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Why We Need Democrats


Why We Need Democrats


March on Washington

I became a Democrat because the defining issue of my formative years was race. In fact, it was almost the exclusive issue. It is hard to believe now, but when there was even a possibility that an African-American might turn up, back then the first reaction of the administrators was to close the swimming pool. It might sound surreal, but that actually happened when I was an undergrad.  My understanding was that black people were getting a bad deal, and it gave my already existing interest in politics a sharp point on which to focus.  My views and my party affiliation have remained the same ever since.

You can look back 50 years and mark all the progress you want, but the real question is not why I became a Democrat, but why I stayed one — and why we need the Democratic Party.

The ongoing challenge — as Stan and I talked about in It’s the Middle Class, Stupid! — is to have sensible policies, not just to increase African-American earning power, but household wealth as well. The minimum wage in real dollars was actually higher when Dr. King spoke 50 years ago than it is today.

At this time, when we’re looking back and marking so much progress, we would also be wise to remember that there is still much to be done.  We are living in a time when we are called to fight for pretty fundamental changes in the way our country and economy work. We need to create good jobs, improve education, and grow opportunity for the middle class, working people, and the poor. No, we are not finished yet. Not even close.

Photo: Rowland Scherman for USIA, via Wikimedia Commons



  1. Charles Nance August 29, 2013

    Good on you, James.

  2. Luanne Taylor August 29, 2013

    hey James, saw the clip of you on O’Reilly discussing the anniversary of the march. Wish you would make him eat some of his smug words and signature condescending head shakes (umm NO)…he was wrong! Your facial expressions were priceless….on second thought I have a better idea…never go back on his show! tell him you can not trust his research. time to get rid of that network spreading misinformation. Keep up the good work! Luanne

  3. AnnMarieCad August 29, 2013

    No one can say it better than you. I’m proud to be a democrat!!!

  4. vonlmo August 29, 2013

    There are no more “Democrats” of the Great Society version. Today, call them Obamacrats who are refugees from the liberal wing of the Republican Party.
    If you want a “democrat” from 50 ys ago, look to the Green Party.
    Carville lives in his Alexandria, Va townhouse, worth millions, with his Bush-Cheney-droid wife, while America moves to homeless shelters.

    1. BeckerHead August 30, 2013

      You totally missed the point…..and appears that you are the type that when provided with facts/truth, you still elect to follow your anti-American RepubliKKKlan party who is more interested in a separate AND unequal country…….

      PS-If you had a lick of sense, and could objectively evaluate the Obama policies enacted during his tenure, and IF you understood Obamacare, you would not be making such stupid comments. Bottom line, Obama is more centrist.

      1. JohnJ August 30, 2013

        You are missing the point, what vonImo is pointing out is that we have no real liberal representation other than a handful of Senators and Congressmen. Like Bill Clinton before him, Barack Obama talks good policy while carrying the water for the corporations that are bent on tearing our country down. Obama’s ‘centrism’ is more akin to modern basically fascist Republicanism than to a position that can help our country.

        1. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

          News flash: No flaming left wing liberal will ever be elected to any national office in America in the next 20 years. Neither will any flaming right wing conservative. Only MODERATES are electable. Deal with it.

          1. JohnJ September 3, 2013

            Flaming left wing liberal? How about just restoring the laws we had before they got ripped up starting with Reagan. Go F yourself you pompous POS so-called Democrat.The truth is onle ‘moderates’ get the corporate juice. And F you again, puke.

          2. THS_Warrior September 3, 2013

            Thank you for your very kind words flaming liberal JohnJ. Your childish rude rant just proved once again why you liberal jerks over on the extreme far left are not ever going to be in charge of America: Because left wing liberals are just as crazy, selfish and incapable of rational thought as are the conservative jerks over on the extreme far right. Pox on both flanks.

  5. Phyllis Kahn August 29, 2013

    Great historical photo, featuring my childhood hero, Jackie Robinson who was a Republican a lot of the time and I believe a Nixon supporter.

  6. jointerjohn August 29, 2013

    I cannot be a republican. Why? Because I am not afraid of people or beliefs that are different from mine, not insecure enough to walk around all day bearing the extra weight of a gun, and not selfish enough to enjoy my good fortune while watching my neighbors do without. In other words, the republican party has absolutely nothing to offer me.

  7. Beaulieu6 August 29, 2013

    The Democrats favor the Middle-Class 98% percent, Seniors, and the poor living below poverty line as they are always ready to help them. In the State of Florida Senator Bill Nelson D-Florida is always fighting for Florida and America Middle-Class, for Florida and America Seniors.
    On Wednesday August 28, 2013 President Obama has delivered a powerful speech in remembering Martin Luther King Jr. speech I have a dream. I’m inspire by President Obama speech everytime the President speak.
    President Obama is a great and strong leader with a strong leadership in leading America “FORWARD” toward a lasting prosperity, in which I strongly believe that together as one great and strong nation we will reach a lasting prosperity as early 2015.
    As the 2014 mid-term election are approching we have to replace Speaker Boehner R-Ohio with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi D-California, and replace the Republicans with Democrats. Speaker Boehner and the Republicans obstruction, inaction,and gridlock are no longer acceptable.
    I’m optimistic and confident about our economy going forward and the more Democrats in Congress and Senates the better chance we have to get thing done.

  8. shelly August 29, 2013

    Hear, Here!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. E,J. Keane August 29, 2013

    Conservative Republicans are doomed to live in the past. They keep sliding further and further back.Progressive Dems are the only ones who can lead us into the future/ Democrat and proud of it!

  10. Carol K August 29, 2013

    Right on point, I am and always will be a democrat for LIFE! The Republican party of Abe Lincoln is not the party of today. They have totally moved to the dark side of life selfishness, fat cat corporate interests, denying of global weather changes, greed, lack of caring for the poor and working poor, middle class and the everyday person and obstruction of our President, who has at every opportunity tried to do the right thing and move our country in the right direction. We just never hear enough of all the good things that President Obama has done as President and why he was re-elected. I think we all together should be helping one another to move this country forward, let’s get behind our democratic leadership and move FORWARD with or without the Republicans, whether they like it or not!

    I also believe the Republicans need to dissolve their party and start a new party, because, honestly, I don’t see how they have a chance to survive.

    1. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

      Correct me if I am mistaken but I faintly recall that somewhere along the way from Lincoln’s time to the late early 1900s the leaders of the Republican party who followed Lincoln’s wonderful example changed the party name to be “the Democratic-Republican Party.” The party later dropped the word “republican” which allowed that name to be used by the other people (conservatives) who still to this day oppose Lincoln’s progressive democratic views.

      1. William Carr September 3, 2013

        No, you’re mistaken.

        Thomas Jefferson founded the Democratic Republican Party.

        Twenty years later, it re-organized into the Democratic Party, the Patriot Party, and the third one I can never remember.

        The name “Republican” was retired.

        That’s why it was available for the Anti-Slavery Party to adopt in the 1850’s.

        Everybody loves a winner, so the Anti-Slavery Party was happy to name themselves after Jefferson’s Party.

        At the time, everybody was divided over Slavery.

        The Congress had to pass a Gag Rule, to prevent constant bickering and possible duels over Slavery.

        Anybody that broke the Gag Rule would be dealt with by the Bailiff.

        So the Democrats were divided over Slavery, the Whigs were divided over Slavery; but the Whigs cracked first.

        Their most radical pro-Slavery members went on to Secede from the Union, and their most radical Anti-Slavery members joined the new, tiny Republican Party.

        When the dust settled, Abraham Lincoln was leader of a Whig Party with no members left, and finally joined the Republicans.

        So,that how we got TWO Parties named after Jefferson’s Party dueling for power.

        1. THS_Warrior September 4, 2013

          Thanks for correcting my faint recollections from elementary school civics classes.
          While the historical consensous still believes that President Abraham Lincoln was one of our greatest presidents because he (almost single-handedly) “saved the union.” Many good and decent Americans still believe that without Lincoln to lead America at the time he did, the outcome of the Civil War might have been very different; and perhaps not all bad either. I do NOT mean to say that I think the south might have “won the Civil War” had some battles gone differently. On the contrary, it is obvious to me that the south did not ever want to “win the war”– or want to win anything else other than the God-given right to be let alone.
          Meantime, the north always wanted to “be in charge.” The
          Congress and Abraham Lincoln took the legal position that held that once a state had joined the Union, that state could not ever get loose again! That bizarre belief sounds a whole lot like slavery to me folks. Anyway, Lincoln and the north refused to allow the south to go away peacefully and form another republic that they called the Confederacy. From today’s perspective that decision sounds like a BIG mistake.

  11. Debby August 29, 2013

    You are so right on James…

  12. Ted Azriel August 29, 2013

    I agree with Carole K’s comment. I voted for President Obama twice, But I wish he had more of a LBJ personality some times….

    1. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

      You mean more vindictive? Wait for the years 2015-2016; you will be all smiles.

  13. Gromar August 29, 2013

    Mr Carville, the republican party of today is in such a sad state, and what I can’t understand is why they can’t be as forceful in calling out the hateful, mean-spirited, bigots in their own party as they are to discredit anyone that do not agree with them. I think the democratic party shows more grace and real concern for our fellow American than any of the leaders in the republican party. So I’ve come to the conclusion that they all really do have the same beliefs because the autopsy report that they spent so much money on claiming they need to re-brand themselves was like flushing it right down the toilet and they really can’t change because it is rooted in their very soul.

    1. William Carr September 3, 2013

      Well, that’s very simple, Gromar.

      Republicans have a Pack Mentality. They believe they need every vote in order to seize power for their Party, so they won’t call out the bigots.

      That would leave them diminished in power.

      On the contrary, they’ve desperately reached out to the Religious Right, and even the John Birch Society, in order to gain enough votes to take power.

      I’m sure they think they’ll deal with the problem later.

      They KNOW their Party shelters lunatics and bigots, and as self-defense make up claims that Democrats are racist because we support Food Stamps.

      Food Stamps that go primarily to white families, BTW.

      But the argument the GOP uses is that helping someone weakens them and prevents them from groveling enough to get a job that pays nothing.

      Or something like that.

  14. BOGDAN BILYK August 29, 2013


  15. Allan Richardson August 29, 2013

    Among the great population of voters in both the Democratic and Republican parties and many who are decent, well meaning people. The difference is that among the Democrats, the few who run for public office are GENERALLY decent, well-meaning people, and since the majority of primary voters are concerned about making this a country good for EVERYBODY (why? primarily because Democrats include, and respect, people who belong to groups which some people want to exclude from that “everybody”, so they cannot pit one group against another), that is what Democrats say to get elected. Among Republicans, on the other hand, the majority of decent, well meaning people do not vote in their primaries, so the Republican nominees tend to be sociopaths who say what will appeal to the most extremely sociopathic voters, with their FEAR and HATE of anyone different from themselves, stoked by the selfish sociopaths who care ONLY about themselves to hate, and to BELIEVE THAT HATE TO BE A SACRED DUTY, blaspheming true religion, and never getting called for it within their own party.

    Are some politicians corrupt? Of course, but Democratic and Republican corruption tends to go in different directions. Corrupt Democrats are corrupt in taking “a little off the top” while actually MAKING life better for more people. Corrupt Republicans are corrupt in their basic AGENDA, making life better for a very few and worse for everyone else; AND they take A LOT “off the top” while doing it.

  16. atc333 August 30, 2013

    The Nation needs Democrats to periodically rebuild the Nation’s economy after the GOP manages to run up deficits, create recessions, and redistribute excessive wealth to the “job creators”. The Nation needs Democrats, a/k/a “bleeding heart liberals” to look out for those who lack a voice to bring their needs and concerns before the Congress. We need the Democrats to bring issues such as minimum wage income disparity , equal protection of the laws and of course dealing with some of the current Right Wing extremes now being hawked by the GOP.
    Although the GOP talks a great talk, bottom line is that the GOP Administrations over the past 52 years have created less than half as many jobs as the Democrats did during this same period.

    Yes, the Nation does need its Democrats!.

    1. William Carr September 3, 2013

      Ever notice that every time the Economy crashes, it’s the Republicans running things, and it’s always Democrats that rebuild it?

      Crash of 1929: Hoover. FDR rebuilt the Economy.
      Crash of 1987: Reagan. Clinton rebuilt the Economy.
      Crash of 2008: G.W. Bush. Obama is rebuilding the Economy.

      The Republicans know this, and were DESPERATE to defeat Obama so they could take credit for the Recovery.

      They failed. Their only hope to survive as a Party is to sabotage the Economy again and blame Obama.

      So far they’ve failed at that… but the Debt Ceiling fight offers them a chance.

      Last time they pulled that trick, we lost our AAA+ Credit Rating.

      Most people don’t know we got that back last month.

      They’ll try again, in desperate hope that they can crash the Economy and blame the Democrats.

      But I think it will backfire, and destroy them.

  17. wickstmj August 30, 2013

    50 years after Martin Luther King delivered his “I have a dream” speech racial discrimination is still alive and well! You don’t have to look any further than the Republican Party to see how rich old white people view people of a different race or color!Actually it’s good to see that they can’t or won’t change their views because it isn’t gonna be long and they’re gonna be gone, and good riddance!

  18. cemab4y August 30, 2013

    The Democrats have the “high ground” on the social issues.

  19. cemab4y August 30, 2013

    The Republicans just do not “get it”, when it comes to reproductive freedom, and social issues. I like some (not all) of the Republicans economic stands on the economic issues. The Democrats do not “get it” on education. The teachers unions have far too much influence.

    1. JohnJ August 30, 2013

      Right wingers are banging the crap out of teachers unions all over the country, to the detriment of the schools. Talk to some teachers before putting out nonsense.

  20. Mark August 30, 2013

    The Republican Party of 2013 is made up of so called Christians. I say , so called because when it comes to actually practicing Christian values, they can’t seem to figure out just what the heck they meant when thy called themselves Christians. One prime example is their description of themselves as “right to life.” What they really mean is the right to tell a Oman what she may and may not do with her body. While their concern for the fetus is noble, it’s also as phony as a $3 bill, because after the child is born, the right to lifers couldn’t care two cents about the life of the child. Decent health care for the mother and child? No! Decent jobs for the mothers so they are able to support the children? No! Decent wages for those mothers who do manage to find a job? No! Decent schools for all these children that they may grow up to be functioning adults instead of dysfunctional sociopaths? No! The right to lifers are actually the mainstream in the party of no, and will be until all the old, fearfull men die off.

    1. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

      PLEASE be very careful when you try to use the Holy word “Christian” as a political weapon against the Republicans. FYI: I happen to know that there are millions of very progressive, life-long, never-say-die Democrats who have been very Good Christians and who try to live Christ Jesus’ perfect example a whole lot longer than they have been Democrats. I am only one of an army of true belivers in America who do not like it when well-meaning liberals talk down about Christ Jesus. Slow down and take a deep breath before you shoot yourself in the foot Mark. I can be a Christian and a Democrat; how about you?

      1. Mark September 1, 2013

        First of all, I am also a life long Democrat. Secondly, if you had bothered to read my comment, instead of having a knee-jerk reaction to the ord “Christian”, you would have realized what I was talking about. My comment referred to the Republicans habit of calling themselves Christians, then failing to follow the teachings of Christ. How can one be a Christian and deny the child a quality education? How can one be a Christian, demand that a woman carry a child to term, then deny her the means to support the child? How can one be a Christian and demand that millions of people in the richest country in the world work for slave wages? How can one be a Christian and deny their fellow citizens the right to vote? The vast majority of Republicans need to re-read their bibles, since they’ve lost sight of what it means to be a Christian. It takes more then just saying you’re a Christian, you have to put words into deeds!

        1. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

          I am a very experienced civil trial attorney. That means that I think about everything I ever do or say out loud many times before doing anything. If you really want to see a knee-jerk reaction just read your response to my very carefully worded comment, crafted, measured and designed by me to elict a response from you about Christianity. I did not know where you stood; but I do now.

      2. charleo1 September 1, 2013

        I think you make a valid point when you point out that often the Left
        does not take the time to differentiate between Christians that choose
        to be Democrats, because the Democratic Party’s platform much
        more closely resembles the core principals Jesus Christ advocated
        for His flock in the New Testament. However, that doesn’t mean it is not widely understood to be so. In fact, one of the reasons it’s too often omitted is because, it is so well known. Plus, the militants in
        the Right Wing are forever using the Christianity label, in an attempt
        to lend the impression the Republican Party carries the Christian
        banner, and occupies the high moral ground. Which indeed, they
        do not. Their philosophical deity being the much more mortal, and
        oppositely inclined, Ayn Rand. In my opinion this is perhaps the
        largest of all the ongoing blasphemous, falsehoods, promoted by
        Right Wing Conservatives.

        1. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

          Thanks for commenting. You are 100% correct, of course; and yet, all that came to my mind when thinking about a response to your comments was the stunning lesson given us by the example Christ Jesus left to all Real Christians, from the cross as He was dying: “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”
          We Real Chrstians must find ways to forgive the phoney ones on the right who have no earthly idea what they are doing.

          1. charleo1 September 2, 2013

            First of all, well said. Perhaps of all the instructions Christ gave
            mankind, forgiveness, I think, is the greatest challenge of all. The act of forgiveness, as we can read in the Old Testament, was not a natural inclination for God. Much less mere mortals.
            Now, to feed a hungry child, help a stranger in distress, is for many, second nature. Most often with it’s own immediate reward. But to forgive, to love your enemies, and rise above the sin, or harm they have committed, is to defeat that part of
            us that is connected to the beast within us all. Yet it is a
            central precept of what man must do, to be at last worthy of
            elevation to the status of angels. It must be a conscience, and deliberate decision, based on one’s faith. And something all
            of us need to talk about, and keep in the forefront of our
            thoughts as we go about our daily lives. I thank you for bringing
            it up.

          2. THS_Warrior September 2, 2013

            Perhaps learning how to forgive others who may not deserve it is the reason humans were put here on earth. How else would
            humans ever learn the importance of forgiveness unless they were put in a place where they are challenged constantly with never-ending opportunities to forgive?
            Learning how to forgive others is very hard. However, IMO it becomes much easier to do if the act of forgiveness is seen for what it really is: an act of self-love. Humans who do not love themselves simply cannot love others, nor forgive others.
            The proof of this paradox is in the pudding: Humans who have learned how to forgive others unconditionally will tell you that whenever they do forgive others they are immediately blessed with feelings of great joy and experience a warm and wonderful inner peace that simply cannot be described.
            Conclusion: If you want to feel truly loved, you must learn how to forgive others unconditionally.

          3. charleo1 September 2, 2013

            Again, wise words from a higher plane.

          4. THS_Warrior September 3, 2013

            Thanks. As you obviously know, living in perfect peace amid the madness and confusion is very very simple once you get your little self out of the way.

  21. Lee Johnson August 30, 2013

    I can’t be a republican because as a Christian being republican is abhorrent they don’t care about the welfare of anyone other than the rich. They are willing to hurt children to save a few dollars. They see nothing wrong with the huge division of wealth in this country. The allowed George Bush to start what I hope some day will be called the stupid war. I know many democrats were complicated but republicans were the driving force. I do agree with the republican stand on abortion I don’t believe in human life at conception but sometimes later (64th division is my belief) there is human life. I support there belief that there is a God and even if some day there is conclusive proof there isn’t God is still a good idea.
    I can not support there stand on Obama Care. I think ever person in the world should have a sick child and no money (no insurance) for one day in there life and then all objection to Obama care would vanish.

    1. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

      If Christ Jesus was here today He would be a registered Democrat.

  22. Beaulieu6 August 30, 2013

    The Republicans are spreading lies across the country about the Affordable Care Act as they are trying so hard to repeal the law, but they would not succeed because the majority of the American people are standing with President Obama, President Clinton, and the Democrats in strong support of the Affordable Care Act, as it is the law of the land and it is here to stay.
    The Republicans doesn’t care about the Middle-Class 98% percent they don’t care about Seniors, and they don’t care about the poor living below poverty line the only things the Republicans care about is the Wealthiest 2% percent the millionaire and billionaire.
    Give Congress back to Democrats keep the Senates Democrats this way we get things done a lot quicker.

  23. Carl Jakobsson August 31, 2013

    Whether or not we go forward or move backward from where we are now depends on how well we adhere to the Biblical Commandment to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. The decade of civil rights progress between 1955 and 1965 became a decade of progress as a result of a strong working partnership between the NAACP and enough churches to make a difference. It is unfortunate that the political party that had its roots as the party of Abe Lincoln has now become the party of the plantation owners. Having said that, it is important to remember that – regardless of which major political party wins more elections – the future of the civil rights movement depends on diligent adherence to God’s Commandments.

  24. Beaulieu6 August 31, 2013

    Those of us born in 1950 are now receiving Social Security benefit in which we have worked hard 30 to 40 years in which we have put into Social Security, the program was signed by President Roosevelt a Democrat in 1935, to give Seniors a security when we retired with pride and dignity. It might be a government program but it is the workers money not the government.
    The Republicans are the one who drove America into a recession in 2007, they are the one who created the sequester, they are the one who borrowed from Social Security to give the Wealthiest 2% percent a tax cut, during the Bush Administration in which the hard working men and women in the Middle-Class were left paying more taxes.They create problems and than walked away from it to put the blame on someone else.
    I’m a 63 year old Senior who had spend 30 years 1976 to 2006 working physically hard with my colleagues at the Florida Coca-Cola Bottling Company, I have retired in 2006 with great pride and dignity. When I ear the Republicans debating to cut our Social Security benefit it is very frustrating to me and all Seniors, we have worked to hard to let the Republicans walked all over us. We Seniors, have to take a stand to prevent the Republicans to take away our Social Security, we must Save, Protect, and Secure Social Security to current Seniors and future generation by expanding Social Security for the next 75 years.
    Also we must take a stand to prevent the Republicans to turn our Medicare into a voucher as both Social Security and Medicare belong to us not the government we earned it we deserve it.

  25. Takecover September 1, 2013


    As a son of the South, you might know the answer to a question I’ve had for some time. How many GOP officials and politicians are directly descended from slave owners, and how many are directly descended from slaves? If there are any direct-descendents in the GOP, how many still own land that was once part of a plantation? It would be interesting to see how the economic heritage in the South matches up with contemporary political power, as a way of understanding the Dixie-GOP.

  26. Beaulieu6 September 1, 2013

    The Republicans are the one who drove America into a recession in 2007 they are the one who has borrowed from the Social Security during the Bush Administration to give a tax cut to the wealthiest 2% percent the millionaire and billionaire, they are causing a problem then they are walking away from it, their agenda is obstructing progress they cannot govern therefore it’s time for them to go on November 2014!

  27. THS_Warrior September 1, 2013

    Between the years 1946 and 1953 I was very fortunate to be raised in a loving Florida home that included two loving Republican grandparents (from the midwest), and two of their loving Republican daughters whose marriages did not work out (my mother was one), and two loving cousins (who later became Republicans) and a very loving older brother (who later became a Democrat, as did I).
    My mother got re-married to a loving Republican professional man in 1953; and they
    managed to stay married for over 40 years. Despite the fact that our entire family
    remained Republicans throughout my life my brother and I cannot recall any serious political disputes ever arising in our family. Ain’t love grand?

  28. Beaulieu6 September 1, 2013

    Thanks to the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday October 1, 2013 we will be able to enroll with The Health Insurance Marketplace. The Marketplace is a new way to find health coverage that fits our budget and meets our needs. With one application, we can see our obtions and enroll.
    Enrollement starts on Tuesday October 1, 2013 and coverage starts on January 1, 2014 in which the Affordable Care Act will be fully implemented and be taking effect.
    The majority of the American people are standing with President Obama in strong support of the Affordable Care Act, it doesen’t matter how hard the Republicans tried to repeal the law they will not succeed as it is the law of the land and it is here to stay.
    For more information you can call 1-800-318-2596 24 hrs a day 7 days a week or you can go on line at healthcare.gov!

  29. Chldofthe30s September 2, 2013

    I have to admit that when I first saw you I thought you were a wise-ass know it all. Over the years I came to the conclusion that I was right, maybe not about the wise-ass, but you definitely know more than most political commentators. I am what I like to say, an embarrassed Republican. I guess my embarrassment started with Reagan and reached its zenith during George W Bush’s terms. Never really appreciated you and the Democrats until recently but the Tea Party has driven the Republican Party so far to the right I don’t really see a way for me to go back. Since I have retired, I have become much more empathetic to the poor, the uneducated, the disappearing middle class and feel that the Democratic Party is the only real hope to resurrect the economy and to save the Republic from the Republicans. Appreciate you!

  30. Mark September 3, 2013

    To THSWarrior…you are the one not reading what you see. My comments are NOT about Christianity, but about the PEOPLE who claim to be Christians, but don’t practice what they preach. I respect those like you who back up their faith with deeds. The Republicans who claim to be Christians are hypocrites, and deserve no respect whatsoever.

  31. RobertCHastings September 3, 2013

    Thank you, James Carville. Sometimes, we need to be reminded who we are and why we do what we do, especially in the face of the lies and hatred spewed by the opponents of what has already been accomplished.

  32. Beaulieu6 September 5, 2013

    Either for the Republicans to understand the Middle-Class 98% percent, Seniors, and the poor living below poverty line they must and should walk one mile in our shoes, we the Middle-Class, and Seniors must stand up for what we believe in and tell the Republicans to keep their hands off the Affordable Care Act, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
    We must urge them to pass A universal Background Check in reducing gun violence in America in which 90% percent of the American people are standing with President Obama, Vice-President Biden, Newton, and Gabby Gifford in strong support of A Universal Background Check.
    We must urge them to pass A Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill in giving the 11 million illegal immigrants the pathway to citizenship.
    We must urge them to Raise the Minimum Wage for the Middle-Class 98% percent from $7.25 to $10.00 as today wages doesn’t match the cost of living.
    We must send the Republicans a strong message that their obstruction and gridlock are no longer acceptable to the Middle-Class 98% percent, Seniors, and the poor living below poverty line.
    In the 2014 mid-term election we have to replace the Republicans with Democrats and replace Speaker Boehner with Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi D-California, the main reason to replace the Republicans with Democrats it’s simply because the GOP cannot do their job and govern.


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