the long run! Typical troll who has NO idea what he’s talking about!

          2. Jim Samaras January 11, 2017

            Where in my comment did was I in defense of an obvious tax cheat? I brought to attention the problem with the system that cannot and will not sustain.

          3. dbtheonly January 11, 2017

            ” His W-2 at the end of the year shows about 13K in gross income…. If he were to claim his entire
            income (which I’d guess to be something around 60K) he would get no credit at all…. if the government is willing to give it away he’s
            going to take it”

            “He” understates his income on his taxes.
            i.e. “he” cheats on his taxes.
            “He” receives a subsidy to which he would not otherwise be entitled.
            i.e. “he” cheats on the subsidies i.e. welfare.

            Really Jimmy, you can’t be that oblivious.

          4. Jim Samaras January 11, 2017

            Where was the defense? My point was that 60K is not a windfall and under the current system there should be at least some subsidy for that as there is 13. Now your point?

          5. dbtheonly January 11, 2017

            If you want to debate the levels of subsidy based on income go a head.

            Your point was that the entire system ought to be disbanded because your “friend” cheats.

            “is but one reason it must be repealed and replaced”

          6. Jim Samaras January 11, 2017

            That was only one reason. Another was that his old doctor was unwilling to accept the new insurance probably because it didn’t have the same level of compensation to him. I’m shocked that nobody here has been witness to not only the abuses but the injustices that this plan has evoked

          7. dbtheonly January 11, 2017

            His Doctor refused to accept the new system.

            And that’s the reason to abolish the system?

            Really, you’re only digging yourself deeper.

          8. Jim Samaras January 11, 2017

            The fact that his old insurance was no longer available and the doctor would no longer honor the new insurance is a problem that should never be put upon the backs of people who were just fine with their program in the first place! So YES, it is a reason to abolish the system. Sounds as though you and everyone on this board were folks with no insurance and this injustice was the only way it could be acquired. Well sorry, there are those that are unwilling to give up their way of life to subsidize others

          9. dbtheonly January 11, 2017

            Good Lord Almighty!

            Give up their way of life to subsidize others???

            This is the guy who cheats on his taxes and receives subsidies to which he is not entitled. “He” perjures himself to receive subsidies.

            This is your paragon of virtue?

            Are you really a product of what our education system produces? Are you really this clueless?

            A 70mph speed limit is “placed on the backs” of those happy to go faster. Therefore abolish speed limits.

          10. Jim Samaras January 11, 2017

            Nice try at deflection but it is what it is whether you admit it or not. There are thousands who “perjure” themselves to save a few dollars and in no way do I consider that a virtue but to take away from Peter, who has done the right things in life, to subsidize Paul who is a f^ck up, I do not consider to be virtuous either. While I do not condone cheating in any way or form I understand that it is a reality when people are given the opportunity to do so. Wake up and stop living in your dream world.

            No, I went to school before our school systems were indoctrinated with left wing tactics that make no sense. I ask you the same thing, are you that clueless? At 70 MPH it feels like you’re going backwards on most freeways so I, like many, use it only as a guide and will risk the ticket. Safe and reasonable is my mantra while driving.

          11. dbtheonly January 11, 2017

            “But everybody does it!”

            Did that work with your parents? Is it supposed to work with me?

            Just because everybody cheats, it doesn’t make it right, and the solution is not to abolish the thing they cheat at. Do we abolish football because one team used under inflated balls? Do we abolish baseball because of PED?

            No, the solution is to catch and punish the chesters.

          12. Jim Samaras January 11, 2017

            Putting words in my mouth now to deflect? Thousands does not constitute everybody but it’s clear that little to no thought went into what would be the result of Obamacare except votes from underachieving democrats.

            Be that as it may, as of Jan. 20th will be the beginning of the end to Obamacare.

          13. dpaano January 11, 2017

            As for “everybody does it,” Jim is totally incorrect! There are MANY of us who do NOT cheat on our taxes and pay our fair share each and every year! Don’t put all of us under the same umbrella as your “friend.” You don’t know that “everybody” cheats!

          14. dbtheonly January 11, 2017

            Was this aimed at me or Jim?

            If me, I can only point out that he’s asserting that his “friend’s” cheating on his taxes and his application for Obamacare subsidies somehow requires the repeal of Obamacare in its entirety. When pressed, Jim then went on to say that lots of people were cheating on the Obamacare subsidies. That prompted my reference to the “everybody does it” argument.

          15. dpaano January 11, 2017

            Mostly at Jim, of course, but also to you, I guess. I can’t actually see what Jim said because I’ve got him blocked, so I have to go by what you say when you respond to him. Not disparaging you in ANY way.

          16. dbtheonly January 11, 2017

            It started off:

            “Let me explain at least part of the problem with Obamacare. I have an acquaintance who owns a lucrative, predominantly cash business. His W-2 at the end of the year shows about 13K in gross income. Prior to Obamacare he was paying 5-600 a month on health insurance and was happy
            with his plan. Under the new law the premiums shot up to $910 per month for what he claims is a better policy with less out of pocket expense, however by hiding his actual income he qualifies for an $860 assistance giving him a net cost of $50. If he were to claim his entire income (which I’d guess to be something around 60K) he would get no credit at
            all. Even at 60K the premium would be out of the realm of affordability but if the government is willing to give it away he’s going to take it. Now I know this is not the spirit in which the program was devised but is what happens when human nature is given no thought during its’ structure. This is happening across America at a rate which cannot be
            measured and is but one reason it must be repealed and replaced.”

            About 7:00 EST

            “Where was the defense? My point was that 60K is not a windfall and under the current system there should be at least some subsidy for that as there is 13. Now your point?”

            “That was only one reason. Another was that his old doctor was unwilling to accept the new insurance probably because it didn’t have the same level of compensation to him. I’m shocked that nobody here has been witness to not only the abuses but the injustices that this plan has evoked”

            “The fact that his old insurance was no longer available and the doctor would no longer honor the new insurance is a problem that should never be put upon the backs of people who were just fine with their program in the first place! So YES, it is a reason to abolish the system. Sounds as though you and everyone on this board were folks with no insurance
            and this injustice was the only way it could be acquired. Well sorry, there are those that are unwilling to give up their way of life to subsidize others”

            Abt 10:00 EST

            “Nice try at deflection but it is what it is whether you admit it or
            not. There are thousands who “perjure” themselves to save a few dollars and in no way do I consider that a virtue but to take away from Peter, who has done the right things in life, to subsidize Paul who is a f^ck up, I do not consider to be virtuous either. While I do not condone cheating in any way or form I understand that it is a reality when people are given the opportunity to do so. Wake up and stop living in your dream world.

            No, I went to school before our school systems were indoctrinated with left wing tactics that make no sense. I ask you the same thing, are you that clueless? At 70 MPH it feels like you’re going backwards on most freeways so I, like many, use it only as a guide and will risk the ticket. Safe and reasonable is my mantra while driving.”

            From me, hope this helps. Seeing only one side of the conversation can certainly create problems.

            Now, among friends, at the time I thought President Obama’s quote about keeping your Doctor was excessive since so many of those decisions were not his to make. But, short of the talk real fast part at the end of the loan advertisements on TV, I don’t know what he could have done about it.

          17. dpaano January 12, 2017

            Thanks for letting me know what Jim said…..sometimes, as you say, blocking someone isn’t the best thing. Personally, I think this so-called “friend” is actually Jim himself….what do you think?

          18. dbtheonly January 12, 2017

            With you completely. It sounds too much like the “friend” with a problem. You will note I put friend in quotes.

            Blocking is rarely bad, but you do lose out of half the conversation. So, is that the dumbest reason to repeal Obamacare, or have you heard worse?

          19. dpaano January 12, 2017

            Including Trump himself!! If not, why won’t he release his tax returns? I think the IRS should release them without his permission before he’s inaugurated! We have a right to know what’s going on with him.

        2. Jim Samaras January 11, 2017

          Not a great analogy at all! I get the “point” but it appears to be on top of heads in this forum.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 11, 2017

            Jim, your desperation to show intelligence grows daily. I would recommend that you learn to read with more insight and depth. Otherwise, your going back and forth trying to prove the fallacies you’ve cultivated over the decades is an exercise in utter futility, not to mention embarrassing yourself before millions while solidifying the general impression that conservative-minded ideologues lost their sense of clarity and critical thinking skills over a generation ago.

            If you’re being paid to embarrass yourself this way, I would consider becoming an Uber driver. No amount of money is worth discrediting yourself while promoting the dead and false ideology of partisanship.

          2. Jim Samaras January 11, 2017

            My exasperation is misinterpreted as desperation to you and many libtards on this forum in trying to talk common sense to the many fools who write here Aaron. Look within yourself for the insight and depth that you profess to have and show it sometimes with a little understanding of the other side of an argument for a refreshing change. Enlighten and inform us with something other than your liberal views

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 11, 2017

            Jim, your exasperation is a result of being too absorbed with yourself and your undying devotion to divisiveness as clearly borne out in you constant reference to partisan ideology.
            This has become your new religion, and its causing frustration on your part, a belligerent adherence to a dead-end way of speaking about the issues, and an inability to form a cogent thought.
            If you weren’t so involved with yourself and with political-speak you would be able to clear your mind, become more relaxed and cogent, and then you’ll have an influence on people. For now, you’re content to wallow in self adoration, much like Trump does, and therefore you come across as a bitter man trying to force his opinions on others without giving a damn about courtesy, propriety, thoughtfulness and humility.

            Try severing yourself for a day from partisan politics altogether—just for one day—and tell me if you notice a difference. Then I’ll be able to share with you further thoughts to reflect on to help further your relaxation. You must come to terms with who you are as a creation of God, and not just some by-product of political ideology. Which aspect do you prefer??

          4. Jim Samaras January 11, 2017

            Aaron, my exasperation is the result of championing what I consider to be non-partisan arguments/issues. Or at least SHOULD be to every red blooded citizen that calls him or herself an American but for whatever reason you and your ilk view them through the very partisan lens you accuse me of.

            There’s no self adoration in my posts just reasonable logical thinking on subjects. I’ll never convince most regulars on this board that their myopic views are wrong but for the people looking to hear both sides of an issue I give them another point of reference to ponder.

      2. Jim Samaras January 9, 2017

        Yes, because my “friend” has friends nationwide doing the same thing costing taxpayers hundreds of millions and is unsustainable as well as undetectable.

        1. dbtheonly January 9, 2017

          Hardly undectable. Even all cash businesses can be prosecuted with sufficient interest. See US vs. Alphonso Capone (1938?).

          The IRS has finders fees for you if you want to finger your tax cheating “friend”. It’s anonymous. “He’ll” never know who ratted him out.

          1. Jim Samaras January 9, 2017

            The underground economy is too big to detect them all, however when the current arduous tax laws change my “friend” may decide it’s not worth the risk and change his modus operandi. The way it is now they actually motivate people to do unscrupulous things.

          2. jmprint January 9, 2017

            Scrupulous people do scrupulous things. We hard working Americans pay our taxes honestly that’s why we are bothered the top 10% get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

          3. dbtheonly January 9, 2017

            Oh Jimmy,

            Now you’re just being silly.

            Your “friend” cheats and lies to get a benefit to which he is not entitled. He is, for lack of a better word, a “Welfare Cheat”.

            That cheating and lying is not based upon the money involved, but rather his rational decision based on the possibility of getting caught.

            The answer certainly is not to repeal the program your “friend” cheats. It’s to punish him and all the other Welfare Cheats sucking off the Public.

            Arduous taxes? He cheats. It doesn’t matter what the level of taxation is, he cheats.

            If you’re saying there needs to be stiffer enforcement, I’m with you.

          4. dpaano January 10, 2017

            I don’t think Jim realizes that so-called “tax cheats” cost the honest taxpayers money in the long run! We pay our taxes each year honestly, and the money we pay into the Federal government pays for welfare and other social programs. If someone is cheating the system; they are cheating the American citizens! Apparently, Jim thinks that his “friend” is a great guy but doesn’t realize that he’s sucking off the American teat illegally!

          5. dbtheonly January 10, 2017

            It is much tougher to see the faults in one’s friends.

            But I’m not convinced it not Jim himself we’re speaking of. You’ve heard it often enough, “I have this friend with a problem.” That’s why I kept the quotation marks around friend. It’s amazing how many Libertarians will cheat the social system while decrying that same system.

            Equally absurd is the concept that since some cheat the system, the system itself is flawed and ought to be abolished. The Navy recently had a procurement scandal. Therefore abolish the USN(?)

          6. johninPCFL January 11, 2017

            Sort of like Ayn Rand crying out against government programs her whole life. Well, not her whole life. When diagnosed with lung cancer, her hospitalization and treatment were covered by Medicare.

          7. dbtheonly January 11, 2017

            As I recall, Rand had the decency to quit urging the dissolution of those programs from which she benefited.

            I see it more that, since Volkswagen cheated on the mileage tests, we ought to abolish the standards.

          8. dpaano January 12, 2017

            Of course it was…..she was a typical hypocrite much like the conservatives we are currently dealing with!!

          9. dbtheonly January 12, 2017

            I’m not inclined to call Rand a hypocrite, mainly because I know so little about her. Never read the books. Never saw the movies.

            Libertarian philosophy sounds good at first. It’s only when you begin thinking of its ramifications and applications that the inherent absurdities become apparent. In school, we called it, “anarcho-selfishism”.

            I was inoculated against it early. It takes 9 players, working together, to make a baseball team.

          10. Jim Samaras January 11, 2017

            Stiffer enforcement for sure! Insurance companies pay private detectives to uncover fraud and must believe it saves them money. Why the government doesn’t do the same I’ll never know! Oh, that’s right, it’s not their money so they REALLY don’t care.

          11. johninPCFL January 11, 2017

            The government does do it. They have enforcement agents that work for an agency called the “IRS”. It’s routinely underfunded by Congress. Stiffer enforcement would require draining the swamp.

            So far, Agent Orange has only proposed rerouting the swamp into the White House and Congressional water supply.

          12. Jim Samaras January 11, 2017

            This government does nothing! They gather in meetings to look like they’re busy and in the end it’s the same old same old. This administration was voted in to accomplish things. Give them a chance and be prepared to be amazed. We’re used to incompetence. Change is in the air

          13. johninPCFL January 11, 2017

            I’m already amazed that Putin’s puppet still garners an iota of respect from any citizens of the United States. Yes, change is in the air, Agent Orange needs a new depends.

          14. dpaano January 12, 2017

            Definitely….the biggest problem with the IRS is that the current Congress cut their budget, which meant that they had to get rid of many agents….the same agents that used to deal with tax fraud. So, with fewer agents able to handle this….much gets passed by! What needs to be done is to give the IRS the budget that they need to do their jobs!

        2. JPHALL January 9, 2017

          It is easily detectable. Just compare the application for subsidies with the tax return. It just takes the will to clean up the swamp. Congress does not have the balls.

    3. I Am Helpy January 9, 2017

      Hmmm yes your contrived and fictional anecdote sure is a reason to make millions of people worse off.

    4. jmprint January 9, 2017

      So he sells marijuana. Why is he complaining if he is lucky that he can afford insurance at all.

    5. JPHALL January 9, 2017

      I see that you know nothing about insurance. The government and Obamacare do not control human nature, the prices for insurance or who gets the insurance. If you want to complain about the prices being charged, talk to the insurance and pharmacy industries. Obamacare could be easily fixed by simply forgetting about protecting the medical insurance and pharmacy industries.

    6. secondclassguy January 10, 2017

      so you suggest a plan not based on income? single payer would do that. If someone has a cash business, files a tax return, most of the time there are 1099’s involved. In some cases there aren’t, but unless someone is living like a king and reports a low income, but in most cases they aren’t living like a king. See if you say that people who earns their money in cash can’t have insurance under the ACA then you’re dismissing millions of people who work hard

    7. Thoughtopsy January 10, 2017

      I like it how your first serious example supporting your point (that I’ve seen) is about someone screwing the system that you personally know… and decided was a great example for supporting your argument.
      Stay classy.
      Oh… and your point? Yeah…. no.
      If you don’t like the COST of healthcare, go single payer and drive costs down. The USA easily pays double for the same services than any other western nation… often triple.
      If you don’t like the fact that your “friend” doesn’t get a substantial enough subsidy then increase the Obamacare subsidy cap.

      You can’t do that.
      Because the Republicans don’t want anyone to have healthcare and would balk at the cost of increasing the cap.

      Good point about human nature.
      That’s what single payer solves. No profiteering on surgery, drugs, hospital care.. because the Government screws down the COSTS. Plus you can still get private insurance if you want it.

      Single Payer doesn’t solve tax cheats. The IRS solves those ones.

      1. Jim Samaras January 11, 2017

        It was a great example of only part of the problem. Being classy had nothing to do with it and my point certainly wasn’t that the subsidy wasn’t enough. My God you people have myopic views!

        I, personally would love to at least look at a single payer plan and doubt that Republicans “don’t want anyone” to have healthcare. Where do you come up with this crap anyway?

        1. johninPCFL January 11, 2017

          Maybe from the fact that they’ve had 22 years to come up with at least one suggestion? Maybe from the fact that “Obamacare” is the insurance system suggested by the Heritage Foundation and put into place by Romney?

          I think Grayson summed up the two-part GOP plan succinctly: Part one: Don’t get sick. Part Two: If you get sick, die quickly.

          1. Jim Samaras January 11, 2017

            “They” are incompetent buffoons who have proven to be self centered know nothings. The new “they” are accomplished business men and problem solvers who will examine the issues and come up with a plan that works for all. Patience grasshopper…..

          2. johninPCFL January 11, 2017

            Sorry, JIm. The new Congress (you know, the guys that write the laws?) is made up of the same “incompetent buffoons” as the last Congress. The new “they” in the administration will have to give up their unicorns and rainbows, just the same as the four previous administrations.

            That the new Congress is bent on repealing, rather than repairing, the Heritage Foundation system is a clear indicator that they have no inkling of what to do. So, bowing to Agent Orange’s campaign pledge (also made with no inkling of what to do), they’re plowing ahead with tossing 30 million folks back into the clutches of the inscos, where rates may be set completely randomly and raised whenever the CEO needs a new summer home or yacht.

            Part One: Don’t get sick. Part Two: If you get sick, die quickly.

          3. Jim Samaras January 11, 2017

            John, when I was referring to “new they” I was predominantly talking about the new administration. They have a record of getting things done unlike the community organizers of previous ones. Do you think they’ve gotten this far by taking a”no way we can get that done” attitude? No! What they have in their corner however is a populace that agrees and has been shown in the last 3 congressional elections. Congress wants to be re elected, that’s the only thing that motivates them and their kind, nothing else. The new guys will remind them of this and will call them out publicly if they have to. You will be surprised at what is accomplished in a very short period of time.

          4. johninPCFL January 12, 2017

            Sure. In a remarkably short period of time they attempted to gut the ethics office, they’re voting to repeal the ACA without any hint of what to replace it with, except the previous two part GOP program: Part One: Don’t get sick. Part Two: If you get sick, die quickly.

            They’re also moving to accept Agent Orange’s appointees before the FBI even says they’re not also Russian agents. I doubt Agent Orange would have suggested their names if Putin didn’t have full faith and confidence in them, right?

            In a very short period of time, Putin will be running the US through Agent Orange, “No Browns” Bannon, “My Main Man” Manafort, and “Russia’s Buddy” Tillerson. No worries.

          5. Thoughtopsy January 14, 2017

            Best laugh I’ve had all day.

            Do you know why it looks like you’re right to you (because, yes SOME, of his appointees are problem solving businessmen)… but you’re going to be so sadly disappointed?

            Because their loyalties lie with their personal wealth, their industry (which will reward them after they are done) and their businesses (which they will advocate for relentlessly).
            None of these specific appointees have the belief that they are appointed to serve the interests of Americans. They are greedy, self-interested, unethical and are extremely likely to use their position to ensure they enrich themselves and curry favor with others who can enrich them.

            You think Tillerson, who worked for the same company for 41 years AGAINST America’s interests in order to maximize profit, is suddenly all gung ho for the USA now? When he knows this job is only 4 years long and Exxon will be waiting for him at the end of it with loving arms (After he dissolves the Russian sanctions and gets them the best sweetheart deal EVER?) Hahaha.

            You think Mnuchen cares about average Americans after screwing them out of their mortgages illegally for years for his own personal gain? Hahaha.

            And the list goes on… Perry… DeVos…. etc.
            All the same.

            How do I know this?
            – Their extensive records.
            – Their idiotic belief systems (that mirror Ryan and McConnell in most cases) based on greed and Ayn Rand.
            – The Cheeto Jesus that employed them. Who is absolutely in it for power, celebrity and personal enrichment. Of course he was never going to give up his company. I’m sure he expects to be able to triple or quadruple his net worth through being President.

            The only appointees I see not in it for personal enrichment are:
            Carson: Literally too stupid to actually plan anything like personal enrichment. That won’t stop him from accepting ready made plans that pay him from lobbyists for special interests that want some of that sweet sweet money.

            Mattis: Unknown factor.

            Flynn: Possibly insane. Unlikely to be in it for wealth. I think he’s actually just lost his mind. I’m sure that will all work out stupendously….

            Sessions: Christian racist with typical inability to use critical thought or rational reasoning. His aims are to consolidate GOP power by massively promoting measures to disenfranchise likely democratic voters, and permanently cement Republican seat advantages in both the House and Senate, and provide a solid Electoral college bonus for the next Presidential Election.

            Further Evidence of what the current administration and congress are up to?
            First act was a closed door, after hours, secret ballot to gut the Congressional Ethics Office.

            You know… like all ethical people who just want to help the American people transparently….

            Don’t believe me?
            Just keep watching.
            It’s not like it won’t be obvious what they are about to do.

        2. Thoughtopsy January 14, 2017

          From their own statements and the simple and logical extrapolations of those statements.
          Have you forgotten the GOP wants to dismantle Social Security and Medicare? Because it costs too much and allows “welfare queens” to live in style on their taxpayer dollar?

          Have you seriously not been listening to the Republicans’ actual words and actions since Reagan?

          1. Jim Samaras January 14, 2017

            Have you not noticed that Trump has little in common with what the GOP wants and doesn’t care? All I’ve heard from HIS lips is that SS will not be touched and that’s what I’m going with till HE says otherwise.

            It used to be that private citizens went to Washington, serve their time to repay what the nation has done for them, do the best job they could then return to public life. Then the attorneys took over and here we are. How many lawyers has he appointed? I think we’re going back to the days described above. We know what opinions are like. You have yours and I have mine. Time will tell but only hope that when I’m vindicated and turn out to be correct you will come back and say you were right. If it turns out you’re right I certainly will but it seems there are some very small minded individuals here so I will not be holding my breath.

  5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 9, 2017

    It is unwise to paint a broad brush stroke about the GOP and its followers—or of anyone on the planet— but I feel compelled to point out how the GOP as a whole have submitted themselves to a cold, materialist adoration of a political ideology which they insist on exalting to a status of Godhood. For this reason alone, the GOP forces us to take a look at them as desiring to divorce themselves from humanity by becoming servants of a Dark and insidious way of thinking and feeling.

    Going to church, or alleging to be Christians, is a grand facade that hides a satanic nature clothed in the sheepskin of being religious. Paul Ryan, Trump, Mitch McConnell exemplify this “faithfully”.

    Having succumbed to the pagan ideal of Fiscal Responsibility—a twisted philosophy that exalts greed and niggardliness—the GOP shows its willingness to descend into a pit of depravity. Such willingness is simply a reflection of wanting to be known as minions of a Satan-like Force, while disdaining the very idea of aspiring to heights of loftiness of character, shorn of any trace of empathy and compassion. Just cold and callous creatures, with the ability to speak and run for office as cruel conservatives.

    1. dbtheonly January 9, 2017

      Except that the idol of Fiscal responsibility is itself a sham. Thoughtlessly discarded in the face of Bush Tax Cuts, Borrow and Bomb Wars, and Build Now Bill Later Walls.

      I, frankly, have no problem with real Fiscal Responsibility, but I’m not playing the Republican game.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 9, 2017

        I agree that fiscal responsibility is a smart (and necessary) habit to cultivate and utilize — in governance on any level and in one’s personal life.

        But as you point out, such a responsibility has been distorted. Furthermore, it is used by the GOP as window dressing to camouflage a nefarious purpose in order to profit by.

  6. Thomas Martin January 9, 2017

    Congressmen and women, let’s rush to the floors of the House and Senate to Make America Sick Again. There are many things that need to be fixed with ACA. Fix what is broken and move on. You are proving nothing to the American public by a repeal without replacement and we do not have trillions of dollars to replace it in its entirety. If Congress wishes to avoid the increasing costs take insurance companies out of the equation, allow Medicare to negotiate for all fees and costs, including drugs and go to a single payer plan for all.

    1. Thoughtopsy January 9, 2017

      Unfortunately “Obamacare” has been labelled with the Black Guy’s name and blamed for everything they can find… even after legislating to cause the premium spike… they blamed it for that, too.

      Politically their only viable choice is to repeal it. Not because that’s sane, useful, rational, or best for Americans… but just because they’ve lied about it so much that it has to happen.

      Of course a lot of Republican’s and Trump voters are suddenly going to find that “their” Health Insurance… that saved their father… or is keeping them in medicines… was actually Obamacare. The GOP and Fox have gone to great lengths to pretend it’s not.

      Let’s see that fact play out in a “post-fact” world.
      Ironically when you remove health insurance… it actually get’s removed. Praying to Saint Reagan… or believing really hard that you still have it… won’t actually change the facts.

      For a Republican voting base who was too lazy and stupid to fully understand Obamacare or who was sabotaging it… or whether it was working.. or who didn’t expand Medicaid in their states…. They are generally smart enough to know when they get a handout… as opposed to when they don’t get a handout… and who is to blame.

      Should be amusing to watch.

      1. dpaano January 10, 2017

        Maybe if they just change the name from Obamacare to Trumpcare, they might change their minds….after all, you KNOW how much Trump likes to see his name on things!

        1. Thoughtopsy January 10, 2017

          I saw that CA was building a solid army of resistance. Good on you and good luck! 🙂

          1. dpaano January 10, 2017

            Yes, we are. Our governor is NOT going to allow the Federal government to come in and upset the entire state of the state with his ridiculous BS! We Californians will not allow the Federal government to disrupt our laws re: climate control, oil drilling, fracking, immigration, education, etc.! If only a few other states would do the same!

  7. dpaano January 9, 2017

    Apparently, most of the Trump voters don’t realize that they will be the ones most hardest hit if they repeal Obamacare without a replacement. That should certainly make the Republicans look good! NOT! I have asked myself and others time and time again….where are the Republican’s brains. Nothing that they are doing or want to do has any logic and will do NOTHING to help the American people!

    1. Thoughtopsy January 9, 2017

      At this point they are on a ideological crusade.
      Those do not require rationality.
      Ryan has already said ridiculous things like: “Americans would rather have no insurance than bad insurance…”

      It’s all in service of an Ayn Randian view of the country. The wealthy are business geniuses (even when most of them now inherit great wealth and opportunity, not earn it), and the poor are the parasites that live off the wealthy geniuses. The only way they get to show their virtue is by working hard enough to earn their place as a wealthy genius… and “coddling” them with stupid extravagances like: Food… education… healthcare… somewhere to live…. just makes them weak.
      In Ayn Rand’s world the poor deserve to die. This is also the default stance of the party that believes in her deluded maunderings.

      As proof: Consider what a terrible hypocrisy to “The Greatest Democracy in the World” it is to actively pass laws that you know for a fact will block and dissuade some particular American voters from voting.

      That’s a horrifying and shameful thought in most developed countries. Merely the slightest hint of that will get entire political parties ejected from power. Sometimes immediately. i.e. a Snap election is called on the spot.

      Not the Republicans though. They admit it privately, and even see it as super-clever…

      Why? Why does the party of enforcing the Constitution not find gerrymandering and voter suppression abhorrent?

      Because deep down they don’t believe that the people they are disenfranchising are “Real” Americans. They aren’t stopping “Real Americans” from voting… in fact they are suppressing the “False” or “Pretend” Americans, SO THAT more “Real Americans” get to vote.
      You see…. It’s actually Patriotic, in their view.

      And that is how they square that circle.
      To the GOP elites: The “Real” Americans are those who believe in their twisted Randian Conservative “Philosophy” and the concept of personal and corporate enrichment. The “Fakes” are Democrats or anyone likely to vote Democrat… Coastal liberals, poor people and minorities.

      To the GOP Base: The “Real” Americans are white, straight, Christian, and/or Rural… or ideally a combination of all four. The “Fakes” are Blacks, Muslims, LGBTQ, Democrats, and Immigrants.
      Conveniently, this lines up with the “Poor and minorities” who the elites despise.

      That’s why this “Real Americans” dog-whistle works for both in winning elections. And that’s why there is no backlash within the GOP for debasing Democracy itself. Because the Elites AND the Base all agree that those “Fake” Americans shouldn’t get to vote.

      And because it’s ideological to the point of almost religious, lying in the service of this great goal is also a natural thing to do. You can’t tell the “Fake” Americans or the party that supports the “Fake” Americans what you’re really doing… it might get in the way of you doing God’s work of saving (rich/white) America for the “Real (rich/white) Americans”…

      Then, of course, you need to cover up this bigotry with lies as well. That is why so many Republican voters think “reverse racism” and “Voter Fraud” are both massive problems.

      I’m just not sure how you fix that much concentrated deliberate ignorance. If I had to guess, I’d suggest that the country will eventually split in two. The coasts forming one country: For argument’s sake “Coastal America”, and the center forming another… “Rural America for Jesus”.

      Then things will get really real in Rural America…. real fast.

      You see the GOP only gets to pretend that facts aren’t real because the wealthy Liberal parts of the country pay the check to the States the GOP have ruined.
      If they ever stopped…….. well then.
      I believe facts would come back into fashion.

  8. pics fixer January 9, 2017

    If the press fails to do its’ job again then the Republicans can continue the big lie and get away with it. It got Trump elected didn’t it.

    1. dpaano January 10, 2017

      Actually, I think it was more the Russians meddling that got him elected, but, yeah, many of his big lies did the trick too. I mentioned to Aaron that I just read a book entitled: “Trump Unveiled: Exposing the Bigoted Billionaire,” by John K. Wilson. It was enlightening to say the least and talks about why Trump is the way he is, his past business dealings, the Trump Foundation, his family, etc. Very easy reading and eye opening!!! I actually found out why he lies so much….he calls it “truthful hyperbole.” Interesting concept!

      1. Thoughtopsy January 10, 2017

        I believe his ghostwriter coined that phrase first (Not Trump) in an effort to try to make his lying seem roguish and semi-acceptable.
        Let me see if I can find the link…
        Thanks for the book name by the way… I’ll find a copy and read it too. 🙂

        Here it is. I suspect you’ll find it a useful read in conjunction with the info from the John K. Wilson book you mentioned.

        Relevant Quote:
        “When Schwartz began writing “The Art of the Deal,” he realized that he needed to put an acceptable face on Trump’s loose relationship with the truth. So he concocted an artful euphemism. Writing in Trump’s voice, he explained to the reader, “I play to people’s fantasies. . . . People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular. I call it truthful hyperbole. It’s an innocent form of exaggeration—and it’s a very effective form of promotion.” Schwartz now disavows the passage. “Deceit,” he told me, is never “innocent.” He added, “ ‘Truthful hyperbole’ is a contradiction in terms. It’s a way of saying, ‘It’s a lie, but who cares?’ ” Trump, he said, loved the phrase.”

        New Yorker link: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/07/25/donald-trumps-ghostwriter-tells-all

        1. dpaano January 10, 2017

          Yes, the book I recommended said the very same thing. But, of course, Trump took it as being his own comment!

  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 9, 2017

    This crap that the GOP is now trying to force down America’s throat—that is, dismantling healthcare—should serve as a rallying cry to put a flame to these careerists content with just drawing a paycheck and getting their jollies being malcontents.
    The obsession with repealing the ACA is, I suspect, their way of saying that they want the insurance and pharmaceutical companies to be an eternal gravy train for Conservatives’ bank accounts.
    This despicable behavior deserves the loudest and sustained rebuke we can muster, because God knows the “Red Zone” inhabitants don’t have a clue as to whether or how this will impact them. We have to speak out for them because, sadly, they’re not mentally alert by and large to be able to figure out what day of the week it is, let alone what happens when the repeal of ACA is replaced with NOTHING.

    1. dpaano January 10, 2017

      I think we all need to call or write our respective congressmen/women and tell them to put a stop to this. I know that most of them are Republicans, but if enough of their constituents complain loud enough, they might actually listen (I know, I’m grasping at straws, but I’m an optimist at heart)!


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